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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Movie XY 01


The pamphlet that went on sale in movie theaters at the time The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie came out contains a number of messages written by both the cast and the film's director.  Below are translations of those messages.


Yuyama Kunihiko

"X + Y =
" - Yuyama Kunihiko

The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie is the first movie in the Pocket Monsters XY series.  We've created a film that's unusually rich with variety.  We have villains who are these somewhat strange thieves who are after the diamonds that Diancie creates.  And we have our heroes going shopping in a huge shopping mall in a modern city.  Satoshi and his friends' journey is one that goes from the subterranean kingdom of the Meleecie to a forbidden forest that no man's ever stepped foot in, all while protecting Diancie.  They meet a number of characters and visit many different locales.  And on top of all that, we are shown destruction and rebirth by the legendary pokemon Yveltal and Xerneas.  That constant back and forth is what the working of nature's all about.  In this ever-changing world, the thing that Satoshi and his friends get at the very end...the thing that can continue to sparkle like a diamond forever and ever...that's...

There's also one more movie, Pikachu, What is This the Key To?  This one also features a lot of strange worlds where many different pokemon, including legendary pokemon, appear.

I hope that everyone will be definitely able to discover the various ways you can have fun with Pokemon!

Translation Note:  The original Japanese version of this is literally just Mr. Yuyama making a bunch of random unrelated statements, one after the other!  I've tried to make as much sense of it as I could.

Matsumoto Rika (Satoshi)

Matsumoto Rika

I'm really thankful that I get to meet all of you at a Pokemon movie for yet another summer.  The images on the screen this year are fantastic!  In the middle of all that there have been many different messages these past seventeen years but no matter how fuzzy it might all seem there will always be the immutable Satoshi, a young boy who won't give up no matter what.  Please root for Satoshi and his friends with everything you've got this year as well!

Mita Yoshiko (Xerneas)

Mita Yoshiko

I have had a long career but for some reason I never entered the world of animation.  When I got the call telling me I would be performing the role of Xerneas for this movie I was simultaneously shocked and happy.  In the movie world it is normal to have to do some dubbing over a scene shot on-location and so I had gotten used to having to look at footage of myself and matching my voice up to that image.  However, with a character in animation, having my emotions expressed by a face other than mine gave me the opportunity to meet a side of myself I had never seen before.  I worked with the director over the tiniest details - Would it be better if we tried it like this?  Was this too harsh?  Should I be more gentle?  - and through that I think we managed to pull it off somehow.  I look forward to everyone being able to see this film.

Yamadera Kou'ichi (Riot)

Yamadera Kouichi

The seventeenth character I've played in a Pokemon movie is the Ninja Riot.  Even though he's a thief it's hard to dislike him because of his gaudy poses and because the way he talks is so unique.  In particular the part where he tells Marilyn "I'm not thief who's a small dresser, I'm a ___!" became popular with the other voice actors when we were recording that particular scene.  Please also pay attention to his partner Gekkouga.  Everyone who watches this movie this summer will definitely Mega Evolve!  Your Yama-chan won't slack off either and will continue to evolve as well!

Translation Note:  The full quote from the movie is "I'm not a thief who's a smooth dresser, I'm a thief who's a smooth talker." (オシャレ泥棒じゃなくて、おしゃべり泥棒だな).  It contains a bit of wordplay (oshare and oshaberi) and so that's probably why it became so popular with the other voice actors.

Nakagawa Shouko (Millis)

Nakagawa Shouko

This is my eighth year in a row being a guest voice actor!  On top of that, I want to show you all how much I've Mega Evolved since this will be the first time in eight years that I'll be playing a Pokemon Trainer!  The character I get to play this time around is this cool girl named Millis who gets her strength from her love for her father Argus.  I really became a huge fan of Millis and wanted to be more like her during recording.  I'm really happy I got to meet Millis!  The Pokemon World is one filled with a lot of love, courage, hope, life, and kindness.  This will, without a doubt, be a summer vacation we'll remember for the rest of our lives!  Let's all appreciate the feeling of how we all Mega Evolve each year together!

Nakagawa-ke (Tsuyoshi) (Knight)


I'm really thankful to be called upon to be a voice actor for the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon.  I also really liked Pokemon a lot when I was a kid.  Having said that, however, the only three words I get to say in this movie are "Me" "lee" and "cie" (laughs).  The Meleecie are cute characters and all but the part where something like 100 of them come out at once honestly shocked me.  I thought dubbing just a pokemon's cries would be easy but it ended up being a lot more difficult than I expected.  But in the end it was a good experience for me.  I hope that if I'm lucky enough to be called in for the next movie that I'll get to play a role where I get to speak lots and lots of full sentences.

Nakagawa-ke (Reiji) (Argus)


Argus has a similar body type and air about him as I do, y'know.  At first I didn't know how to approach him because if I just voiced him like the way I normally talk then he'd sound way too handsome (laughs).  I was later told to play him "more like an old man" but I thought that if I did that then I'd sound too much like the "old man from the Eastern Osaka screw factory" character from my act (laughs) and realized how difficult a job voice acting can be.  To tell you the truth I've kept my involvement in this movie a secret from my daughter.  I want to keep my mouth shut and not say anything until she figures it out for herself at the theater.

Adachi Rika (Marilyn)

Adachi Rika

Marilyn is a cool girl who's a little bit sexy, but talking in a queen-like manner the way she does is really difficult!  Commanding a pokemon to use "Flamethrower!" and then seeing it obey has always been one of my dreams and so being able to actually do that for real was very exciting.  Even though I'm playing one of the bad guys who goes up against Satoshi and his friends I went into this with a smile on my face thinking about how cool it was going to be.  I hope everyone who goes to see this movie will look back on it as one of their fun summer vacation memories and will spend may wonderful days feeling not just "happy" but a wide variety of emotions as well.  Thank you so much for coming out today to see this movie!

Uchida Atsuto (Uschi)

Uchida Atsuto

I'm very happy to appear in this movie since I played the games when I was in elementary school.  It'll be nice if the children who don't know me as a soccer player get to know me as "Uschi," wouldn't it?

Watanabe Mayu (Narration, "Pikachu, What is This the Key To?")

Watanabe Mayu

I enjoyed playing the games and watching the movies with my family. 
I'll be happy if I'm able to help make this the number one memory of the summer for the children who step foot into the theater because this short is so relaxing and shows off just how cute pokemon can be then




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