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Jon Kelly is a backwards speech analyst.  He looks at certain shows / songs / speeches / other pieces of audio and plays them backwards in order to find any messages that may be hidden in them.  Of course, he went through the first opening theme to Pokémon and was startled by what he found!

Mr. Kelly's website, which included audio clips of his "findings," is no longer online.  He does, however, have an official website where he can be hired for his services that can be found here.

The Secrets of Pokémon 

01/21/00 - This Just In! 

David Hodges has reported that children are being indecently exposed during the introduction to the animated television series Pokemon. I checked the video and sure enough, a young girl's genitals appear to be on display for several frames, as you can see in the image below. 

Use the slider bar in MS Windows Media Player 2 to view individual frames in the video. You will see the still image I have captured and enhanced with the addition of a digital photo of the girl's exposure. The display is followed by an image of four adults nodding in agreement, and then a fire-breathing dragon. 

The image accompanying the article

What is this image doing in a children's cartoon? Does this series of images collectively tell a story of child abuse, adult consent, and the consciousness behind it? 

Continue below and you can hear the following expressions all found in the children's voices. We continue to be amazed. 

Get a gun. 
F*ck up school. 
Molest me. 
We screw you. 
Suck a penis.

<The links to these audio files can be found at the link above this article>

With thanks to Jeff Rense for posting the link to this new material.

Do you ever wonder what your children are watching on television? If they are like millions of other children in North America, they are probably watching the hit TV series Pokémon. 

The primary goal in Pokémon is to find, capture and train various monsters, all in an effort to become the world's greatest Pokémon trainer. "You teach me and I'll teach you," as the show's theme song tells us. But children are learning other lessons as well. 

In December 1999 Britain's Telegraph reported that "The latest craze to hit toyshops in Britain has been denounced by US police as "America's most dangerous hobby" after causing a surge in child crime.  Children across the US are stabbing, beating and robbing each other to steal Pokemon trading cards, . . . (in) Philadelphia . .   six children have been arrested for separate attacks on classmates to steal cards . . .  Prosecutors in Orange County, California, have filed charges against a 13-year-old boy who is accused of stealing a classmate's Pokemon cards and then running him over with his bicycle." 

Why are children responding with such violent behavior? We've applied Retropics™ speech analysis to an episode of the Pokémon television series called "The School of Hard Knocks". This approach has revealed startling new information hidden within the spoken dialogue. To find out more about the Retropics approach, click here. 

Recent Caltech research shows that our minds can hear and interpret backwards 
recordings as intelligible speech. The expressions presented in our report are therefore unconsciously identified, interpreted and memorized by the viewers. 

The following audio file is a composite of the reversed dialogue given by Ash, a lead character in the show. Click on the image to hear Ash speak his lines. Then get a bar of soap and wash his mouth out! 

Lose that Gal! 
You know we're afraid! 
I'll f*ck up school! 
F*ck you! 
They're afraid of anguish! The kids know! 

Do these hidden messages form a part of what Pokémon teaches children about how to get along with others? Hear the expressions, decide for yourself then visit the Retropics Forum and join the discussion! (To enter the forum, simply click "Enter Forum".) 

This is Jon Kelly (well, the picture of him that was posted at the time this article was written, anyway...he looks a little different these days).  He's the guy who slow-motioned the Pokemon opening just to see the girl's "genatelia."  I mean, really...does this guy have no life or what?  This right here is the kind of thing you'd have to be actively hunting for to even make up, and even then it's a stretch to believe that what he sees is what's actually there.  The audio files he had posted have gone down with the website (and my attempts to find web-based internet archives have come up empty), but they're even more unbelievable than the images he posted.



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