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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | BW Movie 03

"Director Yuyama's Comments" (湯山監督のコメント) is a series of interviews posted on the movie's official website.  Each of these three interviews gives a great look at what was going through everyone's heads as they worked on this film.

Part One

Original Japanese Text

About the movie The Extreme Speed Genosect

The titular pokemon Genosect is one who is said to have been revived from a 300 million year old fossil.  The story of this year's movie is about "a pokemon who normally shouldn't exist in the modern world but got brought into it anyway."

Yuyama Kunihiko

In what kind of setting does The Extreme Speed Genosect take place?

Because Genosect is a pokemon who came here from 300 million years ago, we wanted to use a place that really clashed against that as much as possible by having it be this symbol of modern civilization.  So, we decided to use New York as our model.  Our city has a place called "Pokemon Hills" that, like New York's Central Park, is also located in the middle of the city.  This man-made facility has grassy fields, forests, waterfalls, and other places like that where wild pokemon can live freely.  This is where the Genosect come into the picture.

The theme of this movie

Genosect, who was revived after 300 million years, has a completely alien way of communicating, and I think this is a very "Pokemon-like" theme.  How do humans communicate with these "other things"?  The theme of this movie is how you can surpass your limits, your boundaries, and "that form."

About Pikachu and Its Eevee Friends

Pikachu and Its Eevee Friends is a fun summer vacation story about Pikachu and the others going over to their friends' house for a sleepover.  Each one of Eevee's evolved forms will appear, and since they're all different types - Grass, Ice, etc. - we wanted to create special rooms for each of these pokemon where different adventures can take place. 

I think it'll be great if the kids who go to see this movie feel like they're really getting to go inside this house with Pikachu and join in the sleepover.  And Nyasu and Sonansu will be there too!  I really hope you enjoy watching this story at the theater!

Part Two
Posted Online in early February 2013

Original Japanese Text

The full title has been revealed:  The Extreme Speed Genosect and the Awakening of Mewtwo!  This is the first time Mewtwo's made an appearance in theaters since the very first movie!  Director Yuyama has this to say:

About this movie's Mewtwo

When you think about the Mewtwo from the first movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, you think about lines like "Who am I?" and how there was this running theme of Mewtwo wondering about itself and how it relates to the world around it. 

The Mewtwo in this film has actually gone out into the world and has expanded its worldview.  And it's started to be concerned about this world and those in it, and when you compare it to the previous Mewtwo, you'll definitely feel like it's gotten past one of its limitations.

This Mewtwo is not the same Mewtwo from the first movie.  What part will this Mewtwo, who's actually gone out into the world, play in this movie?

Genosect and Mewtwo

Both Genosect and Mewtwo are pokemon who exist because of humans.  Mewtwo was brought into this world when the genes of a Mew were rearranged while Genosect is a pokemon who existed 300 million years ago who was later revived by the Plasma-Dan.  One of the big themes of the movie is how these two who have so much in common come to butt heads and how they're able to overcome that. 

It's a theme that surpasses even the relationship between pokemon and humans - the ability to surpass one's own limitations.  Jumping off of that, one of the limitations that I think will be surpassed during their battle is speed.  After all, this is the "Extreme Speed Genosect" we're talking about!

About Satoshi

When you talk about Satoshi, you're talking about someone who doesn't have any limits or boundaries.  He just sort of overcomes his problems without really thinking about them, and this will have an effect on characters like Mewtwo and Genosect who do have limits and who do have boundaries.  I therefore wanted to have a story that sort of snowballs into something bigger and bigger as it goes on.  The highlight of the movie is seeing how Satoshi, a boy who has no limits, does his best when interacting with others who do have them.

An Interview with Yuyama Kunihiko and Takashima Reiko!
Posted Online on April 18th, 2013

Original Japanese Text

It's been announced that Ms. Takashima Reiko will be playing the role of Mewtwo in The Extreme Speed Genosect and the Awakening of Mewtwo!  Director Yuyama interviewed Ms. Takashima right after she finished dubbing the newest trailer!

Takashima Reiko

How did you feel the first time you did Mewtwo's voice?

Takashima:  I was already really happy to do it.  After all, this is Mewtwo we're talking about.  I don't have a lot of experience doing animation voiceover work, so I think that made me really want to do it even more.  I received a lot of feedback and orders from everyone and I think that really helped me both expand what I'm capable of doing and get even more fired up for this role.  Of course, I also wanted to really give this my all because Mewtwo is such a huge figure in the Pokemon world.

I think a lot of children are excited to see this movie and so I felt pressured to not let them down.  I therefore thought it would be good to draw a lot of my performance from Mewtwo's various possibilities.

Yuyama Kunihiko

About the appearance of Mewtwo since the first movie

Yuyama:  The entire staff, myself included, see Mewtwo as this incredibly unforgettable pokemon because of the first movie.  And there's this idea that Mewtwo just sort of looks down on all other pokemon from atop this high perch, y'know?  We went into the production of this film thinking we wanted to create a brand new image for the pokemon.

About the Mewtwo that Ms. Takashima plays

Yuyama:  It may be hard to tell just from the trailer that came out today, but Ms. Takashima's really put in a lot of work in a really short time.  I've been able to listen to so many Mewtwo voices up until now and so I'm really looking forward to starting recording of the main film.

Yuyama and Takashima

What is the highlight of this movie?

Takashima:  These pokemon movies always have all the messages packed into them, right?  In this movie, I think you'll be able to see the friendship and bonds among Satoshi, Mewtwo, and Genosect as well as how deeply humans and pokemon can get along with each other, all in ways you haven't seen before. 

I also think this movie is fun and exciting and lets you enjoy watching how pokemon help each other out and how humans cooperate with each other.

And now, from the director:  What is the highlight of this movie?

Yuyama:  I think the biggest and most important theme in Pokemon is communication.  These "pokemon" who seem almost alien to us are able to understand Satoshi and his friends, and vice-versa.  I think this big and important theme applies to Mewtwo very well.  Mewtwo, as this sort of alien creature, accepts the world around it in an equally alien way.  I think this is the greatest form of communication.

What sort of actions will Satoshi take when he encounters the likes of Mewtwo and Genosect?  I'll be happy if everyone goes out to the theaters to find out.

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