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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters The Movie "Koko" ~ One More Beginning ~

| Story | Characters | About the Author |
Table of Contents
Chapter One
CoroCoro Comics December 2020 Issue
Chapter Two
CoroCoro Comics January 2021 Issue
Chapter Three
Graphic Novel Collection

Chapter One (CoroCoro Comics December 2020 Issue)

Release Date:  November 13th, 2020

CoroCoro December 2020
Chapter One

48 pages
Satoshi is on a video call with his mom. "But you're going into a jungle, aren't you? Are you sure you're going to be OK?" she asks. Satoshi tells his mom she worries too much before ending the call. The boy and his Pikachu then set off to their next adventure in the Okoya Forest.

But today we're going to hear another story, one that started ten years ago...

The Okoya Forest is a lush jungle growing around a massive tree known as the sacred tree. Lots of different Pokémon live a peaceful life in the jungle, all ruled by the group of Zarude who live near the tree. A loud THUD! from afar startles this troop of Mythical Pokémon. "Quick, someone call the elder!" One of the Zarude, meanwhile, runs off to investigate, jumping from tree to tree until it comes across a river running through the forest. A cradle had hit a rock, apparently, spilling its cargo onto the riverbed. That cargo? A human baby! Zarude wonders where this child's parents are but decides to scoop him up into its arms and return to the others in the meantime.

The village elder is surprised by the sight of this human child. Why did you bring him here? The laws of the forest explicitly forbids bringing in outsiders, after all! The Zarude who picked up the boy doesn't know what possessed it to bring him back, it explains, but it knew it couldn't just leave him there. It then takes the baby in its arms and turns to leave. "If I leave the troop then that law won't apply to me anymore, right?" Zarude has decided to find this baby's parents, even if it means getting exiled from the group in the process.

Zarude searches nearby towns and campsites for any signs of the boy's parents, but no luck. All it was able to find was a pink cloth with the number "251" written on it. The cloth has the same scent as the boy...could this be a clue? No matter. Zarude can't go back to his troop at this point so it decides it might as well adopt the child as his father. Its first action as the boy's father is to give him a name; "Koko." Zarude raises the boy on his own over the next few years. Koko befriends a Hoshigarisu, learns how to climb trees, and swings through the air with his "Dada."

Koko is now seven years old. The young boy is out in the forest when he smells the aroma of a giant Obon Fruit hanging from a huge tree. Koko scales the trunk to grab the fruit for his Dada but, just as he's about to grab it for himself, a Monmen floats its way up and use Razor Leaf to cut the fruit down! Koko is upset, but Monmen shouts something back at it. "You're saying finders keepers, huh?" the Monmen apparently says. With that, Koko leaps off the side of the tree to take the fruit from the Cotton Puff Pokémon. He accidentally knocks the fruit off the top of Monmen's head, sending it falling toward the ground below. It's caught by a Konohana, who proceeds to raise the giant fruit above its head and make a run for it. It isn't able to make it far before a Flygon swoops down and snatches the fruit from the Grass-Type, only to then have it knocked out of its claws by a Hoshigarisu's Bullet Seed. Koko, Monmen, Konohana, and Flygon all rush the Hoshigarisu and begin to brawl. The fruit is broken into tiny pieces in the ensuing scuffle and so the Pokémon decide they have no choice but to divide the fruit up among themselves.

Suddenly, the sound of Zarude screaming begins to echo through the forest. The other Pokémon hear the sound and immediately make a run for it; they don't wanna still be around when this kid's "Dada" arrives, that's for sure! Zarude arrives on the scene and tells Koko that he shouldn't wander off like that. Koko jumps toward Zarude and is caught mid-air by vines that the Mythical Pokémon summons from its wrists before being placed gently on its back.

Koko turns to Zarude and immediately asks when it'll be time for him to learn a special attack. Monmen can use Razor Leaf and Hoshigarisu can use Bullet Seed, after all, but what about him? "I want to hurry up and make vines appear, just like Dada!" After a brief silence, Zarude replies with a simple "...sooner or later." Koko jumps off the Mythical Pokémon's back and replies that "sooner or later" is the same answer it always gives. He turns around, smiles, and says that he's going to go and play with the other Pokémon to see if he can pick up some tips on how to perform a special attack. "Since you won't teach me anything, Dada." As Koko runs off, Zarude wishes for some sort of sign to indicate that it's doing a good enough job of raising Koko.

Hoshigarisu is sitting alone in the forest. Twigs and small sticks are balanced upright atop the flat surface of a medium-sized rock. The Pokémon sucks in a large amount of air and then fires a Bullet Seed attack at the sticks, knocking a bunch of them over. We soon see that a group of Pokémon -- Konohana, Monmen, Digda, Flygon, and Koko -- were all watching. Koko decides to give it a try, but since he can't summon seeds out of thin air just yet he'll have to settle for throwing pebbles instead. He chucks one at the target and is able to knock one of the sticks over! It was a good shot, he admits, but it's not really the same as being able to use a Pokémon technique now is it?

Next, Koko announces he's going to try using one of Zarude's special attacks. The other Pokémon start to shudder at the sound of the Mythical Pokémon's name; it seems like they're scared of Koko's Dada? Well, he can see why, Koko admits. Zarude doesn't try to make friends with the other Pokémon and it angers easily, sure, but at the same time his Dada is really kind, strong, and is always protecting him. One day, Koko vows, he'll become an incredible Zarude just like his Dada! The only difference is that Koko will actually make an effort to be friendly with everyone.

Suddenly, a huge fire breaks out right behind Koko! And then, just like that, a giant Maruyakude bursts out from under the ground! It uses Ember attack to send small flames toward Koko, causing a tiny little fire to break out on the young boy's head. As Koko puts it out the other Pokémon in the forest -- including those who weren't watching Koko's special training just now -- start to make a run for it. Maruyakude says something in Pokémon language. "You're asking me who I am?" the young boy responds back. "I'm Koko, son of Zarude!" Maruyakude, upon hearing the Mythical Pokémon's name, becomes even more enraged and unleashes an Inferno attack that sends even more flames out into the forest. Koko asks Hoshigarisu to call for Zarude but the small Pokémon is frozen in place by fear.

Elsewhere in the forest, Zarude senses that something is wrong. It's about to run toward its son when the elder of his old troop appears on a tree branch behind it. "Won't you come back?," the elder asks. "The child has grown a little, hasn't it? Don't you think it's about time...?" But Zarude won't hear of it. They're a father and son team now, it says, and the two of them can't just sever their ties so easily. The elder, seeing that Zarude has made up its mind, decides to go back home. "But remember this," it says. "One day that child will find out who he really is." Zarude narrows its eyes and simply says "sooner or later..."

Maruyakude is still rampaging about the forest while Koko stays out of sight behind a large tree. What should he do, Koko wonders. Suddenly, Hoshigarisu reappears and indicates that it's going to stand up to the Radiator Pokémon after all! If I think about it, the Cheeky Pokémon tells Koko, facing this Maruyakude is a going to be a lot less scary than facing Zarude! Hoshigarisu fires a Bullet Seed attack at Maruyakude but the seeds burst into flames before they can even reach the Fire-Type! Maruyakude notices the attempt being made, however, and retaliates with a Slam attack. The impact of its strike breaks the rock Hoshigarisu was standing on, sending the Normal-Type Pokémon flying across the air. The little Pokémon lands on the ground, barely able to move. Maruyakude laughs.

Koko is angry now. How dare you come into this forest, burn everything up, and injure my friends like that!? Maruyakude resumes its attacks but Koko is able to dodge everything the Radiator Pokémon is able to throw at it. The boy then retaliates by jumping from a high branch and slamming his fists into the back of the Pokémon's head! Maruyakude is stunned. Koko picks himself up and challenges Maruyakude to a one-on-one battle. The Fire-Type laughs and then fires off an Ember attack. Koko dodges and counterattacks by kicking Maruyakude in the face. Maruyakude, not to be outdone, hits back with a Slam attack.

Elsewhere, Zarude hears the sounds of the battle that's taking place. "That noise...it can't be...Koko!?"

To be continued!

Chapter Two (CoroCoro Comics January 2021 Issue)

Release Date:  December 15th, 2020

CoroCoro January 2021
Chapter Two

48 pages
Maruyakude hocks an Ember attack at Koko. Koko leaps backwards out of the way, grabs a stone off the ground, and flings it right at the area just below Maruyakude's face. The Fire-Type responds with an Inferno attack so strong it knocks Koko back. The other Pokémon in the forest cry out with voices of concern, but Koko tells them not to worry -- he'll take care of this guy in no time! He spots a vine hanging from a tree nearby so he grabs it, starts running up the side of a tree, and then swings back around to hit Maruyakude with a powerful kick! Maruyakude quickly recovers and uses Wrap attack to grab ahold of Koko. It then begins to Slam Koko on the ground over and over and over, like a rag doll, before finally tossing him away into the trees. The other Pokémon in the forest see that the young human has been defeated and make a run for it.

Koko begins to see a dream. He's younger than he is now, and "Dada" Zarude is helping dress a wound that Koko seems to have sustained on his leg. "You want to hurry up and become strong like me?" it says. "Well, you're still just a kid. If you feel like you're not strong enough then it's OK to run away. But, you'll still have achieved something as long as you don't give up. Get stronger, one step at a time, and never give up!"

Koko wakes up and finds himself dangling from a tree by a vine that had gotten wrapped around his ankle. The vine soon snaps, sending Koko plunging into a hot spring below. When he surfaces Koko notices that the pain and other battle damage he had sustained is magically all gone! Did this spring have something to do with it? And just where is he right now, anyway?

Koko looks up and sees that the giant tree -- the Holy Tree -- is really close to where he is now. Koko remembers the words of his Dada; the area surrounding the Holy Tree is the Zarude's territory, and outsiders are forbidden from entering. Suddenly, out from the bushes, a number of the forest Pokémon jump out and dive into the spring! A Flygon, Monmen, Konohana, Hasuboh, and Hoshigarisu all start to soak in the hot springs, allowing its healing power to take away any of the pain they suffered during their battle with Maruyakude. Koko sees Hoshigarisu's recovery, in particular, and concludes that this spring really must have some sort of healing powers.

Suddenly, ominous voices can be heard calling down from the trees above. "Who dares step foot into our territory!?" One by one, members of the Zarude troop land on tree branches above, glaring down at the intruders. "In accordance with the rules we Zarude have put in place to protect the Holy Tree, you will be removed from this place immediately!" Suddenly, about half a dozen Zarude pounce toward Koko from the trees above! Koko and the other Pokémon, realizing they're no match for the army of Mythical Pokémon, get out of the water and make a run for it. They're followed for a while but are eventually able to escape unharmed. Once the area is clear, one of the Zarude turns to the village elder and asks if just scaring them away will be enough. The elder concludes that it is, adding that they've clearly learned their lesson.

Koko and the others catch their breaths in an area far removed from the hot springs. The young human boy sits down and thinks about how close a call that was; if his Dada finds out they were discovered trespassing he'll get chewed out for sure! But they've got bigger things to worry about right now; Maruyakude. If they don't do something about that rampaging Fire-Type then the forest Pokémon won't be able to return to their homes, and the Zarude troop might even find themselves in danger! Maruyakude had mentioned before that it was only rampaging about because it felt like it, so he needs to find a way to make it change its mind. But how? Koko tells the other Pokémon that he's not strong enough to take on Maruyakude, prompting Hoshigarisu and the others step up and volunteer to help. If we all work together, Koko realizes, they should be able to take back their forest!

Elsewhere, Maruyakude is teasing a group of Nazonokusa. "Cut it out!" shouts Koko from the top of a tree branch. He challenges the Radiator Pokémon to another battle, causing Maruyakude to ask (in Pokémon language) if he just came back to be beaten again. Koko responds by grabbing a nearby vine and swinging around Maruyakude until he lands behind it. He then takes out a sling that he had made by tying a rock to the end of a vine and throws it around the Fire-Type like a lasso. Once the Pokémon is tied up Koko pulls on the rope with all his strength but finds that he's not able to topple this towering Pokémon so easily. Koko's not going to win in a contest of sheer strength so a Monmen jumps out of nowhere and uses Stun Spore. Now that the Radiator Pokémon is no longer able to resist Koko is finally able to pull his opponent down to earth.

Koko tells Maruyakude that this time, he's not fighting it alone. "A bunch of wimps working together are still wimps," the Fire-Type replies. Maruyakude uses Inferno, causing the forest Pokémon back away, and then uses Inferno a second time to drive them back even further. It seems that Maruyakude has realized that the forest Pokémon are all weak to fire...?! Suddenly, a Hasuboh steps forward and uses Rain Dance to bring cooling water down from the sky to put out the fires and weaken the Radiator Pokémon. Maruyakude doesn't give up, however, and brings its body slamming down again in an attempt to crush Koko. The young boy leaps out of the way and then throws his sling at his opponent again. Maruyakude easily dodges. But! The rock at the end of the weapon snags onto a tree behind the Fire-Type, creating a makeshift bridge on which Hoshigarisu is able to run all the way up to Maruyakude's head to hit it with a Body Slam! The Fire-Type flinches, so the other forest Pokémon combine their attacks -- Hasuboh and Water Gun, Digda and Mud-Slap -- to buffet the intruder Pokémon with one technique after the other.

Maruyakude falls to the ground. Koko shouts out to the Pokémon to open its eyes to how upset it's made the other Pokémon of the forest but, after a brief moment where it seems like it's about to apologize, the Pokémon instead picks itself up and launches yet another Inferno attack. Flames dance around and then are put out by the continued effects of Rain Dance as Koko realizes that Maruyakude has no intention of ever reforming its ways. Maruyakude tries to use Slam on Koko but the young boy is able to leap out of the way and grabs ahold of a tree branch above him. Before Maruyakude has a chance to launch another attack a Flygon swoops down and uses Dragon Claw on the Fire-Type Pokémon. Maruyakude reels from the Dragon-Type attack as Koko jumps down from his branch to deliver a devastating jump kick. Is Maruyakude finally down for the count...?

Koko and the others cheer. It really is amazing what you can accomplish when you work together! Maruyakude picks itself up and, weakly, tells Koko that they're not the only ones who can work together. "We can also combine our powers, defeat the Zarude, and then have ourselves a feast." The ground starts to rumble as about half a dozen Maruyakude burst out of the ground, one after the other! The swarm sees that the Maruyakude that had been attacking the forest has been defeated and so it turns its attention toward Koko and the other Pokémon of the forest. Zarude's son tells the others that they'd better make a run for it before they find themselves surrounded.

Elsewhere, Dada Zarude is swinging through the forest, looking for its son, when it stops to examine a scorched piece of earth below. It then looks up and sees that a fire is raging deep into the forest! Is that where Koko is!?

It seems that Maruyakude's flames have already created an impenetrable wall around Koko and his friends. How will they get out of this predicament?

To be continued!

Chapter Three (Graphic Novel Exclusive)

Release Date:  December 25th, 2020

Coming Soon!




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