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The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie
Human Characters | Pokemon Characters
Pikachu, What is This the Key To?
Pokemon Characters

Marilyn Flame (マリリン・フレイム) / Marilyn

Japanese VA:  Adachi Rika
Pokemon on Hand:  Mafoxy, Megayanma
Marilyn Flame

Marilyn Flame is a beautiful female thief who's after Diancie.  Her partner pokemon is Mafoxy.

Ninja Riot (ニンジャ・ライオット) / Riot

Japanese VA:  Yamadera Kou'ichi
Pokemon on Hand:  Gekkouga, Tekannin

Ninja Riot

Ninja Riot is a ninja thief who's after Diancie.  He wears a mask that covers his face.  His partner pokemon is Gekkouga.

Argus Steel (アルガス・スティール) / Argus Steel

Japanese VA:  Nakagawa Reiji
Pokemon on Hand:  Hitotsuki, Nidangiru, Gilguard

Algus Steel

Argus is Millis' father.  He owns a large flying airship and loves chocolate.

Millis Steel (ミリス・スティール) / Millis Steel

Japanese VA:  Nakagawa Shouko
Pokemon on Hand:  Birgarron

Mirill Steel

Millis is Argus' daughter.  She helps rescue Diancie after it's kidnapped by the Rocket-Dan.  Her partner pokemon is Birgarron.

Ayaka (アヤカ) / Astrid

Japanese VA:  Sawai Miyuu
English VA:  Kate Bristol
Pokemon on Hand:  Absol (Mega Absol)


Ayaka will battle with Satoshi using her Mega Absol. 

She originally debuted in the Pocket Monsters XY TV Special The Greatest Mega Evolution ~ Act I ~.

Uschi (ウッシー) / ???

Japanese VA:  Uchida Atsuto


Uschi is a hotel bellboy who will interact with Satoshi and Pikachu at some point during the film.

The character is being voiced by
Uchida Atsuto, the right back for the Samurai Blue soccer team.  He is the first professional athlete to do any voice acting in a Pokemon movie.  At the time of the film's release the 2014 FIFA World Cup was taking place in Brazil and Pikachu was being used as Japan's mascot for that year's tournament.

"Uschi" comes from the nickname Mr. Uchida was given to him by his German fans.

The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie
Human Characters | Pokemon Characters
Pikachu, What is This the Key To?
Pokemon Characters




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