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Hirokazu Hikawa's The Nintendo All-Stars Free-For-All! Smash Brothers 20-page manga ran in the February 1999 issue of CoroCoro Comics

CoroCoro Comics February 1999 Issue

Publication Date:  January 15th, 1999
Number of Pages:  20

CoroCoro Comics February 1999
Title Page

The Toy Kingdom: a magical land where dolls of famous characters like Mario and Kirby live. When the clock strikes a certain time, the toys all wake up and start to move around.

The first one up is Mario, who jumps to life with a "Wahoo!" Following him are Pikachu and Kirby. Finally, Donkey Kong opens its eyes...but it starts clapping as if it's one of those cymbal-banging monkey toys! Mario offers him some bananas to snap him out of it and so Donkey Kong responds by closing his eyes and opening his mouth wide, waiting to be fed. But...nothing happens? When Donkey Kong opens his eyes he sees that Kirby had used his powers to inhale the bananas into his own mouth!

Donkey Kong starts to yell and chuck barrels around while shouting out "Gimme back my bananas!" He then looks over at Pikachu, with its yellow pointy ears, and mistakes it for a bunch of bananas! Donkey Kong starts to chase the Electric-Type Pokémon around and so Kirby decides to step in and help by painting itself to look like a Monster Ball! "I don't know who's gonna pop out but I choose you!" yells Mario as he throws Kirby as if he's a Pokémon Trainer. Amazingly, Kirby spits out...Yoshi!? Yoshi starts to throw eggs to stop all the commotion but then Kirby steps in and decides to inhale those as well. Everyone yells at Kirby for being such a glutton.

Just then, Link appears and asks everyone if they're fighting yet again. Mario, Donkey Kong, and Kirby continue to bicker, blaming each other for everything that's going on, and so Link finally decides to take out his ocarina and start playing. The soothing melody gets Mario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi to finally calm down and start to wonder what they were fighting about in the first place...until Kirby walks off, grabs a harmonica, and decides to join in! The Mario characters start fighting Kirby again as Link wonders if there's nothing he can do to get them to make up.

The next day, Donkey Kong wakes up with a note stuck in his mouth! Mario, Pikachu, and Kirby gather around to read what it says:  "We've taken Yoshi. If you want him back, come to Hyrule Castle. Signed, Phantom X." Pikachu suggests - by saying "Pika Pika," of course - that they all work together to rescue Yoshi. Mario, Donkey Kong, and Kirby agree.

Our heroes have arrived in Hyrule Castle. Inside, a monitor turns on with a message from Phantom X: "Come to me if you want to rescue Yoshi. But I can't guarantee his safety..." The front door closes behind them; Mario and the others are trapped!

Pikachu spots a number of unlit torches lining the hallway so Mario uses his Fireball attack and Kirby uses his "Fire" Copy Ability to light them. Once all the torches are lit the door to the next room opens; just like a Legend of Zelda game! "Not bad, Kirby" says Mario. "You weren't too bad yourself, mustache guy" replies Kirby.

Suddenly, the sound of an explosion rocks the room; Donkey Kong has burst through the wall! "Stop goofing off! Hurry up! Ooh-ah." The giant gorilla runs off ahead of everyone as they wonder why he didn't just use the door they had just opened up. Suddenly, the floor underneath Donkey Kong opens up to reveal a bed of spikes! Donkey Kong manages to grab hold of the edge of the pit at the last minute, saving himself from being skewered alive. Mario and Pikachu try to pull him up but aren't strong enough so Kirby floats its way under Donkey Kong's butt and uses its "Needle" Copy Ability to prick Donkey Kong! The shock of being stabbed so suddenly causes Donkey Kong to jump up in pain, allowing him to clear the pit and bring himself back to safety. Donkey Kong reluctantly thanks Kirby for helping him out.

Next, two figures wearing cloaks and masks - a fox man and a woman in a space helmet - appear before our heroes! "If you want to go any further, you'll have to defeat us first." Our heroes instantly jump into battle. Mario orders Pikachu to use Agility - just like a Pokémon Trainer - to dodge the laser gun attacks being fired off by the fox man while Kirby decides to use his own variation that he calls...Sluggishness? Phantom X's fox henchmen aims his laser gun at the slow-moving Kirby and fires. Donkey Kong steps in at the last second and absorbs the blast with his bare hands. Kirby asks Donkey Kong if he's OK but he says he's absolutely fine; the skin on his hands are as hard as steel, after all!

Kirby, who's now wearing Satoshi's cap, orders Pikachu to use Tackle. The attack hits the fox man head on. Kirby decides to use its own variation of the attack, Tire Attack - which is really just Kirby's "Wheel" Copy Ability - on the woman in the space helmet. The attack defeats her, clearing the way for everyone to proceed into the final room.

Phantom X is waiting for our heroes. Mario rushes into battle and uses his Super Jump Punch but Phantom X is able to dodge it and counter with a Spin Attack. The attack doesn't do any real damage to our heroes but it does manage to shave off Mario's mustache! Kirby runs over with a marker to draw a new one on.

Donkey Kong and the others realize that they're going to have to work together if they want to defeat him. Donkey Kong picks up Mario in one hand and Pikachu in the other while Kirby stands in front of the three. They then launch into their ultimate combination attack: "Combination Super- Jump Tornado-Screw Electric-Attack!" The Nintendo super attack hits, sending Phantom X blasting off into the air.

Yoshi's kidnapper eventually falls back to the battlefield, picks himself back up, and congratulates everyone on their teamwork. But who is he, anyway? Phantom X decides that our heroes have earned the right ot learn the truth; it's me, your friend Link! Samus Aran and Fox McCloud also reveals themselves as Phantom X's henchmen as Yoshi steps out of hiding. It turns out the whole "kidnap Yoshi" thing was just an elaborate plot they had cooked up in order to get Mario and the others to stop all their bickering and work together for a change. Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, and Pikachu are all impressed with how far their friends went to help keep the peace.

But that's not all! Since they defeated "Phantom X," the boss character of this little video game scenario, they have a chance to open a real live treasure box! What's this inside? A huge amount of fruit! Donkey Kong starts grabbing the bananas, Yoshi goes for the watermelons, Mario wonders where the mushrooms are, and Kirby inhales everything else as Pikachu watches the whole thing with a distressed look on its face. It seems like the in-fighting has started once again!

The End

Translation Notes
The Pikachu's Tackle / Kirby's Wheel attack is a Japanese language pun. Pikachu's attack is tai-atari (たいあたり), literally "to hit someone with your body," while Kirby's attack is the similar sounding taiya-atari (タイヤあたり), literally  "to hit someone with a tire." Taiya is also the name that Kirby's "Wheel" Copy Ability goes by in the Japanese version.

When Phantom X first appears he says "You'd have to be a genius to defeat me zona~" (わたしを倒せたら天才ぞな~), which causes Mario to react "Who are you supposed to be, Phantom Zona!?" (怪人ゾナーかー!?). Phantom Zona is the name of a character who used to appear on the kids' variety show Oha Suta from 1998 to 2004. He was such a well-known character, in fact, that a Phantom Zona Game Boy Color game was eventually released.

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