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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters XY Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh

Welcome to the Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh page of the Manga section!

Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh (ポケモン竜王伝) is a "fierce fighting story manga" (激闘ストーリーまんが) that debuted as a "special sneak peek" in the November 2013 issue of CoroCoro Comics.  The series got its proper start in the December 2013 issue and continued until the April 2014 issue for a total of six chapters.

The manga is about a young Lizardon Trainer named Akira whose goal is to enter the Ryuu-Oh Tournament with his Lizardon.  But how can his pokemon, a Flying and Fire-Type, enter a tournament set up specifically for Dragon-Types?

The graphic novel collection was released on March 25th, 2014.

The word Ryuu-Oh (竜王) in the series' title can have two different meanings.  One is "Dragon King," which is obviously a reference to the characters all training Dragon-Type pokemon, while the second meaning comes from the game shougi (Japanese chess) and is used to describe a promoted rook.  "Promoted rooks" are rooks that are able to move as both a rook and a king after being "promoted," which one could interpret as being a reference to Pocket Monsters' Mega Evolution.  The official website for the real world
Pokemon Ryuu-Oh tournament pointed out the shougi connection as well.

The manga is written and drawn by Ishii Takashi (
石井敬士).  This is Mr. Ishii's first Pocket Monsters manga.

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