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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | "PokéTsume"

This page goes into detail about the characters who appear in "Cram Adventures Into a Pocket" (ポケットに冒険をつめこんで), or "PokéTsume" for short.

Madoka Akagi (赤城まどか)

Portrayed By:  Nanase Nishino (西野七瀬)

Nanase Nishino

The hero of our story. Madoka works at the advertising agency ADventure.

Actor's Statement

I was talking with my friends one day about how "Someday, I wanna work on something to do with Pokémon" and so imagine my shock when I heard about this show just a few days later.

I've played most of the games from the first generation all the way to the newest games, and so as one of the members of the generation of adults who've grown up with Pokémon I was just ecstatic.

The character I play, Madoka Akagi, is someone who mobilizes into action and who can take shocking developments and grow from them. The first time I talked with the producers they told me that they "want to stress that you're not the 'star' of the show, you're its 'main character," and I thought that was so interesting. I made sure to keep that in mind whenever I stepped onto set.

The people at the company Madoka works at, ADventure, are all very friendly and have a good time laughing it up, both out in the field and in the break room. Each and every employee has a strong personality that also fits in well with the others to make them an unbeatable team! To borrow a phrase Madoka uses, I think her colleagues might be some of the "select few."

As the show's title suggests, "Cram Adventures Into a Pocket" has "adventure" as one of its themes, and so during this adventure those of you who've played Pokémon before will be able to see Madoka and her friends evolve while also saying things like "that takes me back" or "is that...!?" while also noticing all the small references hidden here and there. We hope you'll enjoy it.

Character Origin
Madoka Akagi's surname, Akagi, has the Japanese word for "red" (赤) in it, essentially making Madoka the Red character of this series.

Kageaki Hiyama (桧山景明)

Portrayed By:  Show Kasamatsu (笠松将)

Show Kasamatsu

Madoka's co-worker at the ADventure advertising agency. He's an uncool guy the same age as Madoka who works in sales. However, there seems to be a fire burning from within...

Actor's Statement

“Now that I think about it, the very first video game I ever played was “Pokémon Gold & Silver” on the Game Boy Color during the winter I was in first grade. I didn’t know how to save the game, or even how to get my first Pokémon and so when I would try to leave that first town I’d be turned around over and over.

And now here I am, as an actor, getting the chance to be in a live action Pokémon TV series. I’m so moved by this.

Please look forward to it.”

Character Origin
Kageaki Hiyama's (桧山 景明) name, when put in its original Japanese order (Hiyama Kageaki), sounds similar to the Pokémon name Hitokage if you swap out the "yama" with "to." The character described as having "fire burning from within" him.

Koichi Yadoya (宿⾕浩)

Portrayed By:  Muga Tsukaji (塚地武雅)

Muga Tsukaji

The president of the ADventure advertising agency. It seems like he always gets Amnesia when it comes to important matters...

Actor's Statement

“When I was still a starving young comedian who had just moved to Tokyo I was obsessed with the “Pocket Monsters Red & Green” game one of my colleagues lent me. Can you believe those games came out the same year I started working as a comedian!? It’s like we’re in sync! So for me to be in this Pokémon themed live action TV series…this must be destiny, right!? In this show I play Koichi Yadoya, the president of the advertising agency that employs the show’s main character Madoka Akagi, played by Nanase Nishino-chan. With Nanase-chan we were always laughing it up, both while filming and during our downtime, and…waitaminute, you want me to tell you which of those times was the funniest? Well um…oops, I have Amnesia! Anyway, it’s a really funny show!”

Character Origin
Koichi Yadoya (宿⾕浩) appears to be based on the Pokémon Yadoran. Both his character description and actor comment mention Amnesia, an attack often used by the Psychic-Type Pokémon. The character's promo picture also includes hermit crabs, the creature on which the Pokémon Yadoran is based.

Kazuchika Kogusuri (⼩薬⼀親)

Portrayed By:  Tomoharu Hasegawa (⻑⾕川朝晴)

Tomoharu Hasegawa

A person who works in sales at the ADventure advertising agency. He's too much of a nice guy and has a tendency to say "yes" to everything...

Actor's Statement

“Just taking a quick glance at my script I could see it was jam packed with Pokémon.

How many different Pokémon will appear in our show at the end of the day? If you like Pokémon you definitely won’t want to miss our show. Check it out.”

Character Origin
Kosuguri is described in the show's 100 second trailer as "A working dad who can't become a "Garura."

Yoko Meguro (目黒洋⼦)

Portrayed By:  Aya Hirano (平野綾)

Aya Hirano

A designer at the ADventure advertising agency. She's a pro at using the dating apps and has her sights set on meeting a high spec man.

Actor's Statement

“I’m right in the middle of the generation that grew up on Pokémon and so I’m really happy I get to play a character based on one of those Pokémon, and with everyone in this show being cast so perfectly I can’t help but be excited for you all to see it. And it’s not just because there’s a wide range of generations of Pokémon fans either; it’s also because this is the “Worldwide Phenomenon Pokémon!” I hope you’ll all fall in love with this show. I think the fun we had on set will be able to be felt by those of you watching at home. Look forward to it!“

Character Origin
Yoko's (洋⼦) first name is a homonym with youko (妖狐), the nine-tailed fox spirit on which the Pokémon Kyukon is based.

Yuhki Koide (小出優希)

Portrayed By:  Ryo Sekoguchi (世古⼝凌)

Ryo Sekoguchi

A young boy who works at the ADventure advertising agency.

He has a great attitude but unfortunately he's not very good at his job...

Actor's Statement

“I’m Ryo Sekoguchi, and I play the role of Yuhki Koide. As a Pokémon fan I’m just as thrilled as you are that there’s going to be a live action TV show centered around Pokémon. I’m actually the same age as Pokémon myself and so I’ve been growing up and leveling up along with it this whole time. I hope you’ll all be sure to watch this show until the end, aim to reach your final evolved forms, and see your abilities Gigantamax.“

Character Origin
Yuhki Koide's (小出優希) name, when put in its original Japanese order (Koide Yuhki), sounds similar to the Pokémon name Koiking. Yuhki's character bio mentions him being useless (something that's also often said about Koiking) at work.

Midori Kudo (⼯藤美登⾥)

Portrayed By:  Rio Uchida (内⽥理央)

Rio Uchida

Madoka's friend from when she was a kid. She works at Wonder Create, a major competitor of the ADventure advertising agency. Midori's been a rival to Madoka ever since they were little.

Actor's Statement

“I’ve been playing the Pokémon games since the Generation 1, naturally, and am currently playing Scarlet & Violet and so I’m really happy to be a part of this show. I’m just like Green! That’s right! I work at the rival company of the show’s main character. Her name is also Midori (which sounds like the Japanese word for “green”).

In the video games you always play as the main character and so getting to look at things from the rival’s point of view for the first time like this allowed me to discover a brand new side to Pokémon. Please look forward to PokéTsume!”

Character Origin
Midori Kudo's (⼯藤美登 ⾥) given name is "midori," the Japanese word for "green." The company Midori works at is said to be the "rival" to the company Madoka works at, making Midori her rival. The actress has also basically flat-out said she's Green.

Masako (まさこ)

Portrayed By:  Eriko Sato (佐藤江梨⼦)

Eriko Sato

The owner of the cozy café "Rouge" were Madoka likes to enjoy delicious food and talk about Pokémon.

Actor's Statement

“Until a little while ago I would be rescued by the heroes of TV-Tokyo, go to the LaLaport Yokohama location on the weekends to see a superhero stage show, go to Nakano Zero and museums, etc. etc. In any case, up until a little while ago my son was all about superheroes. His eyes would always light up whenever heroes were involved. But now he’s eight years old and has gotten into collecting Pokémon cards, and it’s right around that time when I joined the live action Pokémon human drama that is “Cram Adventures Into a Pocket.” I was more than happy to be in a show I can say my son will be proud of….

“It’s really really really really difficult, but” both Pokémon and kids have to evolve someday.”

Character Origin
Masako (まさこ) is the nickname given to the Rouglea you get from the in-game trade in the Red & Green games. In the English versions of the games this Jynx was referred to as "LOLA." The name of the restaurant Masako works at is called "Rouge," a clear reference to the Pokémon Rougela. Her son Sora can also be seen wearing a Rougela shirt in one of his promo pictures.

Sora Karasawa (唐沢空)

Portrayed By:  Towa Watanabe (渡邉⽃翔)

Towa Watanabe

Masako's son. He loves the Pocket Monsters games and gives advice to Madoka as a Pokémon Mentor.

Actor's Statement

“I play Sora Karasawa, a somewhat cocky little boy who’s known as the Pokémon mentor! This is my first time playing a recurring character. I really love Pokémon so I’m really happy to be in this show. A lot of Pokémon are going to appear in this series…will your favorites show up? Everyone on set was really warm and friendly and we all had a great time filming! Let’s all set out for adventure every Friday morning!! I hope a lot of you tune in!”

Character Origin
Karasawa (唐沢) shares its first syllable with Karakara. The actor can also be seen posing with a Karakara stuffed animal in this promotional photo.

Ookido (大木戸)

Voiced By:  Toshiro Yanagiba (柳葉敏郎)

Toshiro Yanagiba

The storyteller who guides Madoka not unlike the way Dr. Ookido does in the games.

Actor's Statement

“An important role like this appears in the games and animated TV series as well, and so to create the Ookido role for this particular show I worked closely with the director and producers. I look forward to the show airing.”

Dr. Ookido
Character Origin
Ookido (大木戸) is basically just Dr. Ookido's name if it was written in kanji.

Takeshi Iwakura (岩倉武)

Portrayed By:   Joe Hyuga  (日向丈)

Takeshi Iwakura

A rival character to Madoka in the first episode "It's Super Effective!" His Trainer Class in the episode's video game screen reveals he's the third Iwakura in a row to hold his particular position.

Character Origin
Producer Koichi Uruma implies in his interview with the magazine "TV station" that  Iwakura is based on the Pokémon Iwark. His first name may be a reference to Takeshi, the very first Gym Leader you face in the games.




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