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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters (2019)

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Below is a brief overview of the characters who appear in the Pocket Monsters (2019) manga.

Satoshi (サトシ)


Satoshi is a boy from Masara Town who dreams of one day becoming a Pokémon Master. His partner is Pikachu. In Pocket Monsters (2019) he travels the world as one of Dr. Sakuragi's research fellows in order to study various Pokémon.

Gou (ゴウ)


Gou is a boy from Kuchiba City who dreams of getting all Pokémon. His partner is a Hibanny. When he was younger he encountered the mythical Pokémon Mew and has made it his goal to reunite with it ever since. Gou travels the world as one of Dr. Sakuragi's research fellows in order to study various Pokémon and the mysteries that surround them.

Dr. Sakuragi (サクラギ博士)

Dr. Sakuragi

Dr. Sakuragi is the head of the Sakuragi Laboratory in Kuchiba City, the Kanto Region. He is a former colleague of Dr. Ookido. He asks Satoshi and Gou to be his research fellows after the two of them tell him about a grand adventure they had with the legendary Pokémon Lugia.

Koharu (コハル)


Koharu is Dr. Sakuragi's daughter. Her partner is a Wanpachi.

Dr. Ookido (オ―キド博士)

Dr. Ookido

Dr. Ookido is a Pokémon professor based in Masara Town, the Kanto Region. He invites Satoshi along with him to attend the grand opening of the Sakuragi Laboratory, a new lab being run by his former colleague Dr. Sakuragi.

| Main | Story Synopsis | Characters | About the Author |




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