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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters The Movie "Koko" ~ One More Beginning ~

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Below is a brief overview of the characters who appear in the Pocket Monsters The Movie "Koko"  ~ One More Beginning ~ manga.

Koko (ココ)


Koko is a seven-year-old boy (at the time this prequel manga takes place, anyway) who was found abandoned in the Okoya Forest when he was just a baby. He was taken in by a Zarude who lives in the forest and is being raised as its son. Koko grew up believing he is in fact a Zarude himself but is starting to become discouraged by his inability to use any Pokémon special attacks. Koko is able to understand Pokémon language.

Zarude ("Dada") (ザルード (父ちゃん)

The Zarude who takes in Koko as its son goes by the nickname "Dada" (父ちゃん). Bringing in an outsider like Koko violates the laws of the forest and so "Dada" had no choice but to leave his troop behind in order to take care of the human boy. You can tell this Zarude apart from the others because of the pink cape it wears. Koko sees his "Dada" as being strong and kind-hearted even though the other Pokémon in the jungle find it to be scary.

The attacks "Dada" knows include Hammer Arm and Power Whip.

Zarude (ザルード)

The Zarude troop is a group of about half a dozen Zarude or so who live in an area of the Okoya Forest that surrounds a sacred tree. They are led by the village elder. The Zarude have a law that outsiders are not allowed to be brought into their territory.

Village Elder (長老)

Village Elder

The village elder is an old Pokémon who leads the troop of Zarude. Its face is noticeably more aged than those of the other Zarude and it uses a staff to help it walk. It tries to convince "Dada" to return to their land once Koko becomes old enough to take care of himself but this suggestion is rejected.

Maruyakude (マルヤクデ)


Maruyakude is a large Fire-Type Pokémon who begins rampaging about the Okoya Forest for apparently no reason. It is eventually challenged to battle by Zarude's son, Koko. After a while the first Maruyakude is joined by about half a dozen other Maruyakude.

The attacks the various Maruyakude know attacks are Ember, Inferno, Slam, Wrap, Flame Wheel, Fire Spin, and Lunge.

Satoshi and Pikachu (サトシとピカチュウ)

Satoshi is a young boy from Masara Town who dreams of being a Pokémon Master. His partner Pokémon is a Pikachu. Satoshi sets off into the Okoya Forest three years after the events depicted in Pocket Monsters The Movie Koko ~ One More Beginning ~.

Hanako (ハナコ)

Hanako is Satoshi's mother. She's seen talking on the phone with Satoshi before he heads out into the Okoya Forest.

| Story | Characters | About the Author |




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