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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Animate Times Interview with the Rocket-Dan

The Rocket-Dan

On the evening of October 25th, 2019,
it was announced that the Rocket-Dan - Musashi, Kojirou, Nyarth, and Sonansu - would all be continuing on to the upcoming Pocket Monsters (2019) TV series. To commemorate this announcement the entertainment website Animate Times conducted a quick mini-interview with the three voice actors who portray the so-called "lovely charmy villains."

Below is an English translation of the original Japanese interview.

The Rocket-Dan's going to be in the new “Pocket Monsters” series as well! We've got some comments from their voice actors Ms. Megumi Hayashibara, Mr. Shin-ichiro Miki, and Ms. Inuko Inuyama!

On Sunday, November 17th the new animated TV series “Pocket Monsters” will begin airing on TV-Tokyo stations across the country. And it's just been confirmed that those “lovely charmy villains,” the one and only Rocket-Dan, will be in the new show as well!

The Rocket-Dan
often show up out of nowhere to face off Satoshi and Pikachu and are seen by a lot of viewers as “the bad guys you can't help but love,” ever since the show started back in 1997. This time around Musashi, Kojirou, Nyarth, and Sonansu, on the orders of their boss Sakaki, are taking their duties worldwide in this new series set in “all the regions”! It was also revealed that the Rocket-Dan will be using a new “precious mecha” this time around!

Will this new mecha they made (using their own money!) specifically to get Pikachu be the ace they need to finally succeed!? We're also interested to learn about their motto, which you can count on them saying every time they show up, and what new versions will be added this time around.

We'd like to share with you comments provided by Musashi's voice actor Megumi Hayashibara, Kojirou's voice actor Shin-ichiro Miki, and Nyarth's voice actor Inuko Inuyama.

The Rocket-Dan's precious mecha is revealed!

The Rocket-Dan's "Preciou Mecha"

Comments from Ms. Megumi Hayashibara, Mr. Shin-ichiro Miki, and Ms. Inuko Inuyama!

-- In this new series the setting is going to be “all the regions”...what pokemon do you want to see again? Could you also tell us what you think is going to be different with the Rocket-Dan this time around?

Musashi / Ms. Megumi Hayashibara (below just “Hayashibara”):  Fushigidane. Because it's a pokemon I have a long past with. Up until now the animated series has followed the story of the video games but this time around the stage is set in all the regions. This opens up a lot of new possibilities so we here in the Rocket-Dan look forward to getting some original new stories that we haven't seen before. There are still lots of things we don't know about these characters, like the exact details of Musashi's and Kojirou's time in that bicycle gang or how exactly the trio gets all its money (laughs).

Kojirou / Mr. Shin-ichiro Miki (below just “Miki”):  For me I guess it'd have to be Nyorozo and Tonyoro...oh, um, I mean Nyorotono (laughs). Sorry, “to-nyo-ro” is just the sound it makes (laughs). I have a loooong history with those two and feel a deep bond with them even though they're (just) pokemon. I also think the way Nyorotono flails about like some kind of European gentleman is really great! The Rocket-Dan is going to work to fulfill their mission, same as always, but I they'll have more direct contact with Mr. Sakaki this time around, maybe...? Anyway, watch out for our new “precious mecha” as well!

Nyarth / Ms. Inuko Inuyama (below just “Inuyama”):  Well, I want you to look forward to the start of the new series! As for me, I really love Nokocchi but it's barely appeared in the cartoon up until now so I'd be really happy if it showed up again. I also have a bit of a past with Dangoro so those are the two I'd like to see again (laughs). I think the Rocket-Dan will be the same lovable goofballs in the new series that they've always been but, to copy what Ms. Hayashibara said, I'd also like to see episodes that go more into the pasts of Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyarth individually.

Note from Dogasu:  The pokemon they list are all pokemon they've voiced in the past. Megumi Hayashibara was the voice of Satoshi's Fushigidane, Shin-ichiro Miki was the voice of Kasumi's Nyorozo and Nyorotono, and Inuko Inuyama was the voice of Satoshi's Dangoro. Nokocchi seems to just be a pokemon that Ms. Inuyama likes.

-- Please provide a message to those viewers looking forward to the Rocket-Dan's appearances.

Hayashibara:  There are times when we'll work odd jobs, or get our hair caught on fire, or get shocked all over, or even make Nyarth up to be a Kimawari, all just to get that Pikachu! We're happy to be allowed to meddle in the world of this new Pocket Monsters as well (laughs)

Miki:  That's right. We're now taking requests on what kind of Rocket-Dan you'd like to see! (laughs). Well, you'll be able to see a Rocket-Dan who sometimes swaps genders when we go into disguise, as well as a Rocket-Dan who says some interesting things every now and then. Those parts of our appearances you all look forward to will also be there in this new series so check them out!

Inuyama:  When it comes to the parts of the show that aren't from the games, I think more and more people are speaking up about the Rocket-Dan's merits these days. So be sure to continue to support us! (laughs) We'll do our best!

TV Series Pocket Monsters
The new series will start on Sunday, November 17th with a supersized broadcast beginning at 17:30 (JST).

It'll then air every Sunday after that from 18:00 (JST) on TV-Tokyo stations! Some areas may air the series on different dates / times so please check your local listings.

“Pocket Monsters,” or “Pokemon” for short. They're creatures of this world both mysterious and fascinating. You can see them in the skies, in the seas, in the forests, in cities, and everywhere in between.

This is the story of Satoshi, a boy whose goal is to become the strongest pokemon battler; and Gou, a boy whose dream is to get every single pokemon.

Starting with Satoshi's partner “Pikachu” and Gou's partner “Hibanny,” lots of pokemon will join them in an adventure that encompasses the ever-expanding world of Pokemon!

Dreams and adventure! To the world of Pocket Monsters! Let's go!!


Original Story: 
Satoshi Tajiri / Junichi Masuda / Ken Sugimori
Overall Supervisor:  Daiki Tomiyasu, Director:  Maki Kodaira
Creative Supervisor:  Kunihiko Yuyama
Series Construction:  Shouji Yonemura
Character Design:  Shuuhei Yasuda
Screenplay:  Reiko Yoshida / Shouji Yonemura / Deko Akao (Hitomi Mieno) / Junichi Fujisaku / Michihiro Tsuchiya / Touko Machida / Yuka Miyata / Aya Matsui / Atsuhiro Tomioka / Akemi Omode / others
Sound Director:  Masafumi Mima
Music:  Yuki Hayashi
Animation Production:  OLM
Production:  TV-Tokyo / MEDIANET / ShoPro

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