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In the episode known in the U.S. as "A Venipede Stampede!," large portions of the episode's ending were cut to give the illusion that Ash and his friends stayed behind in Castelia City instead of joining Professor Juniper and Officer Jenny at the Desert Resort.  This was most likely done to try to alleviate the giant plot hole caused by the absence of the "The Rocket-Dan vs. The Plasma-Dan" two-parter that was skipped because of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The screenshots below are arranged in the order in which they appeared in the Japanese version.  Scenes that were cut from the dub are outlined in red, while those without a border were left in the dub.

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Burgh:  "I'd like to go as well, but the Venipede over in Central Plaza concern me.  So I'll stay behind and wait for you here."

Burgh:  "Good luck!"

Narrator:  "Thanks to teamwork and quick thinking, our heroes..."

Narrator:  "...take control of a dire situation in Castelia City.  As Professor Juniper sets off..."

Narrator:  "...to investigate the cause of this disruption, Ash's thoughts turn to the Venipede..."

Narrator:  "...and his next Gym Battle."

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