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Zero (ゼロ
) / Zero

Japanese VA: 
Nakamura Shidou the 2nd
Pokemon in Hand:  Jibacoil, Coil (multiple)

Zero is a brilliant young man who worked together with Dr. Mugen Graceland six years before the events of the movie to research the mysterious "Reverse World."  During his research, Zero became obsessed with this world's beauty, and before long this obsession would consume him.  He ended his partnership with Mugen and continued their research on his own, eventually coming to the conclusion that the pokemon Giratina holds the key to giving him dominance over the Reverse World.

One day, while observing the pokemon, Zero notices a smaller, yet extraordinarily powerful, pokemon named Shami.  He notices that the pokemon may hold the key to enabling him unrestricted access to and from the Reverse World, so he sets out to capture it.  He meets resistance from Satoshi, who had befriended the pokemon earlier, but he is able to complete his goals regardless.  Zero lords over the Reverse World for a short time until Satoshi, Shami, and Giratina combine all their powers to expel Zero from the mirror dimension once and for all.

When we last saw Mugen, he was being arrested by Joi.

Infi (インフィ) / Infi

Japanese VA: 
Nakagawa Shouko
Pokemon in Hand:  N/A

Infi (most likely taken from the word infinity, the symbol for which appears on the character's clothes) is a computer program built into Zero's airship.  She assists Zero in finding information about Giratina, Shami, and the Reverse World.

It appears that Infi's program is erased at the end of the movie, and it is unknown if any backups exist.

Mugen Graceland (ムゲン
) / Newton Graceland

Japanese VA: 
Yamadera Kou'ichi
Pokemon in Hand:  Tatetops

Dr. Mugen Graceland is a genius scholar who's studying Giratina and the Reverse World.  Six years prior to the events of the movie, Mugen was working on a machine that would scan Giratina, enabling him to copy its powers and therefore enter and leave the Reverse World without any restrictions.  The research was scrapped, however, when it was discovered that the scanning device would prove fatal for Giratina.  Zero, his assistant at the time, became furious with Mugen for deleting his data and went off on his own to complete their research in his own way.

Since that time, Mugen decided to live in the Reverse World in hopes of finding another way to have access to the Reverse World.  The doctor lives in the world with his Tatetops, and together the two of them seem to have a pretty good grasp of the area and its surroundings.  Though Mugen is a bit eccentric at times, his brilliance cannot be denied.

Mugen witnessed the events of the first Diamond & Pearl movie, Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai

Human Characters | Pokemon Characters




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