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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | April 2018

Translation Tuesdays Week Three: "Pallet Party Panic" Comparison
April 25th, 2018

Dogasu @ 00:03 JST -- So you may have seen me mention on Twitter that I was out of the country last week and so Translation Tuesday was put on hold for a week. Well I'm back in Japan now so it's time to get this project back on track. This week I have a revamped comparison of the first Orange Islands episode "Pallet Party Panic!"

"Pallet Party Panic"

The reason I'm doing this for Translation Tuesday is because of the dialogue at the end of the episode where Satoshi says farewell to his Flying-Type pokemon. Does Satoshi tell his pokemon that he'll come back for it in the original? Or is Ash's promise just another lame 4Kids rewrite? You'll have to click on the above link to find out!

Next week I'll be returning to
The Memorial Book of Orange Islands to translate comments made by the screenwriters made about every single episode of the arc. There's some pretty intersting insight in there that I can't wait to share!

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Translation Tuesdays Week Two: Making Of Comic
April 11th, 2018

Dogasu @ 00:32 JST -- This week's Translation Tuesday entry is something very different for this website; a scanslation of a five-page comic printed in the back of The Memorial Book of Orange Islands that details the (current as of 1999) animation creation process!

Making Of Comic

I didn't have time to make up a page to actually host all of these so I'll just post links to each page below. Please note that all of these will read in the Japanese style of right to left.

I'm not planning on doing many translations for this project that will require me to spend as much time in Photoshop as this one did but when it makes sense to do it then I'll put in the work! This was my very first time doing anything like this so if you have any comments / critiques then I would love to hear them!

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Translation Tuesdays Week 1.5: Orange Islands Episode List
April 3rd, 2018

Dogasu @ 23:31 JST -- I know I didn't make this clear in my previous update but technically this week's translation was the Chouji Yoshikawa interview and the making of comic I'm working on is meant for next Tuesday.

But I still wanted to do something for the actual first Tuesday of this project. So, I've retranslated all the episode titles for the Orange Islands arc. Having new, more accurate translations will come in handy for what I have planned the week after next so this isn't some random cop-out update I'm throwing together at the last minute.

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Introducing Translation Tuesdays
April 1st, 2018

Dogasu @ 23:50 JST -- Following on the heels of #Kanto2018 is this year's project, #TranslationTuesdays.

The idea is simple. Every Tuesday for the rest of the year I will post a Japanese to English translation of
something from the giant stack of guide books / magazines / articles / lyrics / interviews that've been piling up for the last two decades or so. Some weeks, I'll post an interview translation. Other weeks, it'll be something like voice actor comments posted on the official website for Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story." Other weeks it might be an Episode Comparison with a piece of dialogue that people often ask about. And so on.

The Memorial Book of Orange Islands

For the first week I've got a translation of an interview with the Associate Producer of the original Pocket Monsters TV series, Chouji Yoshikawa, talking about the Orange Islands arc shortly after it wrapped up back in 1999. The interview came from this fantastic book I picked up last year called
The Memorial Book of Orange Islands and it's something I'll keep going back to throughout this project.

I won't have the year's schedule planned out like I did with #Kanto2018 mainly because there's no way to predict what new material will pop up this year that I'll want to go ahead and throw into this project. I have a general idea of what I want to put out there and when but I do want the option to remain flexible, you know?

Next week I'll post a translation of a comic from the above book that details the process of animating the show, from concept to it airing on TV.

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