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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | October 2021

Episode Comparison "Stage Fight!"
October 25th, 2021

Dogasu @ 21:20 JST -- I've sort of fallen behind on doing episode comparisons (the last one I did was back in June!) so let's get back on track with the (whispers) forbidden episode (stops whispering), "Stage Fight!"

"Stage Fight!"

While there's not a whole lot to report rewrite-wise (4Kids' script for this one is surprisingly quite decent) there is a lot of really cool background information about this one that I think you'll really enjoy. Researching some of those tidbits took quite a bit of time but I think it's worth it.

I'll try to speed up with the next few comparisons so I can get to where I would've been at if I had been able to keep up with the monthly schedule I had going on for a while there.

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Pocket Monsters (2019) Manga Guide Revamp
October 10th, 2021

Dogasu @ 17:43 JST -- Oh my God did I really just go the entire month of September without a single website update!? Whoops. Well, let's end that dry spell today with a revamp of my section of the Manga Guide dedicated to Machito Gomi's Pocket Monsters (2019) series!


The section now has entries for every single chapter of the series, organized by the graphic novel in which they appear. Each entry has the chapter title, the cover of the issue of CoroCoro Comics in which it debuted, the title page of the chapter itself, and information about the episode of the TV series it adapts. I don't have chapter summaries up yet but I think they're largely unnecessary; if you've seen the Mewtwo episode of Pocket Monsters (2019), for example, then you already know what happens in the corresponding manga chapter.

The exception I made was for the latest chapter of the series, the one that debuted in the October 2021 issue of CoroCoro Comics. That's because the chapter (sort of) adapts two episodes of the series, not one, and so I thought some extra details were needed to help explain what exactly is going on.

The manga's author, Mr. Machito Gomi, announced
on Twitter that the chapter that comes out in the issue of CoroCoro Comics released this Friday will be the final chapter of the series. Viz Media, meanwhile, has announced that their version of the first graphic novel will be released on November 9th, 2021 under the title Pokémon Journeys.

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