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Volume 03

Table of Contents

Viz Graphic Novel version
Japanese magazine each chapter was originally published in
Adventure 8
"Listening to Pokémon"
Shougaku Yon-Nensei
March 2011 Issue
Adventure 9
"Welcome to Striaton City!!"

CoroCoro Ichiban!
June 2011 Issue
Adventure 10
"Their First Gym Battle"

CoroCoro Ichiban!
July 2011 Issue

General notes about this volume

The cover for this volume is a colorized version of the title page to the chapter printed in the July 2011 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!.

July 2011 Volume 03

As you can see, the positioning and size of Black and his friends are altered for the cover of the graphic novel.

Adventure 8 - "Listening to Pokémon"

 Adventure 8 Adventure 8

The young man who's fighting Black is revealed to be N, the king of the Plasma-Dan!  As the battle continues, N berates Black for for relying on tools like Monster Balls and Pokemon Zukan to communicate with his pokemon.  Black asks White to help him out, but she replies by saying she's never participated in a pokemon battle in her life!  As the one-on-one battle continues, Black explains that he uses tools like his Pokemon Zukan to learn more about his pokemon and develop stronger bonds with them.  He decides to show N what he means, so he has Pokabu take on his Otamaro head-on.  Much to N's surprise, Pokabu is able to withstand the Water-type pokemon's attacks and win!  N is impressed with how Black was able to convey his hopes to his pokemon and calls and end to the battle, saying he now has a new riddle to solve.  As N leaves, Black tells White that his Mun'na was able to eat a part of N's dream during the scuffle.  After looking at it, they discover that he's been living peacefully with pokemon ever since he was young.  Could N really be a nice guy after all?

Notes about the English version

Pages 22 and 23, Panel Two:  N's "!?" gets changed to just a "!" for some reason.

Adventure 9 - "Welcome to Striaton City!!"

Adventure 9 Adventure 9

Bel and Cheren arrive in Sanyou City, hoping to catch up with Black.  They eventually arrive at the restaurant he's at and are told all about White and how Black is now working for her agency.  Before Black can explain why he's now her employee, triplet waiters named Dent, Corn, and Pod approach the table.  Black tells his friends that the restaurant they're in is really the Sanyou City Gym and that the waiters are the Gym Leaders.  The triplets pull back a curtain and reveal a stage on which large buttons representing Water, Fire, and Grass-type attacks are present.  Above that is a second curtain with the Water-type symbol.  The Gym Leaders announce that Black and his friends will have to jump on the button representing the attack that's super effective against the one on the curtain in order to make it to the battlefield in the back of the gym.  After Black gives his friends a crash course on type compatibility, the trio of friends make their way through a number of these challenges.  Eventually, the three answer all the problems correctly and are allowed to begin their three on three battle with the Sanyou City Gym Leaders.

Notes about the English version

Page 33, Panel Two:  Originally, the oath that Black shouts out from time to time is the same every time it's said.  In the Japanese version, this oath is Ore wa Pokemon Riigu de yuushou suru zo-o-o-o!!!  Zettai zettai zettai zettai yuushou suru kara na-a-a-a!!! (オレはポケモンリーグで優勝するぞオォォ!!! 絶対絶対絶対絶対優勝するからなアアア!!!).  Viz translated this as
"I'm going to the Pokémon League Championship and I'm gonna win!!!  I'm really, really, really gonna win it!!!" in Adventures 2 and 4, so one would think that they'd keep the same translation when Cheren shouts it out in this chapter as well.  However, Viz decided to change it slightly to "I'm going to the Pokemon League!  And I'm gonna win!!!  I am so totally absolutely gonna win that tournament!!!"

Page 42, Panel One:  Black identifies the Gym Leaders as "They're triplets!!  The triple leaders!!"  In the Japanese version, they're referred to by their Leader Title in the games, Mikko no toraiaru toraianguru (三っ子のトライアルトライアングル), or "The Triplet Trial Triangle."  The English equivalent of "Trial Triangle" is "Triple Trouble!" but I guess VIz didn't pick up on this.

Page 46, Panel Three:  Cheren tells Black "And that's how Professor Juniper's laboratory got trashed..."  In the Japanese version, he says that Araragi-Hakase Kenkyuujo no genkan (アララギ博士研究所の玄関), or "the front of the Araragi-Hakase Laboratory" is what got trashed, not the entire laboratory.

Adventure 10  - "The First Gym Battle"

July 2011 Adventure 10

The Sanyou City Gym Battle has begun!  Unfortunately for the challengers, the Gym Leaders have lined their pokemon up in a way that pits them against the pokemon they're weak against!  The Gym Leaders launch attack after attack until, finally, Cheren's Tsutarja faints.  At that moment, Black remembers that their pokemon don't necessarily have to attack the pokemon directly in front of them.  Bel steps forward and has her Mijumaru surprise Pod's Baopp by defeating it with its hotachi!  Dent quickly counterattacks with his Yanapp and easily knocks out Bel's Mijumaru.  Black's Pokabu tries its best to fight off the remaining pokemon by itself, but Corn's Hiyapp knocks it back with a powerful Water Gun attack.  The Gym Leaders are about to claim victory when Pokabu revives its teammates with leaves that had fallen from Yanapp's head.  The battle's thirty minute time limit is up, and since Black and his friends have the most pokemon standing, they're all declared the winners!  The Gym Leaders admit defeat and give their opponents the Tri Badge.  Later, Black gives Cheren and Bel Live Casters so they can keep in contact with each other and then rejoins White on his journey through the Isshu region.

Notes about the English version

Page 65, Panels Two and Three:    Chili says "Working together, third nature for us!!  Now...Work Up!"  Originally, he doesn't say anything about "second nature" since the Japanese language doesn't really have any idioms like that.  Instead, he merely tells the three pokemon to use "Cheer Up" ("Work Up" in the English versions of the games) all together.

Page 71, Panel Five:  Pod lets out a simple kusso~! (くっそ~!), or "darn it."  Viz decides to add a pun here by having Chili say "That really steams me up!"

Page 80, Panel One:  The name of the TV series Poka acted in is called Machiko no Machi (マチ子の町), or "Machiko's Town" in the Japanese version.  The title Viz gives it is "The Days of our Pokémon."



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