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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters XY Songs


"Tweedia" (Tweedia)
is the ending theme to the movie The Archdjinn of the Rings, Hoopa.  It is performed by Yasuda Rei (安田レイ).

  • Used in Pokémon the movie XY "The Archdjinn of the Rings, Hoopa"
  • CD(s) found on:  Tweedia (First Print Limited Edition) CD + DVD,  Tweedia

Arigatou, tonari ni ite kurete
あ りが とう、隣にいてくれて
Sore dake de kagayaku yo
そ れだ けで輝くよ

Ano toki no ano shunkan iki nante dekinai kurai あ の時 の あの瞬間 息なん てできないくらい
Hitori kiri kurayami de tatazundeta
ひ とり きり暗闇で佇んでた

Shiawase o sagasu tabi mayotte wa miushinai
幸 せを 探すたび 迷っては見失い
Itsu kara ka tomaru koto o wasureteita
い つからか止まることを忘れていた

"Doushita no?" anata no koe ga shita no
「ど う したの?」あなたの声がしたの。
Yatto mitsukerareta hontou no "i"
やっ と 見つけられた本当の「i」

Arigatou, tonari ni ite kurete
あ りが とう、隣にいてくれて
Sore dake de tsuyoku nareru ki ga shita
そ れだ けで強くなれる気がした
Hitori de tsurai toki ga kite mo kowaku nai yo ne
ひ とり でつらい時が来ても こわく ないよね
Shinjiteru no kizuna o donna toki mo 信 じてるの 絆を  どんなときも

Ugoki dasu machi no naka ippo o fumidasu tabi
動 き出す街の中 一歩を踏み出すたび
Soko ni wa mou mukashi no watashi wa inai no
そ こにはもう 昔のわたしはいないの

Tojikaketa arubamu no messeeji
缀 じかけたアルバムのメッセージ
Ima mo iroasenai no wa Tweedia
い まも色褪せないのはTweedia

Arigatou, egao de ite kurete
あ りがとう、笑顔でいてくれて
Sore dake de kagayaku no namida mo
そ れだけで輝くの ナミダも
Hitori de tsurai yoru ga kitemo kowakunai kara
ひ とりでつらい夜が来ても こわくないから
Shinjiteru no kizuna o donna toki mo
信 じてるの 絆を どんなときも

Setsuna sa mo nigai omoide mo kasane awasetara
セ ツナさも苦い想い出も 重ねあわせたら
Hanabira mita da ne waraeru
花 びらみたいだね 笑える

Arigatou, tonari ni ite kurete
あ りがとう、隣にいてくれて
Sore dake de tsuyoku nareru itsu datte
そ れだけで強くなれる いつだって
Hitori janai yo donna toki de mo koko ni iru kara ne
ひ とりじゃないよ どんなときでも ココにいるからね
Kono sekai de anata to deaeta kara
こ の世界であなたと出逢えたから

my wish...
my wish...
for you...
for you...

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

Thank you for being there by my side
I'm glowing just because of that

That one moment of that one time when you couldn't even breathe
You stood there all alone in the darkness

Every time you search for happiness you lose sight of how lost you really are
You forget how long you've been going or where to stop

You ask "Why?"
You've finally been found by real "love"

Thank you for being there by my side
I feel like I can become stronger just because of that
Even when I'm alone when times are tough I won't be scared
I believe in our bonds, rain or shine

Every time I take a step when inside a bustling city
The old me is no longer there

The messages inside a forgotten album
Even now the Tweedia is faded and worn

Thank you for being a smiling face for me
I'm glowing and tearing up just because of that
Even if I'm alone and the nights are tough I won't be scared
I believe in our bonds, rain or shine

If you take all the sadness and bitter memories
They're just like flower pedals and they'll make you laugh

Thank you for being there by my side
I can become stronger just because of that, always
You're not alone because I'll always be here
Because I can meet you in this world

My wish...
For you...

Lyrics:  Tamai Kenji (玉井健二), N. Akiko
Tamai Kenji (玉井健二), Tobinai Masahiro (飛内将大)
Tamai Kenji (玉井健二), Tobinai Masahiro (飛内将大)
Strings Arranged by:  Tsuri Shunsuke (釣俊輔)
Programming & all other instruments:  Tobinai Masahiro (飛内将大) (agehasprings)
Programming:  Tsuri Shunsuke
(釣俊輔) (agehasprings)
Produced by:  Tamai Kenji
(玉井健二) (agehasprinsgs)
Directed & Organized by:  Morioka Hideki, Tanimura Kouichiro (agehasprings)
Recorded by:  Mori Masaki (森真樹) (agehasprings) at Studio Device
Mixed by:  Kumasaka Satoshi (prime sound studio form)
Mastered by:  Chinone Yuji (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Performed by:   Yasuda Rei (安田レイ)



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