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April 26th, 2000

I've corrected my error in the Brazilian Pokemon part...Brazilians speak Portugese (why didn't I know that sooner?  Boku no baka!).  I've also fixed two of my broken episode pics.  I've also added a few links to my links section, including the one to the Rocket Dan CD Drama translation.

I got the first issue of Pokemon Magical Journey (Pipipi Adventures in Japan) today in the mail.  It's so cute!  Maron (which I guess translates to the name used in the American version, Hazel) is kind of obnoxious, but her grandpa is great!  He looks like Rosario, the cloaked bad guy in Dragon Half (an anime with only two episodes translated-then for some reason, the translators stopped :(  ).  The manga is put into that annyoing Pokemon Adventures format (magazine-sized, crappy paper, paper-back, priced at a super-expensive $4.95) but it's a short series so it shouldn't be too bad (I think Pokemon Special's the longest Pokemon manga).

Speaking of cute things, I also got Card Captor Sakura #3 (eww!  Mixx translates it!).  The translation's probably one of the best translation jobs Mixx has done (which doesn't say much...) but some of the names are weird.  Kero-chan's been changed to just Kero (like he'll be in the translated anime this fall), Yukito is just Yuki, the Watery is just the Water (yes, they're going to the trouble of erasing the "y" in every picture of the Watery's Clow Card), etc.  It seems that Mixx doesn't like long names for some reason.  By this fall, I'll probably like the english translation of the manga better than the english translation of the anime (they're changing Sakura's name to Niki).  And Mixx is translating the Gundam Wing manga, so be afraid...be very afraid...

April 25th, 2000

I found out that I've overlooked one popular pokemon in my Popular Pokemon section...Purin!  So now a little bio about it is up.  I've also gotten a new editorial up.  And some preview teaser pics for the third movie.  And two new song lyrics up.  And a CD guide.  And three more episode comparisons.  (Whew!)  Actually, I hadn't planned on doing any Orange League episodes today, I was going to do from the first Purin episode to the episode with Kojirou's parents, but I couldn't find my tape of the US versions of those episodes.  So I did the next best thing.  I've also correctd information on Kojirou's VA;  his first US VA is Ted Lewis, not James Tate.  Sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

Someone signed my guestbook and was kind enough to include the URL to a translation of the Rocket Dan CD Drama (the one with Mondo).  It can be found here.  Musashi and Kojirou are a little mean to Nyasu in this Drama (poor Nyasu...) and Mondo is very respectful.  But my favorite line is Mondo's first line, "My seniors! It is Mondo, Rocket Gang Special Deliverer Trainee. I was called and I have flown over quick and fast!"

April 22nd, 2000

It's about time!  Two new sections are up, the International Pokemon section and the Popular Pokemon sections are now up!  Now there are no more dead links on my page!  I've also added a ton of pictures to the Pokemon Pinball and Pokemon Card GB game pages.

On my next update (maybe later this weekend...I only get Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off as my spring vacation...-_-) I should hopefully have some more songs up and a CD guide so you'll know what CD to buy if you want, for example, the third OP.

I still need some editorials from you people.  I've had it announced in big old red letters on my front page for about a week or two and I haven't gotten a single one!  Arggh!  I haven't gotten a single one submitted.  Please, pretty please, spend a little time and write an editorial, or that section will become dead.  *sniff*  Also, I still need to know when episode 81 of Pokemon (the first episode of the Orange League) first aired in the US.

BTW, just a little reminder for everyone to be saving their pennies.  Why?  Because a ton of great RPG's are coming out this year!  Lunar 2 (June/July), Chrono Cross (the sequel to Chrono Trigger, one of the best video game RPG's ever), Legend of Mana (aka Seiken Densetsu 4, aka Secret of Mana 3), Final Fantasy 9 (possibly October), Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 (a GBC title with both these classic games on one cart with some extra goodies), and Pokemon Gold/Silver (sometime in September).  Plus some great anime's coming on video like Gundam W (is there a subtitled VHS release or is the subtitled version just on DVD!?), Season 2 of Magic Knight Rayearth, and more!  I need a job...

I'm getting close to 1,000 hits!  Yay!  Thanks to everyone for coming!  Let's see if we can get it up to 5,000!

April 20th, 2000

 For those of you not busy celebrating 4/20 tonight (I've never done drugs in my life!  And neither should you!  Sailor Moon says...), the funny improv show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" had a Pokemon segment.  It was in the game "Theatre Syles" in which a scene is acted out in a variety of styles.  One of the styles was "Pokemon."  So the players went around saying random pokemon ("Jigglypuff!"  "Pikachu!") while "Ichi" was looking for more Pokemon.  Strange...

Anyway, big update possibly this weekend.

April 16th, 2000

No real updates today, but come in in about a week and there'll be lots of new stuff for you to look at.  I'm even making a new look for the front page.

Nintendo has a new section of the official pokemon website (www.pokemon.com) which shows that pokemon in other countries have different names (gasp!).  They give a list of what each pokemon (#001-#151) is called in France, Germany, and Japan.  So now we get to see the "official" romanizations of Dogasu (Dogars), Keishii (Casey), Nyasu (Nyarth), and Goron (Golone).  Yeesh, those are bad romanizations...I'm still mad over "Dogars."

Also, just to give you another idea of just how mainstreamed Pokemon is, those milk people (www.whymilk.com) have created a milk ad with Pikachu (with the famous milk mustache).  My favorite is still the Kermit the Frog ad...  Anyway, the ad isn't on the website yet, but it can be found in this week's TV Guide (it has the 3 Stooges on the cover).  If only I had a scanner...

Yesterday's episode had Kanna, aka Prima, aka Lorlei (see the HUMANS section for more).  It was actually a neat episode.  They also showed the "Why Nyasu can Speak" episode (it was my second time seeing this episode) and have come to a conclusion...the dubbed Nyasu cannot sing!  I love this episode, but this guy needs to stay away from singing.  Anyway, Cartoon Network decided to have their new episode of DBZ at the same time as Kids WB!'s new Pokemon to see which kids want to see more.  Luckily, I have two VCR's, so I could see both ^_^.  The dubbing in DBZ's still awful (the Spice Boys!?) but the censorship is still down.  Did you see what Marron was wearing?  She was still covered up some by FUNimation's paint editors, but still...and I swear in one shot Kuririn looked like he had oppai...

I had the misfortune of hearing the fandub (at least I HOPE it's just a fandub) of the "Type:  WILD" song.  It's horrible!  The person singing it (who can't sing) doesn't even try to match the "translated" lyrics (they leave out the "Hello My Dream" part at the end) with the rhythm of the song!  Unless you're in a self-hating mood, don't listen to this video!

April 11th, 2000

I've added a picture of the new Gold/Silver gym leader in the Humans section.  I'm thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to putting up my new mystery section.  I'm still working on the Popular Pokemon section, though.  I've also got some updated info on Pokmeon Stadium 2, including pictures.

I reeeeeeeeeally need some more editorials.  Come on people, I know there are some writers out there just dying to have an outlet for their frustrations/happiness.  Please submit them!  Go to the editorials section for more details.

Yesterday Pokemon Card GB came out in the US.  For those of you who don't know whether he or she should invest in the pokemon card game, try this $30 cart out.  Shoot, if you don't like it, there are plenty of fanatics out there willing to pay lots of money for it.

April 9th, 2000

I've added pictures of all the gym leaders (except Anzu), Utsugi, Yamato, and Kosaburou to the Humans section.  People have been so nice in allowing me to use pictures from their website on mine.  A big arigatou gozaimasu goes out to:

Pokemon Forever
The Ultimate Pokemon Gold/Silver Resource Center
It's a Team Rocket World!

Thank you!  For those of you wondering, I usually don't mind people taking pictures off of my site.  Most of them are from the official sites anyway.  Just because I scan something doesn't mean the picture's exclusively mine, because I don't own any copyright on Pokemon.  So claiming a picture as "mine" is wrong.  However, for the pictures donated to me from other sites (they're clearly marked) you need to go their site (via the link) and e-mail them for permission.  I've gotten all the above peoples' permission before posting their pictures on my site and you should too.  Most people are willing to let you use pictures as long as you ask.

But I bet you're wondering...what's all these pictures from Pikachu Okaeri!?  Why isn't their name listed above?  Because technically I don't have their permission...you see, the pictures came from a Japanese site (that wasn't official, like Nintendo of Japan or TV Tokyo).  I tried e-mailing them (there's an English version of their main page and you can e-mail them through that) but I never got a response.  I've seen other sites use pictures from this page and given them credit, and they haven't been taken off.  So if the people running that site object to my use of their pictures, please e-mail me and I'll have them removed.  This is a rare case for me (not getting direct permission) but it's only because there's a language barrier.  I know it's not much of a reason...

Anyway, there was a new episode yesterday which I kind of skipped to watch DBZ.  I then found out later that the same DBZ episode came on about twice more yesterday, so I could've seen the new Pokemon episode...I heard that Kenji had a vision about the three legendary birds...foreshadowing the second movie, are we?

Oh, and I noticed something yesterday...I was watching "Mask of the Phantasm" and noticed that Cartoon Network left all the blood in (I'd noticed it before, but yesterday it stood out).  So Batman can punch flying airplanes and have all this blood come out, and Batman can punch the Joker in the face and knock a tooth out (with blood coming out of his mouth) but Catherine can't knick the side of Trowa's head in Gundam Wing?  For those of you who don't know, there's one episode where Catherine and Trowa are doing a show at a circus, where Catherine is a knife-thrower and Trowa's standing against the wall.  Catherine is to throw the knives and not hit Trowa.  Anyway, she's shaken by Trowa's seeming desire to die (he doesn't try to dodge the knives) and when she throws one knife, it knicks the side of his head and a little blood trickles down.  In the censored version, Bandai had to digital paint (like on DBZ) the blood out.  Why!?  I don't know of any kid who hasn't gotten cut before without bleeding a little bit.  The entire scene afterwards is of Catherine apologizing for hitting him with the knife, but in the censored version it makes no sense (since there was no blood, we are to assume he didn't get hit and are confused when she says she did hit him).  It causes a lot of confusion...I guess you can have blood (like the Batman movie) and mild cussing (on one episode of Johnny Quest they said "hell") in American cartoons but not on televised anime?  C'est dégueulasse!

April 7th, 2000

Updates, Getto Da Ze!

Visit the Lyrics seciton, it's been totally revamped!  I can't stand the old Lyrics section after looking at the new version.  The number of songs was pathetic, it was ugly, and the lyrics had some bad errors in them.  Well not anymore!  Mwa ha ha!  Visit it!

Also, I've got info on the fourth and last pokemon movie.  Speaking of movies, I've got lots of great pics from the Myuutsu movie and the Lugia movie.  And check out the Humans section for bios of several characters unique to the "Birth of Myuutsu" CD.

Anyone see Gundam yesterday?  Poor Quatre...he's going crazy...he looks like he needs a hug!  Anyway, the last episode will probably air May 11th (judging by my calculations).  >_<  But we're getting Tenchi in June!  Anyways, 4Kids has announced that they will do the first 50 episodes of the Jolt League series this fall (after they finish the Orange League) and will rename the show "Pokemon GS."

By the way, I have a new episode done, but I can't post it until I have one piece of information:  on what date did Japanese episode 81 (American episode 78 entitled "Pallet Town Panic!") first air on Kids' WB!?  I'm thinking sometime in December of 1999, but I don't know for sure.  The sooner you find out, the sooner I can get that episode up.

Oh, and remember waaaaaay back on January 31st I promised that I'd get the Pokemon Blue logo fixed?  Well guess what?  I FINALLY got it fixed! Go to the video games section to check it out!

April 4th, 2000

Where have I been!?  I've been working on a play, Wind of a Thousand Tales.  Last week was Hell Week, and since I didn't get home until about nine or ten o'clock I didn't have time to work on this site.  However, the play's over and now I can resume my work.

So what did I update?  Absolutely nothing!  Really!  I just popped in to say that I'm almost finished with the revised Lyrics section and that should be up any day now (don't look at the current Lyrics section...I've found many mistakes in my romanizations on the songs I already have up).  I have my brand new section done, but I haven't updated all the links yet.  My next update (which should be in a few days) will also have some more people added to the Humans section (Miyamato, Dr. Fuji, and Ai, all in "celebration" of the Pokemon movie being released on video in the US) and some info on movie #4 (it'll be the last *sniff*).  Seriously, I love the pokemon movies because they're so much more adult and deeper than the TV series, and now they're coming to an end!  Does this mean the end of Pokemon?  Probably not (though Lizardon just left Satoshi's party in an episode recently broadcast in Japan...it's rumored that Fushigidane and Zenigame are also leaving!)  It still has a few good years left.

Oh, and I beat Thousand Arms (Amanda Winn Lee does one of the voices!  Ack!) and started on Final Fantasy 8.  It's so addictive!  Oh wait...I have a website to work on...




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