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Hoopa's Great "Appear~!" Operation!! (フーパのおでまし大作戦!!) is a series of "Laugh-Out-Loud Short Cartoons" (爆笑ショートアニメ) airing on the morning kids' show Oha Suta every Thursday starting April 23rd.  According to the magazine Pokemon Fan there will be six shorts altogether.


Oha Suta (おはスタ) is a variety show aimed at kids that airs every weekday morning from 6:45 to 7:30 on TV-Tokyo.  While Pokemon Get☆TV and its predecessors (Pokemon Smash!, Pokemon Sunday, etc.) are centered entirely on Pocket Monsters, Oha Suta has a much wider focus and looks at a lot more of the popular kids' shows in Japan.  In a lot of ways it's kind of like the television show equivalent of the  CoroCoro Comics magazine.  The main host of the show is Yamadera Kou'ichi (山寺宏一) with the comedy trio Robert (ロバート) also makes regular appearances.  You've probably also heard the name
Oha Suta whenever a new Pocket Monsters movie trailer comes out since they usually air them a good half a day before they show up elsewhere.  You can see the program's official website here.

Episode One "Fly"

Episode Title:  "Fly" (そらをとぶ)
Airdate:  April 23rd, 2015

Runtime:  1 minute


Satoshi and Pikachu want to fly!  The wind isn't cooperating, however, so Hoopa summons a flock of Yayakoma to help kick up some wind.  Hoopa's plan works well and so it decides to keep summoning more and more Flying-Type pokemon!  Pelipper, Kyamome, Swanna, Airmd, Mukkuru, Mukubird...and even a Tornelos in its Reijuu Forme!  Hoopa kind of overdoes it, though, and the wind kicked up by all the pokemon sends the three of them blasting off.

Episode Two "Alarm Clock"

Episode Title:  "Alarm Clock" (めざまし)
Airdate:  April 30th, 2015

Runtime:  1 minute

It's 6:45 which means it's time to wake up!  A bunch of alarm clocks go off around Satoshi but he still doesn't wake up so Hoopa decides to help him out of bed by summoning a bunch of loud pokemon like Onvern, Dogohmb, and Bakuong.  The sound the pokemon make is so loud that Satoshi leaps out of his sleeping bag, blowing his tent away!  Pikachu somehow manages to sleep through all this, however, but is still able to contribute by electrocuting both Satoshi and Hoopa in its sleep!

Episode Three "Ball Boy"

Episode Title:  "Ball Boy" (たまひろい)
Airdate:  May 7th, 2015

Runtime:  1 minute

Satoshi and Pikachu are helping Luchabull train by throwing Monster Balls and having it swat them away.  Hoopa decides to help out by using its Rings to help transport the stray balls back to Satoshi so he doesn't have to keep running over and pick them up.  The plan works well until Hoopa decides to summon a Biriridama that uses Selfdestruct on our heroes as soon as it's summoned!

Episode Four "Hot Battle"

Episode Title:  "Hot Battle" (あついバトル)
Airdate:  May 14th, 2015

Runtime:  1 minute

Episode Four

Satoshi and Pikachu are in a boxing ring and they're both fired up for a hot battle!  Hoopa summons a Burshamo to heat things up and, after seeing how fired up that gets Satoshi, decides to keep things going.  Magmag, Gallop, Booburn, Heatran - Fire-Type pokemon are summoned, one after the other, and before long the heat becomes too much for Satoshi to handle.  Hoopa laughs at Satoshi and Pikachu running around with their tails on fire until the legendary pokemon Fire flies by and roasts Hoopa as well!

Episode Five "Shooting Star"

Episode Title:  "Shooting Star" (ながれぼし)
Airdate:  May 21st, 2015

Runtime:  1 minute

Episode Five

Satoshi and Pikachu are staring up at the night sky when a shooting star darts across the sky!  Satoshi and Pikachu are disappointed that the star went by too fast for them to make their wish so Hoopa shows up and makes a bunch of shooting stars Appear~!  After the initial shock of Hoopa's deed wears off Satoshi makes his wish - to become a Pokemon Master.  Suddenly, one of the shooting stars, which happens to be a Hitodeman, comes crashing down on Satoshi and Pikachu!  As the two of them blast off Hoopa laughs before being blast off himself by a second shooting star.

Episode Six "Darkness"

Episode Title:  "Darkness" (くらやみ)
Airdate:  May 28th, 2015
Runtime:  1 minute

Episode Six

Satoshi and Pikachu are walking through a dark cave!  It's too dark to see anything so Hoopa summons four Hitomoshi to light up the place.  Hoopa sees how happy this makes Satoshi so it summons a few dozen more!  Before long the light being put out by the Hitomoshi becomes so bright that it disturbs the Onbat, Onvern, Meleecie, and Yamirami who live in the cave!  Satoshi and the others are chased out of the cave before being blown away by the pokemon's explosive attack.




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