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Jarvis (ジャービス) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Yamadera Kouichi
Pokemon on Hand:  White Mega Gengar


The cabinet minster of the Azoth Kingdom. He developed a technology using occult science that enables him to force pokemon to Mega Evolve. He's planning to use the power of Magearna's "Soul Heart" to rule the kingdom.

Chymia (キミア) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Matsuoka Mayu
Pokemon on Hand:  Black Mega Sirnight


The princess of the Azoth Kingdom and Racel's older sister. She hates staying at home so she flies around on a flying mecha around the kingdom. She doesn't trust Cabinent Minister Jarvis and is secretly investigating him.

Racel (ラケル) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Nakagawa Shouko
Pokemon on Hand:  Peroream


The prince of the Azoth Kingdom and Chymia's younger brother. Racel, unlike his sister, likes to keep things quiet and is deeply interested in occult science. He's searching for Magearna, who was also created using occult science, in order to help his kingdom prosper.

Doga and Ether (ドーガとイーサ) / TBA

Japanese VA:  TBA
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A

Doga & Ether

Jarvis' henchmen who are in control of the Mega Evolution Army.

Éliphas (エリファス) / TBA

Japanese VA:  TBA
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A


He is an expert in the mystic sciences who created Magearna 500 years ago. He's also taken pokemon abilities and used them to make various inventions that have been used to make the Azoth Kingdom prosper.

Main Feature
Human Characters | Pokemon Characters

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