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Keldeo (ケル ディオ) / Keldeo

Japanese VA:  Nakagawa Shouko


Keldeo is a Water and Fighting-type pokemon known as the "Colt Pokemon" (わかごまポケモン).  It is currently training with
Cobalon, Terrakion, and Virizion to become the next "Sacred Swordsman."  In order to achieve this goal, Keldeo has to do two things.  First, it must become strong enough to produce a "sacred sword," a saber of energy that it can summon from its horn.  Next, it has to battle the legendary pokemon Kyurem.  Keldeo insists that it's strong enough to take on Kyurem even though it can't create a sacred sword yet and boldly challenges it to battle. 

During the ensuing fight, Keldeo's horn is broken.  Keldeo is about to be defeated when the other Swordsmen step in and attempt to stop the battle.  Kyurem, furious that they would try to interfere, freezes the three of them in a block of ice.  The Colt Pokemon runs away scared, angering Kyurem even further. 

Keldeo eventually runs into Satoshi and his friends while they're on the way to a town called Roshan.  After seeing the kind of danger Keldeo's in, Satoshi and his friends decide to help Keldeo escape the city and return to Kyurem's lair to rescue its friends.

It has an alternate Forme known as the Resolution Forme (かくごのすがた).

Virizion (ビリジオン), Cobalon (コバルオン), & Terrakion (テラキオン) / Virizion, Cobalion, & Terrakion

Japanese VAs:
Honda Takako (Virizion), Yamadera Kou'ichi (Cobalon), Yasumoto Hiroki (Terrakion)

The Sacred Swordsmen
Virizion, Cobalon, and Terrakion are known as the three Sacred Swordsmen.

Cobalon is the leader of the trio and is cool-headed with a body and heart of steel. 
Virizion is a kind, almost motherly figure who has speed and a righteous heart that's second to none.  Terrakion is the most laid back of the three and has brute strength that cannot be matched. 

The three of them are working together to train Keldeo.  When their young disciple runs off to face Kyurem on its own, the three rush to Kyurem's lair where the battle is taking place.  When they try to stop the battle, Kyurem transforms into White Kyurem and freezes them all in a block of ice.

Can Keldeo and Satoshi save the three Sacred Swordsmen?

Kyurem (キュレム) / Kyurem

Japanese VA:  Takahashi Katsumi


Kyurem is the legendary pokemon who serves as a test for the Sacred Swordsmen. 
It angers easily and hates it when its battles are interrupted and / or left unresolved.   It was born at the same time as both Zekrom and Reshiram and has the ability to take on their forms as "Black Kyurem" and "White Kyurem." 

Black Kyurem White Kyurem

While in its "Black Kyurem" form, Kyurem gains the powers of Zekrom.  When it's in its "White Kyurem" form, it takes on the powers of Reshiram and is able to use the powerful "Cold Flare" technique.  Both transformations are capable of going into the same "Overdrive Mode" that both Zekrom and Reshiram are capable of going into.

It is said to be the strongest Dragon-Type pokemon in existence.

Meloetta (メロエッタ) / Meloetta

Japanese VA:  Unknown

Meloetta Voice Forme Meloetta Step Forme

Meloetta is the star of the Pikachu short that accompanies the main film, Meloetta's Dazzling Recital.  It uses its "Voice Forme" to deliver wonderful songs and its "Step Forme" to dance gracefully.  Can Meloetta retrieve the Melody Berries that were blown away by a sandstorm during one of its performances?

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