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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Jouto Region

Here is a list of the episodes in the third storyline of the original Pocket Monsters series.  All episodes are listed in the Japanese order.  Click on the Japanese episode number to reach the comparison.

Pokémon the Johto Journies

Season Three continues!  The remaining 41 episodes of the show's third season begin Ash's, Misty's, and Brock's journey through the Johto Region.
117 "Wakaba Town!  The Town Where the Winds of New Beginning Blow!" 312 "Don't Touch that 'dile!"
118 "The Rookie's Chicorita!" 313 "The Double Trouble Header"
119 "Fierce Battle!  Heracross vs. Kairos!" 314 "A Sappy Ending"
120 "Donphan's Valley!" 315 "Roll On, Pokémon!"
121 "Hoho and the Suspicious Forest!" 316 "Illusion Confusion"
122 "Kireihana's Battle Dancing" 317 "Flower Power"
123 "Itomaru!  The Big Investigation!!" 318 "Spinarak Attack"
124 "Bull's Magnificent Life!?" 319 "Snubbull Snobbery"
125 "Odoshishi!  The Illusionary Forest!?" 320 "Little Big Horn"
126 "The Stubborn Chicorita!!" 321 "Chikorita Rescue"
127 "Nuoh and the GS Ball!?" 322 "Once in a Blue Moon"
128 "Ledyba's Flute!" 323 "The Whistle Stop"
129 "Happinas' Happy Nurse!" 324 "Ignorance is Blissey"
130 "Big Pinch!  Madatsubomi Tower!" 325 "A Bout with Sprout"
131 "Kikyou Gym!  Battle in the Sky!" 326 "Fighting Flyer with Fire!"
132 "Crybaby Marill!" 327 "For Crying Out Loud"
133 "Pasture!  Otachi and Togepi!" 328 "Tanks Alot!"
134 "The Valley of Lizardon!  Until the Day We Meet Again!" 329 "Charizard's Burning Ambitions"
135 "Big Panic!  Kimawari Contest" 330 "Grin to Win"
136 "Chicorita is Upset!?" 331 "Chikorita's Big Upset"
137 "Hanekko's Jealousy!  The Battle of the Big Meadow!!" 332 "Foul Weather Friends"
138 "The Mystery of the Superhero!  Gliger-Man Enters" 333 "The Superhero Secret"
139 "Mareep and the Girl of the Ranch" 334 "Mild'n Wooly"
140 "Let's Battle!  Hassamu vs. Heracross!!" 335 "Wired for Battle"
141 "Hinoarashi!  I Got One!" 336 "Good 'quil Hunting"
142 "Hiwada Town!  Yadon's Well!!" 337 "A Shadow of a Drought"
143 "Kunugidama and the Apricorn!  The Battle of Ura Mountain!!" 338 "Goin Apricorn"
144 "Hiwada Gym!  The Forest Battle Field!!" 339 "Gettin' the Bugs Out"
145 "The Forest of Ubame!  Let's Search for Kamonegi!!" 340 "A Farfetch'd Tale"
146 "Sonansu and the Pokemon Exchange!!" 341 "Tricks of the Trade"
147 "Burn with Passion, Zenigame-Dan!  Just Like a Flame!!" 342 "The Fire-ing Squad"
148 "Full of Upah!" 343 "No Big Woop!"
149 "Purin vs. Bull!" 344 "Tunnel Vision"
150 "The Dark Pokemon, Delvil!" 345 "Hour of the Houndour"
151 "Who Gets to Keep Waninoko!?  Satoshi vs. Kasumi!" 346 "The Totodile Duel"
152 "Airmd vs. Hinoarashi!  Steel Wing!!" 347 "Hot Matches"
153 "Dance Waninoko!  Do the Step of Love!!" 348 "Love, Totodile Style!"
154 "Different-colored Yorunozuku!  I Got One!!" 349 "Fowl Play"
155 "Surprised by Ringuma!" 350 "Forest Grumps"
156 "Kinriki!  The Village of the Psychic Pokemon!" 351 "The Psychic Sidekicks"
157 "Pokemon Fortune Telling?  The Big Battle Royal!" 352 "Fortune Hunters"

Season Four
Pokémon Johto League Champions

Season Four began airing in the United States on
August 18th, 2001.  The season ran for 52 episodes.

158 "Kogane Gym!  Speed & Power!?" 401 "A Goldenrod Opportunity"
159 "Miltank!  Revenge Battle!!" 402 "A Dairy Tale Ending"
160 "The Battle of the Radio Tower!  Go Through the Airwavesr!!" 403 "Air Time"
161 "The Bug-Catching Convention!  I Got One at the Natural Park!!" 404 "The Bug Stops Here"
162 "Where is Usokkii!?" 405 "Type Casting"
163 "The Ancient Pokemon Park!!  The Ruins of Alph!" 406 "Fossil Fools"
164 "The Poppo House's Poppo Messenger!" 407 "Carrying On"
165 "Zubat's Mansion!  The Dangerous Maze!!" 408 "Hassle in the Castle"
166 "Kapoeira vs. Fushigidane!  Fighting Showdown!!" 409 "Two Hits and a Miss"
167 "Three in the Jungle!  Hot Springs Battle!!" 410 "A Hot Water Battle"
168 "Azumaou!  Fishing Battle!!" 411 "Hook, Line and Stinker"
169 "Goodbye Rokon!  Pokemon Beauty Contest!!" 412 "Beauty and the Breeder"
170 "Tsubotsubo vs. Madatsubomi" 413 "A Better Pill to Swallow"
171 "Blackee!  Battle in the Moonless Night!!" 414
"Power Play!"
172 Ledian!  Pas Through the Valley of Wind!!" 415 "Mountain Time"
173 "Sonansu's Village!?" 416 "Wobbu-Palooza"
174 "Aim to be a Metamon Master!  Imité Returns!!"
417 "Imitation Confrontation"
175 "Nyasu and Bull and Grandbull!?" 418 "The Trouble with Snubbull"
176 "Ariados!  The Ninja-Arts Battle!!" 419 "Ariados Amigos!"
177 "Fly Yanyanma!  Toward Tomorrow's Sky!!" 420 "Wings 'N' Things"
178 "Popokko!  Grass Pokemon Battle!!" 421 "The Grass Route"
179 "Pikachu and Pichu!" 422 "The Apple Corp!"
180 "Hellgar and Togepi!" 423 "Houndoom's Special Delivery"
181 "The Burnt Tower!  Matsuba Enters!!" 424 "A Ghost of a Chance"
182 "Enju Gym!  The Ghost Battle!!" 425 "From Ghost to Ghost"
183 "The Five Eevee Sisters!  The Tea-Party Battle!!" 426 "Trouble's Brewing"
184 "Yamikarasu!  The Stolen Badges!!" 427 "All that Glitters!"
185 "Teppouo's Heaven!" 428 "The Light Fantastic"
186 "Himeguma's Secret!" 429 "UnBEARable"
187 "The Mystery of the Frozen Himanuts!" 430 "Moving Pictures!"
188 "Dig Here Urimoo!  Search for the Hot Springs!!" 431 "Spring Fever"
189 "Freezer vs. Purin!  Inside the Blizzard!" 432 "Freeze Frame"
190 "Windie and the Fire Stone!" 433 "The Stolen Stones!"
191 "No More Nokocchi!?" 434 "The Dunsparse Deception"
192 "Sonansu!  That's Right?" 435 "The Wayward Wobbuffet"
193 "Takeshi Collapses!  The Dangerous Camp!!" 436 "Sick Daze"
194 "Ordile vs. Kamex!  Sumo Battle!!" 437 "Ring Masters"
195 "You Can Speak to Pokemon!?  A Pokemon's Language is its Feelings!" 438 "The Poké Spokesman"
196 "Golbat vs. the Masked Queen Musashi!  The Battle of the Ruins!!" 439 "Control Freak!"
197 "Doble's Miracle!  Shine Inside the Morning Sun!" 440 "The Art of Pokémon"
198 "Nidorino and Nidorina!  Takeshi's Rosy Day!" 441 "The Heartbreak of Brock"
199 "Goodbye Chicorita!?  The Labryinth of Electricity!" 442 "Current Events"
200 "Where Did Bayleaf Go?  Capture it at the Herb Field!" 443 "Turning Over a New Bayleef"
201 "Nati Fortune-Telling!  The Mystery of the Prediction!!" 444 "Doin' What Comes Natu-rally"
202 "The Big Pokemon Hot Air Balloon Race!!  Pass Through the Storm!" 445 "The Big Balloon Blow-Up"
203 "Moochul is Daydreaming!!  Do Superstars like Pokemon? 446 "The Screen Actor's Guilt"
204 "Pursue the Surfing Saidon!?  The Battle of the Lake" 447 "Right On, Rhydon"
205 "Where is Kakuleon!?  The Big Confusion of a Pokemon Who Cannot be Seen!" 448 "The Kecleon Caper"
206 "Joi-san Dislikes Water Pokemon!?  Kasumi's Fury! 449 "The Joy of Water Pokémon"
207 "Mother Miltank!  The Secret of the Desert!" 450 "Got Miltank?"
208 "The Shining Lighthouse!  The Battle of Asagi City!!" 451 "Fight for the Light"
209 "Tanba Gym!  The Open-Round Fighting Showdown!!" 452 "Machoke, Machoke Man"

Season Five
Pokémon Master Quest

Season Five began airing in the United States on September 14th, 2002.  The season ran for 52 episodes.

The episode "The Ice Cave" was omitted from this batch of episodes.

"Whirlpool Archipelago!  A New Challenge!!" 501
"Around the Whirlpool"
"Poppo and Detective Poppo!  Fly to the Yet Unseen Sky!!" 502
"Fly Me to the Moon" 
"A Trip to the Ocean!  The Chonchie Parade!!" 503
"Takin' it on the Chinchou!"
"Sunnygo the Amigo!  The Showdown at the Crown Tower!!" 504
"A Corsola Caper!"
"Maintain and the Sunken Ship!!  The Mystery of the Pokemon's Secret" 505
"Mantine Overboard!"
"Octank and Teppouo!  The Whirlpool Cup Preliminary Matches!!" 506
"Octillery the Outcast!"
"The Whirlpool Cup!  The Big Battle at the Water Coliseumr!!" 507
"Dueling Heroes"
"Satoshi vs. Kasumi!  The Whirlpool Cup's Final Battle!" 508
"The Perfect Match!"
"Protect the Digda Village!  The Big Pitfall Strategy?" 509
"Plant it Now...Diglett Later"
"The Legend of the Silver Feather!  The Battle on Silver Rock Island!!" 510
"Hi Ho Silver...Away!"
"The Mystery of Pokemon X!!" 511
"The Mystery is History"
"Captive Lugia!" 512
"A Parent Trapped!"
"The Promise with Lugia!!" 513
"A Promise is a Promise"
"Fly Flight Hoho!  Head for Asagi!!" 514
"Throwing in the Noctowl"
224 "Asagi Gym!  Hinoarashi vs. Haganeil!!" 515 "Nerves of Steelix"
225 "Goodbye Fushigidane!  The Adventure at Orchid's Ranch!!" 516 "Bulbasaur...The Ambassador!"
226 "Eifee and Sakura!  Enju City Revisited!!" 517 "Espeon, Not Included"
227 "Suicune and Minaki!  The Legend of Hou'ou!!" 518 "For Ho-Oh the Bell Tolls"
228 "Let's Dash on the Pokemon Ride!!" 519 "Extreme Pokémon"
229 "Detective Junsa!  The Mystery of the Disappearing Egg!!" 520 "An Egg-Sighting Adventure"
230 "The Egg Hatches" 521 "Hatching a Plan"
231 "The Rocket-Dan and Delibird" 522 "Dues and Don'ts!"
232 "The Kyuukon Inside the Mist!" 523 "Just Waiting on a Friend"
233 "Balkie and the Karate King Nobuhiko!" 524 "A Tyrogue Full of Trouble!"
234 "Natio's Big Prophecy!" 525 "Xatu the Future"
235 "Wataru and the Red Gyarados!" 526 "Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution"
236 "The Fury of the Red Gyarados!" 527
"Rage of Innocence"
237 "Inomoo and Wintery Yanagi!" 528 "Cold as Pryce"
238 "Chouji Gym!  The Battle of Ice!!" 529 "Nice Pryce Baby!"
239 "Kireihana vs Rafflesia!  The Meadow's Peace!" 530 "Whichever Way the Wind Blows"
240 "Magcargot!  I Got One with my Warm Heart!!" 531 "Some Like it Hot"
241 "A Big Transformation by Pokemon Magic!?" 532 "Hocus Pokémon"
242 "Thunder and Crystal!  The Secret of the Lake!" 533 "As Clear as Crystal"
243 "The Twin Pupurin vs. Purin!  The Singing Pokemon Concert" 534 "Same Old Song and Dance"
244 "Yadon's Enlightenment!  Satoshi's Enlightenment!" 535 "Enlighten Up!"
245 "A Fake Orchid-Hakase!?  The Senryuu Showdown!!" 536 "Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?"
246 "Py and Pippi and the Shooting Star" 537 "Wish Upon a Star Shape"
247 "Nyorozo's Evolution!" 538 "Outrageous Rewards"
248 "Battle Park!  Satoshi vs. Kamex, Lizardon, and Fushigibana" 539 "One Trick Phony!"
249 "Nyorotono's Cheerleading!" 540 "I Politoed Ya So!"
250 "The Ice Cave!" --- -NO ENGLISH TITLE-
251 "Ibuki and Miniryuu!" 541 "Beauty is Only Skin Deep"
252 "Fusube Gym's Dragon Fang!" 542 "Fangs for Nothin'!"
253 "Kairyuu!  Let's Invoke its Wrath!!" 543 "Great Bowls of Fire!"
254 "Fusube Gym!  The Final Badge!!" 544 "Better Eight than Never"
255 "Sohnano!?  The Gym Badges and Sonansu!!" 545 "Why?  Why Not?"
256 "Ryuuguu Gym!  The Battle Inside the Water!" 546 "Just Add Water"
257 "Lapras' Song!" 547 "Lapras of Luxury"
258 "Protect the Egg!  The Life that was Born Inside the Storm" 548 "Hatch Me if You Can"
259 "Entei and its Hot Spring Friends!" 549 "Entei at Your Own Risk"
260 "Yadoking!  The Monarch's Symbol!" 550 "A Crowning Achievement"
261 "Nanako and Elekid!" 551 "Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid"
262 "Good Luck Yogirasu!" 552 "You're a Star, Larvitar!"

Season Six
Pokémon Master Quest

Season Six began airing in the United States on August 18th, 2001.  The season ran for 52 episodes.

The first twelve episodes of the season finish out the Johto Region adventure, while the remaining 40 episodes start off Ash's journey through the Hoenn Region.

"Unown in Wonderland"
"Address Unown!"
"Bangirasu and Yogirasu!"
"Mother of all Battles"
"Nyula and the Sacred Flame!"
"Pop Goes the Sneasel"
"The Shirogane League's Opening!  Shigeru Returns!!"
"A Claim to Flame!"
"The Preliminary League!  Magmarashi's Blazing Battle!!"
"Love, Pokémon Style!"
"Meganium vs. Fushigidane!  The Will of the Grass Types!"
"Tie One On"
"Tournament Finals!  The Six vs. Six Full Battle!!"
"The Ties that Bind"
"Rival Showdown!  Kamex vs. Lizardon!"
"Can't Beat the Heat!"
"Burshamo Returns!  The Battle with Hazuki!!"
"Playing with Fire!"
"To the End of the Full Battle!  The Road of Each Individual!"
"Johto Photo Finish"
"Good Bye...And, Setting Off!"
"Gotta Catch Ya Later!"
"The Parting with Pikachu...!"
"Hoenn Alone"



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