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Volume One 
Welcome to the Pocket Monsters page of the Manga section!

Pocket Monsters was the second manga to be created in the Pocket Monsters franchise (the first would be the four-panel gag comics). It started publication in 1996 in the monthly manga anthology CoroCoro Comics and has been going in Japan ever since. The manga was even incorporated into an episode of the animated series, the first (and so far only!) Pokemon-themed manga to do so.

The world of the Pocket Monsters manga is unlike any other version of the franchise. While it does incoporate the scenarios and characters and basic elements from each of the video games, the series places most of its emphasis on filling each chapter with as many sight gags and absurd situations as possible.
Almost every pokemon in the manga can speak human language, and when they do, they usually tack a syllable or two from their name onto the end of their sentence.  Pokemon can hold regular jobs, like humans can, and have adventures alongside the regular animals (like fish and birds) and the pokemon made up soley for the manga.  Pokemon are able to evolve at will, and then are able to de-evolve at any time.  Obviously, the world of the Pocket Monsters manga is quite different from any other interpretation of the series.

Despite all of its success in Japan, Pocket Monsters is virtually unknown outside the Land of the Rising Sun. It got

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