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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Jouto Region

Episode 265

Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 263: "Fushigi no Kuni no Annoon!"

(Unown in Wonderland!)
English Episode 601:  "Address Unown!"
Pokemon Dare Da?   Unown (Japanese), Moltres (English)

Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture: Sanagirasu
Japanese Air Date:  August 29th, 2002
American Air Date:  September 13th, 2003

While on the journey to reunite Yogirasu with its mother, Kasumi is suddenly hit in the head by a falling Unown.  As it turns out, the rare pokemon got separated from its world, so Satoshi and the others decide to help it find its home.  The Rocket-Dan appear, and in the ensuing battle, Musashi's Sonansu counters at attack from Yogirasu.  Before the attack can come back and hit the gang, Unown teleports Satoshi and the gang to another dimension!  The gang wanders about this strange world, where Pikachu is the size of a skyscraper and images of the gang's recent adventures appear, before arriving at a giant egg with a thorn in it.  Takeshi figures out that the world the gang's been transported to is the world within Yogirasu's mind!  They watch as the history of Yogirasu's separation from its mother unfolds before them as thorns begin to overtake the world.  Satoshi calls out to Yogirasu, and after an intense struggle, the gang is brought back to the real world.  Yogirasu is reunited with the gang, having overcome its fear of humans, and the Unown that fell from the sky is able to return home.

So the first episode of 4Kids' sixth season of Pokemon begins with this episode, and what an episode it is.  "Address Unown!" has got to be one of the most unique filler episodes in the history of the anime, and it's just the sort of kick in the pants the Jouto saga has needed.  Yogirasu gets some excellent character development in this episode, and I was glad to see references to the gang's recent adventures make their way into this episode as if all those filler episodes actually mattered.  The animation was also top-notch, and you can really tell that the  entire staff had a lot of fun making this off-the-wall adventure.

The dub is pretty good as well, even if 4Kids got a little cut happy with this episode.  The big surprise for me was the fact that 4Kids left in some of the music from the Japanese version of the second movie!  If you listen during the part where the thorns start to cover up Yogirasu, you'll hear Jirarudan's theme from the second movie.  Could this mean that 4Kids has the rights to the music from that movie all along and just chose not to use it?

Unown's voice is dubbed, which is odd because its voice wasn't dubbed in the third movie.

Cut--2 seconds
The first two seconds of the episode are cut.

Time Elasped?
As I was comparing this episode, my videos constantly fell out of sync with one another the way it did when I did my Destiny Deoxys comparison.  It's because the episode was time elapsed, meaning that a frame or two of animation would be snipped inbetween lines of dialogue to enable the episode to run in a shorter amount of time.  I don't see why this would have been done with this episode, since it doesn't seem to be any longer than any other episode in the series, but that's the only theory I could come up with.

Cut--3 seconds
Three seconds were cut right after Kids' WB!'s second ("Who's That Pokemon?") commercial break.

Commercial Cut--21 seconds
The Japanese commercial break happened right as the gang sees the three hunters' robot for the first time.  We see the robot approach, and then a bunch of  thorn-like things protrude from its arms, surrounding the gang.  In the Japanese version, we cut to commercial, and then we see the whole animation a second time.  4Kids just snips one of these repeated segments out.

Cut--2 seconds
A two-second scene of Satoshi looking down at Yogirasu right before Kids' WB!'s final commercial break is cut.

Satoshi looking at Yogirasu

And would you believe that there isn't any TO BE CONTINUED... cuts this time around!?  How did THAT happen?   

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