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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Detective Pikachu

In Japan, pre-order movie tickets for Hollywood films usually come with some kind of physical item to entice fans to purchase their movie tickets in advance. Pocket Monsters films, on the other hand, offer fans legendary and mythical pokemon for their current generation Pocket Monsters games. Detective Pikachu is getting the former in Japan.

About the Ticket
Ticket Prices
※Prices may vary
Pre-order tickets will be distributed as "MoviTicke Cards."
On-sale period
Thursday, March 21st to ~ May 2nd, 2019
Where to buy the tickets
Theaters nationwide that'll be playing the film (a full list of theaters can be found here), Lawson convenience stores, Aeon and Aeon Super Center department stores, Tsutaya Records video rental stores and their online shops, Pokemon Center stores, and The Pokemon Center Online website.

A "MoviTicke Card" (ムビチケカード) is the name given to a special type of pre-order movie ticket printed on a small, playing card sized piece of plastic-coated cardboard. The Detective Pikachu MoviTicke Card looks like this:

The pre-order bonus you can receive varies depending on where you buy your ticket:

MoviTicke Card +
"Investigation Memo"

What is it?
A memo pad with Detective Pikachu on it. A total of 50,000 pads will be made available.

Available exclusively at:
Participating movie theaters throughout Japan
General Admission: 1,400 yen
Junior Tickets:  800 yen
List of participating movie theaters
(Japanese only)

MoviTicke Card +
"Original Detective Pikachu Fold-Up Umbrella"

What is it?
A fold-up umbrella with a Detective Pikachu logo on it.

Available exclusively at:
Lawson convenience stores
General Admission: 3,900 yen
Junior Tickets:  3,300 yen
Pre-Order Date:  March 21st 10:00am - May 2nd
Pick-Up Date: September 20th
L Code: 91779
Lawson's site on this promotion
MoviTicke Card +
"Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Special Jumbo Card Pack
Detective Pikachu Lizardon GX Version"

What is it?
Special Detective Pikachu themed Pokemon Trading Card game cards. The cards will be released in two waves, though it's unclear at the moment what cards are included in what wave.

Cards included:
Jumbo Card "Lizardon GX" (foil) x 1

Promo Card "Detective Pikachu" (foil) x 1

Movie Special Pack "Detective Pikachu" 6 Pack
※Each pack contains four random cards
Available exclusively at:
Lawson convenience stores
General Admission: 2,804 yen
Junior Tickets:  2,204 yen

Pre-Order Period:
March 21st 10:00am - April 14th (Wave One)
April 15th 10:00am - May 2nd (Wave Two)

Pick-up Date:
April 26th ~ (Wave One)
Please check on the Loppi screen (Wave Two)
Lawson's site on this promotion
MoviTicke Card +
"Bushy Haired Detective Pikachu!? Clear File Folder"

What is it?
A clear file folder with the movie poster artwork on one side and an image of Pikachu on the other.
Available exclusively at:
Aeon department stores
Aeon Super Center department stores
General Admission: 2,000 yen
(1,400 yen for the ticket and 600 yen for the file folder)

Junior Tickets:  1,400 yen
(800 yen for the ticket and 600 yen for the file folder)
Pre-Order Period: March 21st - May 2nd, 2019
Aeon's site for this promotion
MoviTicke Card +
"Detective Pikachu Double Wall Tumbler"

What is it?
A double wall tumbler with neon colored Detective Pikachu images decorating it.
Available exclusively at:
Tsutaya Records
Tsutaya Online Shopping
General Admission: 2,600 yen
Junior Tickets:  2,000 yen
Pre-Order Period: March 21st - May 2nd, 2019
Pick-up Date: April 25th, 2019

Tsutaya's site for this promotion
A special MoviTicke Card

What is it?
When you purchase a pre-order ticket at Pokemon Center / Pokemon Store locations throughout Japan your ticket will be printed on a MoviTicke card with a design different from what's offered at the other pre-order stores.

Where can you get it?
Pokemon Center
Pokemon Store locations
General Admission: 1,400 yen
Junior Tickets:  800 yen
Pre-Order Period: March 21st - May 2nd, 2019
Pokémon Center Online's site for this promotion

Things to remember about the above promotions:
One pre-order item per pre-order ticket
The final designs may differ from the promotional images seen above
The pre-order bonuses will only be made available while supplies last
The bonuses are limited to those who buy their ticket at participating venues
For more details please ask the staff of each store / theater

More information can be found on the official movie website.

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