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Dogasu's Backpack | Pokemon Bashing | Things in Pokémon that are Bad

Y'know, I was just thinking..."where are the lists of everything that's wrong with Pokemon?"  Lucky me, this popped up...
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*Some creatures in pokemon also have 'psycic' powers, like abra and kadabra for instance. Even humans like sabrina in the game also have 'psycic' powers. There is no such thing as 'psycic' powers

*There are also channelers in 'pokemon tower' who are 'possesed' by, from what it suggests, demons. Also in 'pokemon tower' there are 'spirits of dead pokemon' which is crazy. There are no ghosts except in peoples minds.

*Also there are lots of things in pokemon that inspire violence. The weepinbell card, for instance says it finishes off its enemies with a spray of acid. Do you want to go to jail for finishing off your enemies 'with a spray of acid'?

*Omanyte: A fossil that has to be 'resurected' at a science lab.

*Meowth: It 'evolves' into persian, which has a hindu mark on its forehead.

*Pokemon also teaches gambling in the 'game corner' where players may waste all their money. It becomes a habit so in their later lives they spend lots of money on gambling
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