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Dogasu's Backpack | Pokemon Bashing | The Problem with Pokémon

A pastor condemning pokemon!?  *gasp*

What follows are excerpts from an article, "The Problem with Pokemon."  The article is much too long to reprint here, but you can view the entire thing by following this link.  The article basically condemns pokemon for not promoting Christain views and values, and basically concludes that "...the best place for Pokémon paraphernalia is in the trash can!"  Zinovia15 is the person who sent me the article and even provided some commentary (the text in red), so I've included that too.  Enjoy!

Satan seldom mounts a direct assault. Rather, he, through his human helpers, uses subtle, clandestine and deceptive methods to advance his evil doctrines. So, how can we detect these deceptive methods and evil doctrines? How can we protect our children and our-selves? The Bible says, "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." 1 Thessalonians 5:21. The Bible says, "Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God" 1 Corinthians 10:31. The Bible says, "…Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good." Romans 12:9. Therefore, we must measure Pokémon paraphernalia by the principles of the Bible to determine if it is acceptable. Let's do that.

wow, he's really laying it on thick huh?  After reading that, I got very curious... 

One of the first things I did was to find out who produced the trading card game. Here is an exact quote right from the Web page of the producer - "The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a new collectable Card Game that is made and distributed by Wizards of the Coast. The same company that made the best selling game ... Magic: The Gathering." Magic: The Gathering is a heavily occult laced trading card game very popular in the 1990's. 

Heavily occult laced?  You'd think they manufactured voodoo pokemon or something.  Well, the evil doesn't stop there... 

Next, I looked into the characters in the Pokémon video games, comics, cartoons, movies, etc. What kind of values do they have? Ash Ketchum (a boy) is one of the main characters. He is described as "an energetic and determined 10-year-old…a little too competitive." He is obsessed with catching all Pokémon and driven "to become the world's foremost Pokémon Master." Oh yes, you can be sure that the Pokémon Rap song and mantra will be included in the materials -- 

"I will travel across the land 
Searching far and wide 
Each Pokémon to understand 
The power that's inside. 
Gotta catch them all!" 

The last line of the Pokémon mantra, "Gotta catch them all!" is used over and over again in Pokémon paraphernalia because it fuels the craving for more cards, games, toys, gadgets, and comic books. 

When I read the above paragraph, I think I laughed for about five minutes straight. 

Then there are Jessie & James. Here is how they are described -- "Prepare for trouble, make it double.... Jessie, James…are a mysterious and evil gang looking to steal rare Pokémon. Jessie and James are stuck up, fashion conscious, and prone to cross-dressing." 

Headstrong, stubborn, quibbling, self-centered, vindictive, obnoxious, hormonal, sexually preoccupied, evil, thieving, cross-dressing jerks are most definitely not biblical role models! These characters do not portray biblical values. Pokémon does not measure up! 

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA HORMONAL CROSS-DRESSERS!  HAAAA!  can't you just see little kids running around in James' breast suit from Episode 18?! 

I pointed out earlier that Pokémon originated in Japan. What I did not draw to your attention was that a Pokémon Master is a spin off of a martial arts master in Japan. Pokémon Masters are the leaders of fighting schools or battling gangs that solve their problems by beating their opponents. And how do they do this? Their little booklet says, "Some attacks cause the Defending Pokémon to be Asleep, Confused, Paralyzed, or Poisoned." 

The Bible warns us to be cautious about what we occupy our minds with (Proverbs 4:23). The games a child plays, the television programs he watches, and the things that he listens to have a powerful mind shaping influence over that child. Mental health professionals are finally coming to understand what the Bible has said all along -- the things you let into you mind shape your thinking and your thinking directs your actions. This truth was acted out at the Columbine High school slaughter. The shooters had saturated their minds with violent video games, Gothic death music, and violent reading material. The result was on April 20, 1999, twelve students and one teacher were murdered. 

Oooooooh!  Now I understand!  Pokemon-like games caused the Columbine tragedy!  Phew!  So that's why I keep getting urges to climb up a tower and shoot nuns whenever I see a commercial...  I better switch to digimon! 

Remember, you can view the entire article here.  It's good for a laugh.



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