Volcanion and the
Tricky Magearna

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Volcanion (ボルケニオン) / Volcanion

Japanese VA:  Ichikawa Somegorou


The water and fire in its body causes steam to build up until explosive shockwaves and high-temperature steam shoots out of the arms on its back. This power is capable of blowing away mountains and forests and is said to even be able to change the shape of the land itself.

Category:  Steam Pokemon  Type:  Fire, Water  Height:  1.7 m  Weight:  195.0 kg  Ability:  Water Absorb

Magearna (マギアナ) / Magearna

Japanese VA:  Terasaki Yuka

Magearna Magearna

Magearna is a cute man-made pokemon with a metallic body who was created 500 years ago!

Category:  Artificial Pokemon  Type:  Steel / Fairy  Height:  1.0 m  Weight:  80.5 kg  Ability:  ???

Main Feature
Human Characters | Pokemon Characters

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