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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Pokémon Chronicles

In the episode entitled "The Legend of Thunder - Part Three," 4Kids cuts out the entire epilogue that follows the special.

Kenta's walking along, by himself.
Suddenly, his Pokegear starts to ring.

It's Marina!
Kenta is surprised; he doesn't even remember giving her his number!

Marina had asked Jun'ichi for Kenta's number before they left the Pokemon Center.  Kenta is the first person she's calling on her new Pokegear.
Kenta seems a little skeptical.

Marina says that she'll give him her number in case he ever needs to contact her.  I guess Pokegears don't come with Caller ID?
Kenta tries to play it cool...

...but he's actually really excited to get her number.
The special ends with Marina continuing to speak with Kenta.

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