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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Appear, the Small Djinn Hoopa

Balza, Mary, and Hoopa are out in the desert at night.  Balza calls on his Warrgle and tells Mary that he's going off by himself to look for the Confinement Urn and that she and Hoopa should head toward Dessert City in the meantime.

Our story takes place many years ago, when Balza and Mary were just children growing up in the Arche Valley.  Balza and his friends are sitting in the town square working on the special powers the people of the valley have while Mary sits and watches.   Hoopa is floating nearby.  Mary takes a bite of a large slice of watermelon, spits the seeds into a nearby Ring, and then watches as they're transported to another Ring and hit Balza in the head.   A few moments later Hoopa spits a bunch of seeds into the portal near Mary and hits Balza with a Bullet Seed-like attack!  Balza gets upset and yells at Hoopa for goofing off and then turns to Mary and tells her that she should be over there practicing with them.

Balza wonders if there's any way Hoopa could use its Rings to help people instead of just using them to play pranks.  One of Balza's friends Pit brings up Old Man Damu and explains that he's been having trouble with his crops lately because of a lack of rain.  That's it!  Balza asks Hoopa to summon some ame ("rain") for the farmer but ends up summoning ame ("hard candy") instead!  Damu looks around and recognizes the candy as being from Old Woman Mira's shop and yells at the children to return it all at once.  They load up all the candy onto a cart and pull it to the old woman's shop.

Once they arrive the children all apologize for what Hoopa did.  Mira scolds Balza and Mary for not raising Hoopa properly but says they can make it up to her by helping her with something.  She brings out a huge lump of dough and asks the children to knead it and divide it into little pieces for her.  Hoopa and the children all get to work immediately and, before long, a huge row of disc-sized pastries have been completed!  Mira goes into her shop to prepare the oil that'll be used to fry the dough and asks the children to stack up all the pastries and put something heavy on top of them in the meantime. 

The pastries are stacked into rows that are separated by large wooden boards.  Now all that's left is to find something heavy to place on top of them!  The prepare to wait for Old Woman Mira to help them but...wait a minute!  Why don't we just have Hoopa do it instead?  Balza asks Hoopa to make a large rock appear so Hoopa opens one of its Rings and pulls out a Golone!  The Rock-Type pokemon rolls into a ball and begins to bounce around, crashing into things left and right!  During its rampage it crashes into a stylized Arceus ring statue and shatters it into pieces!  Hoopa uses its Ring to transport Golone back to where it came from but it's too late; the damage is done.

Mira, who's still inside her shop, hears all noise and wonders what all the commotion is.  One of Balza's friends tells Pit to buy them some time so he runs over to the shop and leans up against the door to keep Mira from leaving.  As Mira pushes on the door wondering if it's stuck or something the rest of the children wonder what to do.  Mary tells Hoopa to make another zou ("statue") appear so it summons a Manneken Pis statue that "pees" into Balza's mouth!  Balza yells at Hoopa and tells it that this isn't the statue they wanted.  Hoopa summons a Gomazou, but that's not the kind of zou they wanted either! 

Balza tries to explain to Hoopa that the statue they want is the ring statue just like the one they broke.  There are a bunch of them all over town so just pick one and bring it to them!  Hoopa uses its Rings to summon the statue from atop the fountain in the town's square and makes its appear on the pedestal where the other one rested.  Pit lets go of the door, allowing Mira to finally leave her store.  She asks the children what all the noise was so they just sort of laugh and say that it was nothing.  Mira notices something off about the statue but Balza assures her she's just seeing things.  The old woman seems unconvinced but returns to her store anyway to finish up her sweets.  Once the coast is clear Balza tells Hoopa that the statue is too big and to return it to the town's square.  Hoopa obeys.

The children look at the pile of broken statue parts they swept behind the pedestal and wonder what to do.  Hoopa laughs until Balza scolds it for doing so.  This is the ring statue that the people of this valley hold very dear!  Hoopa soon realizes that what it did was wrong and hangs its head down in shame.  Mary, meanwhile, tells herself that all they wanted to do was find some way for Hoopa to be useful.  She then picks up two random pieces of the statue and is surprised to see that they actually fit together perfectly!  Balza has an idea; they'll just glue the statue back together!  He asks Hoopa to summon tools they can use to put it back together so it summons a hammer and a bunch of nails.  Those are used to put things together, one of Balza's friends says, but they thinking of something more sticky.  Hoopa says it understands and summons a bunch of glue, tape, and...rice balls?  Well, whatever!  Let's get to work!

Before long, the statue is put back together though some of the tape used to put it together can be seen.  Suddenly, the end of one of the golden colored protrusions breaks off and falls toward the ground!  Hoopa uses its telekinetic powers to prevent it from hitting the ground and then starts to float it back up toward the statue.  Balza applies glue to the broken part of the statue...but they accidentally glue it on upside down!  As soon as they realize what happens Old Woman Mira arrives on the scene and demands to know what's happening!

The children immediately apologize.  Mira walks over to the statues and examines it up close.  Before long she starts  She tells the children that they she can see that they did everything they could to fix it and that that shows just how much they care.  She then invites everyone to finish the pastries they had helped her make earlier - donuts!  The children enjoy eating donuts of various shapes and flavors as Hoopa flies around happily. 

Back in the present, Mary recalls how they got out of many jams like that before but that they always had fun along the way.  And hey, maybe Hoopa's even grown up a little bit since then!  Mary and Hoopa climb up a hill and look down to see that they've arrived at Dessert City.  As Hoopa looks forward to eating donuts again Mary looks up to the sky and hopes that her brother finds the Confinement Urn soon.

The End




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