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Special Guest Voice Actors

Every year the crew behind the Pocket Monsters films calls upon a number of famous actors, comedians, singers, and other celebrities to contribute to the film's voice cast.  The special guest stars for 2014's The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie include actors Mita Yoshiko, Yamadera Kou'ichi, Nakagawa Shouko, Adachi Rika, the comedy duo Nakagawa-ke, and Watanabe Mayu.

Below are comments from the actors posted on the movie's official website about their upcoming roles.

Fujiwara Tatsuya Fujiwara Tatsuya (Balza)
"I was both excited and honored to be offered a voiceover part in such a popular and time-honored series but, on the other hand, I was so worried if I was really the right man for the job that I asked the producers again just to make sure.  I really did my best with Balza to avoid disappointing all the Pokemon fans out there and to respect the world this movie will create."

伝統ある大人気作品の声優オファーをいただきとても嬉しく光栄な反面、自分がやらせていただいて本当にいいものか不安だったので一度制作サイドに聞き返し たくらいでした。ポケモンファンの期待を裏切らないように、そして作品の世界観を壊さないようにバルザ役を務めたいと思います。
Yamadera Kou'ichi Yamadera Kou'ichi (Hoopa Unbound)
"I've been allowed to do a lot of roles over the years, both humans and Pokemon, but this year I'm playing the lead pokemon who has an unbelievable power!  It's a hugely important role so I tried to give the role the fresh energy a beginner would give it even though I've been doing these movies every year.  I'm also looking forward to collaborating with Ms. Kugimiya, who plays Hoopa Confined!"

これまで人間役やポケモン役、色々やらせていただきましたが、今回はとんでもない力を持つ主役ポケモン!とても重要な役どころなので、毎年出させていただ いておりますが初心に戻って新鮮な気持ちで頑張りたいと思います!いましめられしすがたのフーパを演じる釘宮さんとのコラボレーションも楽しみにしていま す
Nakagawa Shouko Nakagawa Shouko (Mary)
"Mary is a strong person who grew up with Hoopa and continues to look after it.  She has a lot of sides to her - she has both a bright and innocent laugh but also has some heart-breaking tragedy in her past - and out of all the characters I've been fortunate enough to play over the last nine films Mary was particularly challenging to portray from a technical point of view.  I've spent a lot of time with Pokemon over the years and have laughed, been surprised, been excited, been moved, cried, and screamed, and I want to charge forward with all these emotions!"

メアリは、共に育ったフーパを優しく見守るしっかり者。明るく無邪気に笑ったり、心引き裂かれる悲しみに苦しんだり、色々な面があって過去出演させていた だいた9作の中で技術的な難易度が特に高い役。これまで私がポケモンと共に過ごして笑ったり驚いたり興奮したり感動したり泣いたり叫んだりした、その全て の感情をぶつけていきたいです!
Shinohara Shin'ichi Shinohara Shin'ichi (Hippopotas)
""Why me?"  That was my first reaction (laughs)  I can't believe I get to be in a Pokemon movie!  I'm honored.  I'll be able to brag about this to kids.  I'm a man who only knows about judo but I want to put as much energy into my performance as I would if I was doing a judo throw in order to make the children all over Japan smile   Please look forward to my appearance on the big screen.  I did it~!"

Translation Note: 
Mr. Shinohara actually mentions a specific judo technique, kosoto gari, but I decided to simply translate it as "judo throw" for simplicity's sake.

「なんでオレ?」それが第一印象です(笑)まさかポケモン映画に出演できるなんて!光栄です。子供に自慢できるし。柔道しか知らない男ですが、全国の子供 たちを笑顔にするため、大外刈りをかけるぐらいの気合いで声優にも挑戦したいと思います。スクリーンでの大活躍にご期待下さい。やったるでー!
Yamamoto Mizuki
Yamamoto Mizuki ("Pikachu and the Pokemon Band" Narration)
From the time I was little my whole family absolutely loved Pokemon, so much so that we'd go out to see the movies every year.  So I was very happy when I was chosen to be a part of this series that's always been by my side.

We took multiple takes of even the single-word lines which not only shows how dedicated the staff is but also strengthens my respect for how hard voice actors work.  On top of that, I would think about how important the narration is to understanding what's going on and how the narrator's actually this really important role and I start to tense up.

When I was younger I used to look up to grown-up singers and the like and so now that I'm one of those grown-ups I want to be like an older sister to the kids who go see this movie.  I'll do my best the way only Yamamoto Mizuki can!

「ポケモン」は小さなころから家族全員が大好きで映画を毎年観に行くのが当たり前だったくらい、いつもそばにあったアニメだったので出演が決まりとても嬉 しかったです。
一言の台詞の収録でも、何度も撮り直しをして、スタッフの皆さんのこだわりの強さを感じると共に、声優さん達への尊敬や頑張らねばという気持ちが強まりま した。また、ナレーションでお話の分かりやすさも大分変わると思うので大役だな、と身の引き締まる思いです。




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