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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pokemon Zensho

Pokemon Zensho came out in Japan in 1998.  It follows the video game closer than any other manga incarnation of Pokemon.  The one-volume manga follows the plot of the game, from leaving Masara Town to fighting Shigeru at the end of the game.  There are many things in this manga that haven't been represented in the anime or any of the other manga, such as what the Silph Scope would look like and the search for the Safari warden's dentures.  I can't stand the artwork, but for following the game so closely it's a pretty good manga.

If you want to see some pictures from this manga, the UPNetwork has a nice collection of scans for you to enjoy.

Each chapter is named after a city or town, with each chapter showing Satoshi fighting that town's gym leader, fighting the Rocket-Dan, or helping fellow trainers.

Part 01:  "Prologue"
Part 02:  "Nibi City"
Part 03:  "Hanada City"
Part 04:  "Kuchiba City"
Part 05:  "Tamamushi City"
Part 06:  "Sekichiku City"
Part 07:  "Yamabuki City"
Part 08:  "Guren Town"
Part 09:  "Tokiwa City"
Part 10:  "Sekiei Kougen"

Be warned, the following are LONG, even longer than the Getto Da Ze! summaries.

Prologue:  Masara Town

Satoshi is searching around for his first pokemon.  He wants to become a Pokemon Master, but without even a single pokemon, he can't even begin his journey.  He trips and falls and when he looks up he sees a flock of Poppo.  They're just about to attack him when a flame blazes through the air and roasts one of the Poppo.  The others run away to avoid being burned.  Satoshi wonders what saved him and is soon answered:  it's Ookido-Hakase!  Ookido-Hakase's pokemon, the fire-type Hitokage, was the one who saved Satoshi.  Ookido takes Satoshi to his lab, where his anxious grandson Shigeru waits.  Shigeru is surprised to see Satoshi being friends with Ookido-Hakase for he is Satoshi's rival.  The pokemon professor shows Satoshi three Monster Balls, and tells him to choose one of three starter pokemon:  Zenigame, Fushigidane, or Hitokage.  Satoshi chooses Hitokage (because a Hitokage saved him), Shigeru chooses Zenigame, and Ookido-Hakase keeps Fushigidane.

Shigeru decides to challenge Satoshi, and Satoshi accepts.  Hitokage uses its flame attack, but it's ineffective against Shigeru's water-type.  Zenigame shoots water out of its mouth while Hitokage dodges.  Then Satoshi orders Hitokage to do a headbutt attack which instantly wins him the battle.  While Satoshi cheers his first victory, Ookido-Hakase gives Shigeru and Satoshi a Pokemon Zukan, and explains to them what the Zukan does.  Both Shigeru and Satoshi proclaim that they'll be the best.

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Chapter One:  Nibi City

Satoshi is restlessly sleeping in his room when he is awakened by Hitokage's warmth.  After getting dressed, he comes downstairs to see his mom, who admires Satoshi's Hitokage.  She then gives Satoshi a present--a new pair of gloves!  Then Shigeru's sister comes from outside and gives him a Town Map.  Shigeru's sister tells Satoshi's mom how Shigeru told her not to give Satoshi the map, but she decided to give the map to him anyway.  All packed up, Satoshi leaves for Tokiwa City.

In Tokiwa City, Satoshi is amazed at how much bigger it is than Masara Town.  He then sees the city's gym and remembers how he must get all eight gym leader badges to get to the Pokemon League and battle the Shi Ten'nou, the four elite trainers who provide a final challenge to aspiring trainers.  Satoshi tries to enter, but a little boy in a boy scout's uniform tells him that the gym is closed.  Satoshi and Hitokage are told to go through Tokiwa Forest to get to the next nearest gym.  So Satoshi and Hitokage trek through the forest, eventually finding a Pikachu chasing an acorn.  The Pikachu, after seeing Satoshi, leaps behind a bush and hides.  Satoshi picks up an acorn to show he's friendly, which brings Pikachu out of hiding.  Pikachu decides to join Satoshi.

Satoshi finally arrives in Nibi City.  He notices a fisher and a camper fighting.  They soon break it up by themselves, prompting Satoshi to see what the commotion was about.  The camper shows Satoshi the city's fossil exhibit while telling him of Takeshi, the difficult gym leader of Nibi City.  Satoshi proclaims that he'll beat Takeshi.

The camper brings Satoshi to Takeshi.  Takeshi calls out Iwaku, and Satoshi sends Hitokage.  Takeshi is happy that fire types are weak against rock types and orders Iwaku to attack.  Hitokage dodges Iwaku's first attack.  Then Satoshi gets an idea--Hitokage is ordered to chop the horn-like part of its head off.  The pokemon follows the order, and Iwaku falls.  Satoshi receives the Grey Badge and waves good-bye to the camper and Takeshi as he leaves for his next challenge.

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Chapter Two:  Hanada City

Satoshi's standing outside the Hanada City Gym, admiring the signs around it.  There's a giant Jugon picture on the outside of the gym, which prompts Satoshi into telling Hitokage about how sailors used to see Jugon in the distance and mistake them for mermaids.  Satoshi wonders if the gym leader, Kasumi, looks like a Jugon (the picture of him imagining a Jugon-Kasumi is hilarious). Suddenly, the storekeeper of the Miracle Cycle shop shouts out that the Rocket-Dan has invaded his store.  One of the Rocket-Dan grunts calls out a Spear to shut him up, but he's too late; Satoshi's already heard his pleas for help.  He sends out Hitokage, who easily beats the bee pokemon, prompting the Rocket-Dan member to escape.  Inside the shop, the storekeeper tells Satoshi about who the Rocket-Dan are and just how evil they are.  Satoshi leaves the shop and heads for the Hanada Gym.

Inside, the woman at the register gives Satoshi some swimming trunks to wear for the battle (apparently that's all that's allowed).  Satoshi notices that the gym is a giant swimming pool.  Suddenly, Kasumi appears.  Satoshi blushes, commenting that she doesn't look like any Jugon he's seen.  Satoshi is going to send Hitokage into battle, but it's too scared because its tail might go out with all the water.  So Satoshi sends Pikachu while Kasumi sends out Starmii.  Pikachu is trying to get into the pool, but having never been around the water, it doesn't know what to do.  It falls in, and Satoshi dives in to rescue it.  He gets a cramp in his foot and can't move anywhere, and it looks like he might drown!  Kasumi dives in and saves Satoshi and Pikachu.  Wrapped in towels, they are told that Kasumi will teach them how to move about in water freely so they'll have a better chance to battle in the water..

Satoshi is being taught to swim while Pikachu is on a life saver.  Kasumi decides that it's time for Pikachu to try to swim without the floating device, so she picks it up.  Much to her surprise, the scared Pikachu is still attached to the float!  Having made little progress, Satoshi leaves.  He then remembers Shigeru and his other rivals and decides to be a little more tenacious.  Satoshi and Pikachu both practice by themselves and both become really good swimmers.  Satoshi swims with a Pauwau for a while until Kasumi enters.  She tells Satoshi that once at a beach, a child Kasumi went out to the ocean to swim.  A large wave engulfed her and she started to sink to the bottom.  She almost died, but a mysterious creature saved her--a Jugon!  Therefore, she feels indebted to the Pauwau.

Just then, the Rocket-Dan invade the gym and attack with a Gyarados.  Satoshi's Pikachu attacks with a lightning bolt, stunning the Gyarados, so the Rocket grunt retreats.  Impressed with Satoshi's bravery and persistance, Kasumi rewards him the Blue Badge.  Kasumi gives Satoshi her Pauwau, telling him as he parts that she hopes she can someday meet the legendary Jugon who saved her.

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Chapter Three:  Kuchiba City

Satoshi is working on a computer in the Hanada City Pokemon Center when an "ERROR" screen appears on the monitor.  The attendant at the center tells Satoshi to see Sonezaki Masaki about the computer problem.  When Satoshi reaches his house, he sees a strange-looking Nidoran getting the mail.  It looks different from the other Nidoran he's seen, so Satoshi decides to catch it.  He catches it and checks his Zukan for data, but it can find none.  Then Satoshi realizes that the pokemon he caught was Masaki!  Satoshi goes into the house and places Masaki into a machine which seperates the Nidoran part of him from the Masaki part of him.  Masaki introduces himself and shows Satoshi the three evolutions of Ivui.  He then tells Satoshi how he got turned into a Nidoran:  he stepped into his DNA combining machine with his Nidoran and the male Masaki combined with the female Nidoran to form Nidoran (with a combo of the male/female sign).  Masaki gives Satoshi a ticket to the St. Anne for saving him and promises to do a system check of the computer to find the problem.

On the St. Anne (in Kuchiba City) Satoshi runs into Shigeru and is challenged to a battle.  Satoshi commands his Hitokage to scratch Shigeru's Zenigame, but it uses its shell to block the attack.  Then Hitokage uses its Mega Toss to throw Zenigame and wins.  Just then, Hitokage starts to glow and evolves into Lizard!  Shigeru is disappointed because they left at the same time but Satoshi's pokemon evolved first.  Satoshi and Lizard roam around the ship until they hear a noise coming from the captain's room.  The captain opens the door and yells out for a bucket.  Satoshi grabs an empty cleaning bucket and gives it to the captain, who proceeds to close the door and gets seasick.  Then he wants to know if Satoshi wants the bucket back!!  Now that's he's thrown up, the captain feels much better and tells Satoshi about thunder-type pokemon.

In Kuchiba City, Satoshi spots a Pokemon Lover's club.  The chairperson babbles on and on and on about pokemon until he finally reveals that he knows nothing of the Kuchiba City Gym Leader, Machisu.  Satoshi finds the gym anyway, and meets the gym leader Machisu (who uses a lot of English since he's American).  They have a battle, so Satoshi sends out Lizard while Machisu uses Elebuu.  Lizard is backed into a corner when dodging Elebuu's attacks and gets an idea.  It topples over one of the stakes holding the barbed-wire fence surrounding the arena and uses it to tie Elebuu up.  Motionless, Elebuu is defeated by Hitokage's fire as Machisu says "OH MY GOD" in English.  Machisu remembers how he was saved by a mysterious person from being squished by a tree.  It turns out that the mysterious person was the captain!  Happy, Machisu gives Satoshi the Orange Badge and the captain gives him Hidden Machine #01.  The chapter ends with Satoshi getting a letter from Masaki.

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Chapter Four:  Tamamushi City

In Masara Town, Ookido-Hakase is looking up Shigeru's and Satoshi's Pokemon Zukan on his computer.  Satoshi has 19 while Shigeru has 20.  Just then, Shigeru's sister comes in with some refreshments as Ookido-Hakase is starting to recollect about his past.  He remembers being on his pokemon journey, collecting information for his Pokemon Zukan.  He pulls out a picture, remembering how Shigeru's parents opposed to his journey (I think that's what he's saying...).  Then one day, a stranger tells him that Shigeru's parents were in an accident (I think it was an automobile accident).  With their parents dead, Shigeru and his sister had to be taken under Ookido-Hakase's care.

Meanwhile, Satoshi is out with his Lizard in Shion Town when he spots a Kara-Kara in a window.  The woman inside lets him in, explaining that she serves as a pokemon orphanage.  Satoshi asks about the Kara-Kara staring out the window, and she explains that the Rocket-Dan killed her child.  Satoshi wants to reunite the lonely pokemon, so he decides to venture into the ghost tower.  Soon after he enters he spots a bunch of gravestones for pokemon.  Before he can get a good look, a stream of mist lurks behind him.  It's a Ghosu!  Satoshi and his Lizard run out and hide behind a bush.

Just then, he spots two members of the Rocket-Dan coming out of the building holding the Silph Scope.  Satoshi learns that he the Rocket-Dan have a hide-out in the Game Corner of Tamamushi City, so he decides to go there.  At the Game Corner, he spots the Rocket-Dan go into a door (it's not a hidden switch like in the game, it's just a regular-looking door!).  Satoshi spots some Silph Scopes on a table, and he snatches one for himself.  Now he can see the ghosts in the tower!  Sakaki watches Satoshi during all of this via hidden cameras, surrounded by some lackeys.  After he throws his wine at a henchman (for calling him "leader" instead of "boss"), Sakaki orders the Rocket-Dan to go after Satoshi and stop him from potentially ruining their plans.

On his way out of the city, Satoshi spots the Tamamushi City gym.  He decides to stop and challenge the gym leader, Erika.  After introducing herself, Erika (dressed in a kimono) is doubted by Satoshi.  How can Erika really be the gym leader (she looks too pretty, and she's pretty clumsy as she walks into a glass door)?  But soon the battle starts:  Erika uses a Rafureshia while Satoshi uses his Lizard.  Rafureshia uses its leaf toss attack (I forget the name of it), and Lizard retaliates with a fire breath-attack.  The fire catches Erika's kimono on fire but Lizard jumps to Erika and slashes the fire out.  The gym lackeys are about to announce Erika the winner (because Satoshi's pokemon slashed at Erika), but Erika stops her.  She admires Satoshi for raising his pokemon to be considerate, so she rewards him the Rainbow Badge.

Satoshi looks at the clock, and remembers about the Pokemon Tower and his Silph Scope!  He ruses to Shion City, followed by Fuji (who really works for Sakaki).  Satoshi arrives at Shion City, wearing the Silph Scope, and is able to see the ghosts clearly in order to pay his respects.  As he walks in, he notices Gara-Gara's (Kara-Kara's baby) grave smashed to pieces.  The Rocket-Dan appear with Sakaki.  Sakaki introduces himself to Satoshi as the boss of the Rocket-Dan, takes the bouquet Satoshi had for the spirits, and crumbles it up.  Sakaki then snaps his fingers and a Kairikii appears, ready to tear Lizard apart.  Satoshi worries that Lizard isn't experienced enough to beat such a powerful pokemon and seems doomed.  However, a ghost appears from a tombstone...it's Ghosto!  Kairikii instantly starts to thrash at Ghosto, but its physical attacks have no effect.  Ghosto easily beats Kairikii, so Sakaki and the Rocket-Dan run away.

Later, incense is burnt for the dead pokemon.  Fuji reaches from behind a tombstone and gets out the Pokemon flute.  Just then, the ghosts of Gara-Gara and Ghosto raise into the sky, able to rest in peace.  The Kara-Kara watching from its window perks up as she sees her child once more.  Everyone waves to the ghosts as they head off into the horizon.

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Chapter Five:  Sekichiku City

This is probably the funniest chapter yet.

Satoshi is heading into the Safari Zone.  He sees this strange creature coming out of the bushes, and it looks like a cross between a Yadon and a safari warden.  Satoshi remembers Masaki and his mix-up before, and thinks this is another of his experiments gone wrong.  Satoshi quickly grabs the little man while asking a safari worker where the warden is to report this strange creature to.  The worker informs Satoshi that the man he's holding is the warden.  Inside the Safari Park building, the warden apologizes for the mix-up.  The reason he looks so funny is because he lost his dentures in the Safari Zone.  Satoshi, always willing to help, agrees to find the warden's dentures.  Satoshi enters the Safari Zone after being told the rules and given the rocks, pokemon food, and Safari Balls.  After making sure he has an empty box on his PC, Satoshi continues.

Satoshi sees many pokemon, from Lucky to Dodo to Garura.  He steps on something mushy, and it leaps from under his foot.  It's a Metamon!  Satoshi goes to throw a rock at it, but the Metamon has seemed to disappear.  It didn't teleport or anything, it just changed itself into a clump of grass and camoflauged itself in the rest of the tall grass.  But then a Kentaros comes up and, mistaking Metamon for real grass, starts to munch on it!  The Kentaros is then distracted by something and Metamon is saved!  Satoshi patches up the bite mark when Shigeru shows up.  Always eager to compare pokemon, Shigeru says he has four pokemon.  Satoshi, ashamed that he's caught none, says that he's caught a Metamon.  Metamon cooperates and jumps on his head.  Satoshi proclaims that he'll be a Pokemon League Champion, but Shigeru says that he will.  Shigeru leaves.

Satoshi sees a Yadon with its tail in the water and is reminded of the warden.  So he asks a man he sees fishing what he's doing.  He says he's caught plenty of Koduck, Krab, and Yadon, but hasn't caught the one he's been looking for.  Satoshi decides to try his luck, and with his first cast he catches a Miniryuu!  To thank him, the man gives Satoshi all the pokemon he's caught in the water (the "duds" he didn't want...like Koiking).  Satoshi looks through the Monster Balls (in this manga, the Monster Balls are see-through) and sees a pair of dentures in one of the balls.  The warden's dentures!

Satoshi's happy.  But then, some throwing stars narrowly miss his feet!  It's Kyou!  He announces himself as the Sekichiku Gym Leader and challenges Satoshi to a battle.  He immediately sends out Matadogasu, while Satoshi tries to decide which one to bring out.  His Metamon suddenly leaps out and volunteers to fight.  But instead of transforming into another Matadogasu, he turns into another Kyou!  Both Kyou and the Metamon-Kyou are shouting orders at Matadogasu.  The poor pokemon doesn't know which Kyou to obey, and self-destructs!  Not fainting, but it looks like Matadogasu died!  Ack!  Metamon reverts back to normal while Kyou is taken aback.  Kyou decides to give Satoshi the Pink Badge.  Now Satoshi just needs to deliver the dentures!

The warden's FINALLY got his dentures back!  Now he looks even more like a Yadon!  Satoshi leaves the Safari Zone, remembering his rival Shigeru.

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Chapter Six:  Yamabuki City

Satoshi and Lizard arrive in Yamabuki City.  They are greeted by a strange noise, followed by the image of a young woman floating in the air!  She lands on Satoshi and, after apologizing, tells Satoshi that the Rocket-Dan have overrun Yamabuki City.  She points to the Silph Company building, siting that as the group's hideout.  Suddenly, her name, Natsume-san, is called from a karate master.  Natsume bids farewell to Satoshi and teleports away.  The karate master who called out her name catches up to Satoshi and takes him to their karate gym.  Inside, the master tells Satoshi that Natsume is the leader of the Yamabuki City Gym, and that her psychic pokemon beat their gym.  But a young trainer named Shigeru beat her, and NOW the Rocket-Dan's stolen her psychic Lapras!  The master begs Satoshi to help Natsume (he's a big fan), so Satoshi agrees.

Satoshi sneaks inside, but soon has to stop because two guards are standing near an elevator.  He remembers that the karate master told him the boss is on the top floor, so he begins to ponder a way to get past the guards.  Just then, he hears the footsteps of a member of the Rocket-Dan and is about to be discovered.  The Rocket-Dan member turns the corner and sees...a blank wall.  Once he leaves, it is revealed that Metamon turned into a wall to cover Satoshi and Lizard!  Now Satoshi, with his Metamon on his head, continues exploring.

Soon he finds Natsume peeping into a sheet covering a large box-shaped object.  Satoshi reveals himself to be a regular Pokemon Trainer, but Natsume is apologetic.  She pulls aside the sheet to reveal a Lapras inside a cage.  She says that when she was beaten by Shigeru, she was disgraced.  But Lapras and Satoshi cheer her up, and they decide to work together to beat Sakaki!  Sakaki's watching all this on a monitor on the top floor and has the boss of the Silph Company as a hostage.  Sakaki asks where Silph's Master Ball is, but he won't tell.  So Sakaki's Nidoqueen pulls out a poison needle and threatens to kill the Silph Company boss!  But Sakaki is stopped when he sees Natsume and Satoshi board Lapras.  Suddenly, Natsume teleports in with Satoshi and Lapras into Sakaki's room!  After arguing back and forth, Sakaki sends out Nidoqueen.  Satoshi orders Lapras to surround itself with a mist while Nidoqueen does a tail whip.  All the Nidoqueen can see is fog until two shining lights begins to hurt Nidoqueen.  Nidoqueen, now in pain, shoots out a bunch of poison needles as some sort of reflex.  One of the needles hits Sakaki in the arm.  Sakaki, poisoned and beaten, runs away with his Rocket-Dan.

Later, the Silph Company boss shows Satoshi the prototype for the Master Ball Sakaki wanted so badly.  He tells Satoshi that with it, anyone can catch any pokemon imaginable with this, and Satoshi pictures Freezer, Fire, Thunder, and Myuutsu.  He leaves with Natsume, who gives him the Gold Badge outside for his bravery and the Lapras they met inside.  Natsume waves goodbye as Satoshi leaves the city.

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Chapter Seven:  Guren Town

Satoshi and Pikachu are riding Lapras to the Southern Twin Islands (Seafoam Islands).  With Kasumi's Pauwau in her hand, he remembers the legendary Jugon which saved her.  He arrives inside and sees a bunch of pokemon being peaceful.  Seeing this, Satoshi decides to free Kasumi's Pauwau and watches it swim away to be with the other pokemon.  Satoshi's looking around when he sees a mysterious figure atop a large ice pillar--Freezer!  Lapras tells Satoshi of the Legendary Bird Pokemon and of how rare and powerful they are, so Satoshi decides to catch it.  But just as he decides this, Freezer's startled at the presence of Satoshi and flies away.  Suddenly an old man appears, announcing himself as Katsura.  Just then a Konpan sits on his head, and Katsura yells at it there's no connection between his name and hair (katsura is Japanese for wig).  He says he is the Guren Town Gym Leader, so Satoshi decides to travel to that town.

Satoshi passes by the town's pokemon lab and mansion.  Satoshi then reaches the gym and finds Katsura  inside tending to a Gallop and Kyuukon.  He talks about the town's laboratory, and Satoshi mentions Ookido-Hakase's lab in Masara Town.  He shows Katsura his Pokemon Zukan, and Katsura comments on how advanced it is.  Then he tells Satoshi of the research being done on Myuu in the Guren Town Pokemon Laboratory to make a Myuutsu.  Then he talks about Freezer and how it somehow got him started on training fire pokemon (maybe so he can better catch Freezer?).  Anyway, he challenges Satoshi to a battle, and he accepts.  They go into another room, and each send out their pokemon.  Satoshi sends out Lizard while Katsura sends out Windii.  Katsura asks why Satoshi isn't using a water type against his legendary fire-pokemon, but Satoshi ignores the question and declares that he'll win anyway.  Windii attacks with a fire spin attack, but it has no effect.  Then Lizard attacks with his claws, and it's a one-hit KO.  Satoshi is awarded the Crimson Badge before noticing his Lizard glowing.  Lizard evolves into Lizardon!  Katsura, having been defeated, starts to tell his life story (seems like a theme in this manga...).  Katsura was in the Southern Twin Islands and his fire pokemon were hurt, and remembers seeing the legendary Freezer fly away.  Satoshi says with his fire-pokemon (Lizardon), his electric pokemon (Pikachu), his ice pokemon (Lapras), and a Purin he had caught earlier, he'll be able to beat all the elements of the Legendary Birds (Freezer, Fire, and Thunder) and help Katsura catch Freezer.

Back in the islands, Satoshi sees Freezer again.  He sends out Pikachu who electrocutes it, and Freezer retaliates by freezing the electric mouse.  So Satoshi sends out Purin, who sings Freezer to sleep.  It's asleep, so now Katsura flies in on Lizardon and throws a Monster Ball at it (it has a "C" on it...).  Freezer is caught!  Later, Satoshi flies away on his Lizardon into the distance as Katsura, with Freezer by his side, waves goodbye.

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Chapter Eight:  Tokiwa City

Hanako (Satoshi's mom) is watering some flowers in her yard when Satoshi comes flying in on the back of Lizardon's back.  Hanako recognizes Lizardon as the Hitokage Satoshi left with, commenting on how well it looks.  In fact, she comments on how strong all the pokemon look.  Later, in his room, Satoshi has his Gym Leader Badges spread out on his bed, thinking that he only needs one more badge.  He wonders who the Tokiwa City Gym Leader could be.  Then Pikachu comes into the room with a piece of candy Hanako gave it.  Seeing the round shape of the candy, Satoshi gets out a book.  He opens it to a page with a Raichu on it and takes out a Thunder Stone.  He asks Pikachu if it'll evolve into Raichu.  Pikachu remembers how Hanako liked it just the way it is, so it shakes its head no.  So Satoshi will have to beat the gym leader another way.

Next door, Shigeru returns home.  He has a Kamex and a Fushigibana with him.  He goes to a book shelf looking for an atlas, but notices it's missing.  He asks his sister about it, and she says she gave it to Satoshi.  She tells him that the reason she gave Satoshi the map is because she had a bad vision about him.  Shigeru is angered and storms out.

At Satoshi's house, Satoshi gets ready to depart on Lizardon's back.  Hanako sees some storm clouds brewing and asks Satoshi if he wants an umbrella, but then she realizes that at the high speed he'll be likely to be traveling that an umbrella would turn inside-out.  So Satoshi flies away into the storm without any protection.  After he leaves, Fuji comes out of nowhere with something wrapped in a cloth in his hand.  He asks Hanako where Tokiwa City is, and she points him in the right direction.

Satoshi arrives in Tokiwa City and goes into the gym (this scene seems rushed...it all happens in about three panels) to reveal that Sakaki is the gym leader!  So without delay, they begin their battle.  Satoshi sends out Lapras while Sakaki sends out Saidon.  Lapras uses its Hydro Pump and it severely hurts Saidon.  Then Saidon hits Lapras with its horn attack, so Satoshi replaces Lapras with Lizardon.  But Saidon just hits Lizardon with its horn like it did to Lapras.  But Lizardon is tougher, and headbutts it back.  Saidon is defeated, and Sakaki is defeated.  So *doot doot doot doot* he tells his life story!  He was a Nidoking trainer in a rock tunnel when the roof started to cave in.  Sakaki got pinned under the rocks, but Nidoking did not.  But Nidoking turned away and left Sakaki.  Just then (in the present), Fuji arrives and opens his package...a Nidoking horn!  He tells that he found Sakaki and Nidoking and nursed them back to health.  Something makes Sakaki sad and repent his ways (sorry, I can't really get a clear translation here).  Sakaki gives Satoshi the Green Badge.

Satoshi's flying away on Lizardon, wondering about Sakaki, when something zips by him.  He wonders who it is and soon finds out--it's Shigeru on a Pijotto!  Shigeru's Pijotto starts attacking Lizardon, who starts to fall.  The chapter ends with Satoshi imagining all his pokemon fallen and having failed against Shigeru.

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Chapter Nine:  Sekiei Kougen

Satoshi's asleep in his house when his mother calls for him to wake up.  Satoshi ignores, so Lizardon cinges his hair with its fire tail.  Now he's awake!  He remembers Shigeru and how scary he was earlier.  He goes downstairs and talks with his mom a bit and then gets ready to leave for Sekiei Kougen.  Lapras talks with Satoshi about the League while Pikachu wanders around.  It hears how Satoshi really really wants to win, so Pikachu, with candy in hand, goes over to Satoshi's backpack.  Satoshi turns around and finds Pikachu with his Thunder Stone!  It uses the Thunder Stone on itself and evolves into Raichu.  Satoshi hugs Raichu.

Later, Satoshi gets on his Lizardon and, after saying goodbye to his mom, flies to Sekiei Kougen.  He arrives, and after having his eight badges verified, begins his first match with Kanna.  She sends out Parushien, but Raichu easily beats it.  On to Shiba!  Shiba sends out Sawamuraa, but Lapras quickly freezes it.  Next up is Kikuko.  Ghosuto is sent out, but Satoshi's Fuudin (he had one?) easily beats Ghosuto.  Last up is Wataru, who sends out Kairyuu.  Satoshi's Lizardon hits it with some fire breath, so Kairyuu shoots lasers (???) out of its eyes.  But Lizardon just hits Kairyuu with a fire blast, and it's down.  Satoshi is the champion!

...until Wataru announces that there's one more person left for Satoshi to face...Shigeru!  He declares that he is the true champion, and he begins his battle with Satoshi.  Shigeru sends out Kamex while Satoshi sends out Lizardon.  Kamex shoots a Hydro Pump, but Lizardon hides behind a pillar to avoid it (the impact of the pump causes the pillar to crack).  Now it slams against Kamex and defeats it!  Satoshi is now the real champion!  Wataru comments that he doesn't mind being number three for now.  Satoshi thanks all his pokemon while Shigeru drops his Pokemon Zukan in disappointment.  Just then, Ookido and Shigeru's sister show up.  Ookido pretty much gives the same speech he does at the end of the Game Boy games (that Shigeru doesn't have the close bond to his pokemon that Satoshi does), and he begins to compare the two boys' Zukan.  Suddenly, the pillar Kamex hit with is Hydro Pump starts to crumble, and it's falling right towards Shigeru!  But a flying leap by Satoshi pushes him out of harm's way.  After having his life saved, Shigeru finally accepts Satoshi as a friend.

Ookido-Hakase, who kind of ignores the whole pillar situation, tells the boys of the cave near Hanada City.  Inside are lots of rare pokemon and a great place to fill their Zukan, but it's also where the super-rare Myuutsu resides.  Ookido-Hakase shows them a picture, and Satoshi and Shigeru decide that they'll work together to catch it.

Well, that's it.  Just to let you know, I didn't get really lazy when writing the last summary with the Shi Ten'nou.  The battles with each member only last a four or five panel page, so they're really short.  In fact, I feel that the ending was really rushed.  Most of the battles in this manga were one-hit KO's.  Oh well.  Probably my least favorite manga, but it's not all bad.  As soon as I get scanner access I'll get pictures up.




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