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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | June 2022

The 25th Anniversary Pokémon Film Festival
June 25th, 2022

Dogasu @ 10:40 JST -- The official Pokémon movie website was recently updated for the first time in nearly a year to announce The 25th Anniversary Pokémon Film Festival (25 周年ポケモン映画祭).

The 25th Anniversary Pokémon Film Festival

The film festival, which will be held during the 25th anniversary of the animated TV series (the quarter century mark for the Pokémon movie series itself won't be until next year), refers to a campaign here in Japan where three of the older Pocket Monsters movies will return to theaters for a limited time. Here's what the timeline will look like for this summer's film festival:

Friday, June 17th ~
Friday, July 1st at 23:59 JST
Voting for which of the 24 (if you count the two Vicitini movies separately) Pocket Monsters movies fans would like to see return to theaters in Japan takes place. Fans are only able to vote for one movie.
Friday, July 15th 18:55 JST ~
The three movies with the highest number of votes are announced during the broadcast of that night's episode of Pocket Monsters (2019)
Thursday, August 11th ~
Thursday, September 8th
The three movies are shown in theaters throughout Japan for about a month.

The voting form consists of you clicking on the poster of the movie you want to see return to theaters, selecting your age and gender from a drop-down menu, and then hitting send.

There's no word yet as to whether or not the films featured in this festival will be the original theatrical cuts (like the rescreening of Pocket Monsters The Movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back" & "Pikachu's Summer Vacation" from last year) or if they'll be the edited versions that were later released on DVD / Blu-ray.
The posters of the movies on the voting form all include their respective Pikachu shorts (yes, even the third one), implying that those will also return to theaters if the main feature they're paired with is chosen.

Though the writing's been on the wall for quite a while now I'd say the fact that we're getting a film festival this summer is the final proof we need to say that there's not going to be a new movie coming out in 2022. Maybe we'll get something in 2023...?

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Indigo Footprints in the Snow -- Episode 03 Full Cast, Staff Credits
June 24th, 2022

Dogasu @ 09:22 JST -- The third and final episode of the Indigo Footprints in the Snow web series premiered on YouTube earlier this week and so I've updated my section of the site with the episode's full cast and staff credits!

"Indigo Footprints in the Snow" Episode 3

That's about all I think I'm going to do with this series here on Dogasu's Backpack unless we ever get a home video release or interviews with the cast and crew.

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Translation: Nico Nico News Original interview with Kensho Ono
June 20th, 2022

Dogasu @ 12:25 JST --  Last Friday morning the entertainment website Nico Nico News Original posted an interview with Mr. Kensho Ono, the voice actor who played Alan in the Pocket Monsters XY and Pocket Monsters XY&Z TV series, to commemorate his character's return to the current Pocket Monsters (2019) series later that night. It's a pretty fascinating interview so I spent the weekend writing up and English translation of it.

Nico Nico News Original: Kensho Ono interview

The interview goes into topics like how Mr. Ono got into Pokémon in the first place, his thoughts on Alan being paired up with Lizardon, his memories of the Kalos League Finals from six years ago, conversations he has with his wife about his character's chances of winning the Masters Eight Tournament, and much, much more! So take a break from the endless character bashing going on over on social media right now to read a bit about Alan, from his voice actor's point of view. Who knows -- you might even develop a new found appreciation for the guy!

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Pocket Monsters "The Arceus Who is Known as a God" is getting a DVD release
June 13th, 2022

Dogasu @ 23:47 JST -- Pocket Monsters "The Arceus Who is Known as a God," the four episode special that came out this past January exclusively on Amazon Prime Japan, is getting a DVD release this summer.

Pocket Monsters "The Arceus Who is Known as a God"

The DVD release, scheduled for August 3rd, 2022, will have all four episodes as well as creditless opening and ending animations. Not much else is known about the release other than that, for the time being at least, this DVD is only being sold on Amazon Japan. The "Pre-Sale Exclusive" (先行販売) in Amazon's listing for the DVD, however, implies that this is just a timed exclusive and that other retailers may get to start selling it at some point, though nothing to that effect has been confirmed just yet.

No Blu-ray release has been announced as of this writing. Twilight Wings only ever got a DVD release so it's likely these Arceus episodes may, unfortunately, share the same fate.

I've added a Home Video release page to the
Pocket Monsters "The Arceus Who is Known as a God," section of the site.

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Event Report: Pokémon Fossil Museum
June 9th, 2022

Dogasu @ 22:32 JST -- If you've been following any sort of Japanese Pokémon social media account the last half a year or so you may have come across something called "Pokémon Fossil Museum," a real world museum exhibit traveling around Japan at the moment that invites visitors to compare Fossil Pokémon (think Kabuto, Omnite, Ptera, etc.) with their real world counterparts. I managed to make a trip to the Tokyo version of the exhibit last month and made a write-up on it:

Pokémon Fossil Museum

My Pokémon Fossil Museum Event Report features some background information on what this exhibit is followed by dozens and dozens of photos I took myself.  Japan's borders are still closed at the moment, for all intents and purposes, and so I did my best to document as much as I could since I know a lot of fans aren't going to be able to make the trip themselves.
If you had a look at my Daniel Arsham "A Ripple in Time" Art Exhibit feature from earlier this year then you should have a pretty good idea of what this one's all about.

The Pokémon Fossil Museum exhibit will continue going from city to city all across Japan at least until 2023.

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Indigo Footprints in the Snow -- Episode 02 Full Cast, Staff Credits
June 8th, 2022

Dogasu @ 23:47 JST -- The second episode of the Indigo Footprints in the Snow premiered on YouTube earlier tonight and so I've updated my section of the site with the episode's full cast and staff credits!

"Indigo Footprints in the Snow" Episode 2

The third and final episode of the series is scheduled to come out Wednesday, June 22nd.

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List of Pokémon: Generation 9
June 3rd, 2022

Dogasu @ 10:00 JST -- It's been about a day or so since the Pokémon Presents came out that introduced us to a bunch of brand new Generation 9 Pokémon and so I've added those new species to the site's List of Pokémon page.


The meat and potatoes of this is, of course, the part where I attempt to figure out the etymology of each Pokémon's name. We almost never get "official" confirmation of the name origins one way or the other and so these are all just educated guesses but I'm pretty confident I got at least some of these right.

If you can think of any other possible name origins for these, or any other Pokémon, then please let me know!

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