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Save the Princess of the Kingdom of Diamonds

"Save the Princess of the Kingdom of Diamonds" (ダイヤの国の姫を救え) is a theme park attraction being held at Yomiuri Land and Hirakata Park.  The attraction is being called a "Riddle Solving Event" (謎解きイベント)


"When you solve the riddles, a legendary pokemon appears"

The Diamond Ore Kingdom exists deep under the earth.  The princess of this kingdom, Diancie, hears rumblings about the legendary pokemon Xerneas and visits a certain theme park in order to find it.

However, some mysterious figures appear out of nowhere and carry Diancie off with them!  If Diancie isn't rescued then the Diamond Ore Kingdom will crumble without her!  The only way to save Diancie is to solve the riddles left behind at the theme park.

Boys and girls!  Use all your courage and wits to save the princess of the Kingdom of Diamonds!!!!


This year's attraction is being held at both Yomiuri Land, an amusement park in Tokyo, and Hirakata Park, an amusement park in Osaka.  The event will run from July 19th until August 31st, 2014.  Players can play the game during the theme parks' business hours (10:00 - 17:00) for 300 yen.

Yomiuri Land (Tokyo)
Hirakata Park (Osaka)

Everyone who participates in the attraction will receive one of three "Pokemon the Movie XY Sun Visors" (ポケモン・ザ・ムービーXY オリジナルサンバイザー).  Those who successfully solve all the riddles and complete the game will also receive a special "Diancie Sparkly Notebook" (ディアンシーのキラキラノート).

Sun Visors
Diancie Sparkly Notebook

The event is being hosted by SCRAP, producers of a free magazine produced for the Kyoto area.




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