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005 - The Fushigi Yuugi

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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Kanto Region

Pocket Monsters and Fushigi Yuugi have something in common!?  What could Yuu Watase's most famous manga have to do with a show based on a Game Boy game?

WARNING:  The following explanation contains spoilers for the anime Fushigi Yuugi.  Read at your own risk.

Well, at the end of Fushigi Yuugi (Episode 48), one of the members of the villains' group, Suboshi, is fighting Tamahome in modern-day Japan.  Earlier in the series, Suboshi had ruthlessly killed all of Tamahome's four siblings and grandfather, so Tamahome is itching for revenge.  Well, Tamahome is able to hold his own for a while, so Suboshi starts to get desperate.  He launches his Ryuuseisui (basically a Beyblade-like weapon) toward Tamahome, and the weapon starts to follow the warrior no matter how much he runs.  Thinking quickly, Tamahome leaps over Suboshi in the hopes of tricking the weapon into striking Suboshi instead.  Suboshi figures out this plan, so he prepares to leap out of the way.  Suddenly, Suboshi finds himself unable to move!  As he looks down, he sees Tamahome's dead siblings latched onto him!  As the children hold him in place, the Ryuuseisui plows right through his chest, killing him. 

It is debatable if the image Suboshi saw were the ghosts of the children he murdered or if it was just his guilt holding him down, but either way, Tamahome's brothers and sisters get their revenge. 

In Pocket Monsters, Satoshi is fighting against Takeshi for a Grey Badge.  Takeshi's Iwaku had been weakened by the sprinklers going off, and Satoshi was about to order his Pikachu to take advantage of the situation and end the battle.  But then, Satoshi is stopped.  At first, he thinks that he is imagining Takeshi's siblings grabbing on to him, keeping him from defeating their older brother.  Then he realizes that the children really ARE there, and Satoshi is soon convinced to not go through with the attack.  Satoshi calls the battle off, proclaiming that he'll beat Takeshi some day fair and square.

See the similarities?  We have the the younger siblings of the antagonist attacking the protagonist, preventing him from finishing off their older brother.  In Fushigi Yuugi, the children prevented Suboshi from continuing his pursuit.  Had he managed to avoid the Ryuuseisui and continue his attack, Suboshi could very well have killed the weakened Tamahome.  In Pocket Monsters, if Satoshi hadn't been stopped by Takeshi's younger siblings, his Pikachu would've had seriously injured Takeshi's Iwaku.  To make the two instances even more similar, both Tamahome and Takeshi were the sole supporters of their family.  Tamahome single-handedly earned the money for his family, since their parents were dead and their grandfather was too weak to do any work.  With Takeshi, he had to single-handedly take care of nine siblings because their parents had run out on them. 

So why did the producers of the Pocket Monsters anime sort of recreate this particular scene?  And why did they give both Takeshi and Suboshi somewhat similar backgrounds?  Well, both both characers are voiced by the same voice actor in Japan, Ueda Yuuji.  Ueda-san also does the voices for Urashima Keitarou in Love Hina, Houjou-kun in Inu-Yasha, Sagara Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin, and abarenbou in Digi Charat, to name a few roles.  So this scene was basically the anime producers' way of having fun with the fact that Takeshi's voice actor is the same guy who provided the voice for Suboshi.  It's a joke that really doesn't translate in the dub, especially since both characters have different voice actors (Brock is done by Eric Stuart while Suboshi is done by Steve Cannon), but it's fun nonetheless.

According to Pokeani, a scene similar to this can also be found in the anime Kyojin no Hoshi

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Thanks to Stephen Congly of the 100 Best Scenes Fushigi Yuugi site for the picture of Suboshi.




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