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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters ~ Pucchi Gumi Special ~

| Story | Characters | About the Author |

Pocket Monsters ~ Pucchi Gumi Special ~ (ポケットモンスター~ぷっちぐみSP~) is one of several manga adaptations of the Pocket Monsters (2023) TV series.

The manga was first teased in the April / May 2023 issue of the girls' comics anthology Pucchi Gumi magazine. The first part of this special two-part digest manga ran in the June / July 2023 issue (on-sale on April 28th, 2023) while the second part is set to run in the August 2023 issue (on-sale June 30th, 2023).

The manga is written / drawn by Kahori Orito, who also did the Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~ over in Pucchi Gumi's sister magazine Ciào.

Title Pocket Monsters ~ Pucchi Gumi Special ~
Author / Artist Kahori Orito (おりとかほり)
Publication Pucchi Gumi
(official site)
Publication Date Pucchi Gumi June / July 2023 Issue
(released April 28th, 2023)
Number of Chapters Two

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