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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2023

List of Pokémon: All Generation 9 Pokémon Added
February 18th, 2023

Dogasu @ 20:27 JST -- I'm about three months late to the party but today I've finally updated the List of Pokémon section to include all 103 species that were introduced in the Pocket Monsters Scarlet & Violet video games!

List of Pokémon

As always I've included each Pokémon's Bestiary number, its official artwork, its name in both the original Japanese and rendered into the English alphabet, a breakdown of what its Japanese name means, and the name used by TPCi for their version of the franchise. You can check out the full list here!

I went through each Pokémon, one by one, and chose what I personally felt was the best way to render each species' name in our alphabet while keeping as much of the wordplay from the original intact as possible. Some of them I think turned out pretty good, while a few of them might end up getting changed whenever I can come up with a better spelling. A lot of the Generation 9 Pokémon do not have their official romanizations revealed yet but whenever they do come out I'll go back over this list and make whatever adjustments are needed.

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CD Guide: Pokémon The Animated Series Theme Song Best of Best of Best 1997 - 2023 Blu-ray details
February 13th, 2023

Dogasu @ 09:16 JST -- I finally got my copy of Pokémon The Animated Series Theme Song Best of Best of Best 1997 - 2023 in the mail the other day (the delay was apparently caused by stock issues; so many people have been buying this set that Sony has to keep ordering reprints) and so for today's update I'm taking a closer look at the Blu-ray that comes with the "Limited Edition First Print (8 CDs + Blu-ray + Gorgeous Package Version."

Pokémon The Animated Series Theme Song Best of Best of Best 1997 - 2023

We've known for a while what videos were going to be included on the Blu-ray / DVD that comes with this set, but what we didn't know was what versions of those videos we were going to get. For Spurt!, for example: do we get the very first version of the video, with half the Frontier Brains hidden in shadows and the Battle Pyramid at the end, or the one with all the Frontier Brains revealed and the Pokémon Rangers at the end? Things like that. So I went through, video by video, and documented which versions of each video are on this particular disc (where applicable).

Is this the kind of information you'd like to see me add to the site's listings for other CDs that come with DVDs like this?

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Episode Comparison: "A Way Off Day Off"
February 6th, 2023

Dogasu @ 21:57 JST -- Let's start off Dogasu's Backpack 24th year on the Internet with its first episode comparison, the Orange Islands episode "A Way Off Day Off."

"A Way Off Day Off"

"A Way Off Day Off" is pretty light on rewrites, at least as far as 4Kids Pokémon episodes go, but there are still a few interesting tidbits I think are worth talking about. It's actually the perfect episode to start off the new year, I think; the next Orange Islands episode will be "The Mandarin Island Miss-Match," an absolute dumpster fire of an episode edit-wise, and so this light little jog of an episode comparison here has been a great warm up for me.

As always, let me know what you think via any of the links below!

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