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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pokemon Get Them All!

Pokemon Getto Da Ze! ("Pokemon Get them All!"), released in 1999, is a comedy-adventure series about a pokemon trainer named Shuu.  Like Satoshi, his first pokemon is a Pikachu, but this Pikachu can talk.  Shuu, using a headset-shaped device called an Enkamu (In-com), is able to communicate with his pokemon. Getto Da Ze is a collection of a bunch of short stories that show Shuu catching pokemon through..."unusual" methods.  This manga doesn't follow the game very much, so you won't find out much about pokemon weaknesses or gym leaders in this one.  It's a manga meant to be fun, and is definitely worth checking out.

Currently there are at least five tankoubon (graphic novels) released in Japan.  Below is a cover gallery, and if you click on the first volume, you can read a detailed synopsis of the manga.

Volume One
Released 02-24-1999

Volume Two
Released 07-28-1999

Volume 3
Released 03-28-2000

Volume 4
Released 10-28-2000

Volume 5
Released 08-01-2001
These covers were gotten from S-Books.com
Unfortunately, I don't know where you can buy these in America.




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