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Artist:  Tsukirino Yumi
Writer:  Tsukirino Yumi
Pokemon PiPiPi Adventures is a shoujo manga that doesn't follow the game at all.  In fact, it's more of a shoujo (girls') manga than it is a Pokemon manga.  The manga centers around Maron (Hazel in the American version), a young girl who wants a love potion to use to attract Almond, the person of her dreams.  To obtain a workable kind (the first one she gets explodes before she can use it...) she must go around collecting data on as many different kinds of pokemon as she can.  This manga has a lot of the Digi Charat-style randomness and insane personalities.  There are rarely any gym leaders or locations from the game--it's just one comedic adventure after another. 

The artwork is super-cute.  Here are some of the humans/pokemon featured in the manga.  These images were taken from the English version of the manga, so they were flipped from the original image.  Special thanks to Peanut Butter Mewtwo for these manga pictures.

The guy on the left is Almond, the person Maron has a crush on.  He's not in the manga much, but when he does show up something bad usually happens to him.  He's obsessed with catching pokemon, but never seems to succeed while Hazel's around.  The guy on the right is her grandpa, the person making the love potion.  Yumi Tsukirino likes the grandpa because he's easy to draw.  I like him because he's really funny.

Here's the Purin family.  Purin likes to help Pikachu and Pippi and can't cook, but watch out when it puffs out!  It's scary!  The Pixy in the middle is an older member of the family, and the one on the far right is a maid.  Purin's very rich--it lives in a mansion, has maids paint her paintings for it..it's VERY spoiled...

Pippi can be frightened VERY easily, but it's very powerful when it's provoked.  Zenigame's a cute good guy who can speak human language.  The Arbok/Arbo family are the closest things to villains the series has.  And yep, that's a rose in that Arbok's mouth...

And of course, Maron (Hazel).  She's extremely happy-go-lucky and loves cute pokemon.

PiPiPi Adventures was published by Viz Comics under the title "Pokemon:  Magical Journey."  It was completed in August 2002.

Top:  Volumes 1, 2, and 3
Bottom:  Volumes 4 and 7

Viz's American graphic novels.  Click on
the image for the full-sized version.




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