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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters Emerald Challenge!! Battle Frontier

Volume One 
Welcome to the Pocket Monsters Emerald Challenge!!  Battle Frontier page of the Manga section!

Pocket Monsters Emerald Challenge!!  Battle Frontier began publication in October 2004 in the monthly manga anthology CoroCoro Special.  The manga features a young Rokon trainer named Enta who aspires to be the strongest pokemon trainer.  Problem is, he's only a rookie who constantly loses!  With the help of numerous trainers, including his "master," Rald and his partner in Tag Battles, Mitsuki, readers can watch as Enta becomes stronger and stronger.

Pocket Monsters Emerald Challenge!!  Battle Frontier is a shonen series that mixes comedy with serious battling.  The manga doesn't seem to follow any rigid formula (such as a quest for the Frontier Brains'  symbols), but instead seems to be more concerned with putting Enta in a random set of adventures.

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