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Pocket Monsters
artist / writer Anakubo Kousaku (穴久保幸作) was born in the Iwate Prefecture on April 18th, 1957.  He made his debut as a mangaka in 1980 with "Super Gyaru Love" (Suupaa Gyaru wa o Tsuki), printed in the Weekly Shounen Sunday manga anthology.

The picture on the left is Anakubo-san and his daughter, taken from Volume One of Pocket Monsters (1996).  The picture on the right is taken from Volume Two of Pocket Monsters RS Compilation (2003).

Manga by Anakubo Kousaku:

1983 - An Interesting Science Game (
1984 - Manga Quiz Guiness Book (まんがクイズ ギネスブック)
1991 - The Legendary Mechanized Master Fencer (からくり剣豪伝 ムサシロード)
1992 - I Am a Boy!  Kunio-kun (Ore wa Otoko da!  Kunio-kun)
1996 - Pocket Monsters (
1997 - Origin Boy Gyao (原始少年ギャオ)
2003 - Pocket Monsters RS Version (
ポケットモンスター R・S編

Anakubo Kousaku is currently working on Pocket Monsters RS Compilation and is about to celebrate his Pocket Monsters manga's nine-year anniversary.




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