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Welcome to Dogasu's Backpack, a fansite for the Japanese franchise Pocket Monsters!  This website is your guide for everything related to this new craze that's taking Japan by storm!  From the newest video games to the manga to the upcoming animated series, this site's got you covered.  So whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newbie just getting into Pocket Monsters, this site has something for every fan to enjoy.

Bulbagarden Forums

"Pockemon!  I Choose You!"
April 1st, 1997

Dogasu @ 21:38 JST --  Did you get a chance to watch tonight's premiere episode of Pocket Monsters?  Post your thoughts about it on the site's Guestbook (I finally got it fixed!) or leave a message on Twitter!

So, do you guys remember this spread in the January issue of CoroCoro?  The one that revealed all that information about the TV series?

Well, let's take a look at the article's claims, one by one, and see how many of them came true in tonight's episode:
  • The characters will all be drawn in CG:  We knew this wasn't going to happen from the commercials, but still; the lack of any CG pockemon in this episode is a bit strange.  The magazine's been hyping Pocket Monsters up as being this "CG cartoon" (CGアニメ) for months now, yet everything we saw tonight was hand drawn.  I'm not complaining because I think the CG they showed off in this spread looks atrocious, but it's still interesting how the magazine got such a key fact wrong.
  • The protagonist will be a Red-like character:  Yeah, I think we can say this one came true.  Satoshi (presumably named after Tajiri Satoshi, the man responsible for this franchise) seems to be a proxy for Red.  He also chose Pikachu as his starter pockemon, so the article got that right as well.  Wonder if he'll ever get around to capturing a Pippi, Hitokage, Zenigame, or Fushigidane...?
  • His goal will be to complete the "Monster Zukan":  I guess?  Satoshi seems to be more about competing in the Pockemon League than completing Orchid-Hakase's Monster Zukan, but I suppose he can still do both.  Also, the show called it the "Pockemon Zukan," not the "Monster Zukan" name that the magazine made up.
  • Characters from "Pockemon 2" will appear:  Yup, we saw Hou'ou at the end of the episode.   CoroCoro got this one right.
So, how did you feel about the first episode?  Did it meet your expectations?

"Pockemon!  I Choose You!"
April 1st, 1997

Dogasu @ 10:36 JST --  Well, the first episode of the TV series finally airs tonight at 6:30pm JST!!

"Pockemon!  I Choose You!"

How will you get ready?

Next month's issue of CoroCoro Comics leaks online
March 30th, 1997

Dogasu @ 23:53 JST --  Message boards have started showing leaks from the upcoming May issue of CoroCoro Comics!  The List of TV Episodes and the page for Pocket Monsters 2 have been updated accordingly.

Coro Coro leak

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