One Person's Opinion
that is Very Good
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Pokemon Bashing

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Dogasu's Backpack | Pokemon Bashing | One Person's Opinion that is Very Good (Page Two)

Part two of an article entitled "One person's opinion that is very good" (seriously!) denouncing all the evils of the franchise and how it's destroying the children.
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Study Carefully Galatians 5:16-23

Study Carefully I Corinthians10:19-22

In Pokemon, trainers summon one of their Pokemon to battle other monsters and they use them as guardians. In Wicca, guardians, known as Watchtowers, are called. These spirits (and sometimes animals) are called by them to protect them from 'evil' spirits while they open themselves up to these spirits during rituals - the circle, the pentagram, etc. all provide a 'safe' area to practice. (In Pokemon the monsters are held in a Pokeball until the trainer summons them).

In witchcraft these spirits are summoned and called to stay in the circle until needed to fight off bad spirits. These Guardians in Pagan practice are often the spirits with whom a person feels comfortable with and has developed some form of a relationship with (in Pokemon the trainers befriend their 'pocket monsters' and develop trusting and advice seeking relationships with them). 
Possible guardians might be one of the Ancestors, a "spirit guide," or other spiritual entity (including animal spirits and even real animal - like the typical witches black cat) with which the person is familiar with.  This is what occurs in Pokemon play -the pocket monsters are captured, trained, and summoned as needed.

Elements & Powers, geography, and demonic realms of power in Pokemon and astrology, New age cults, & Witchcraft. 
Most Pagan and earth based religions and philosophies find power in the Four Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. These are the energy cards in the Pokemon game! 

Study Carefully Timothy 4:1

What are we allowing to come into our homes! The elements in Pokemon are foundational to many earth religions and mystic rituals. We draw our power from God, not the earth!

Study Carefully Galatians 4:3,9

Most all covens and eastern philosophies, and Pagan belief systems hold the elements as sources of power, as the Pokemon game does.

Study Carefully 1 Timothy 1:4 and 4:7

Study Carefully 2 Timothy 4:4

This is what all religions are - nothing but mans attempt to reach God. Listen - finite man can not reach an infinite God! He had to reach down to us, and He did in Jesus Christ!

One last example of occultic practices and Pokemon. In Paganism and the Occult there are sprit guides, messengers, and elementals or artificial elementals. They can be summoned to do things for the 'trainer' or 'practitioner.'
They can: 1.) Watch and tell the trainer what it sees  2.) Guard the trainer  3.) Fight with other spirits or elementals  4.) Carry out assignments given by the trainers  Pagans can capture free elementals (much like Pokemon trainers capture pocket monsters) and build relationships with them for use (just like Pokemon trainers).

Witches, Shamans, etc, recommend only master practitioners do this because you are not masters of the elementals, just like Pokemon trainers are not masters of the Pocket monster - and they warn that they can be hard to get rid of and may require an exorcism to become free of a bad one.

Study Carefully Matthew 17:14-21

Please pray and do what the Lord instructs you to do - it is time to take a stand for God and protect our children from the influences of our enemy!  My son is six and we had a whole book of Pokemon cards - after praying about it he made the decision to get rid of his cards, because he could see they were evil! Listen Christians - we are in a battle! The enemy is subtle and is trying to influence our children's minds. Pokemon teaches all the basics of many false religion and occultic practices! Pokemon also indoctrinates children in evolutionary thought and pagan beliefs!  It is not Pokemon that we fight!

Study Carefully Ephesians 6:12

These 'powers' are the very real demonic spirits behind all-false religion and self-serving pursuits. Again, Pokemon is not the enemy - it is Lucifer and all that exalts itself against Jesus Christ and the true path to enlightenment. Pokemon is a tool the enemy can use to build a false foundation and plant seeds of futility in my child - and this I will not allow, and I will, by the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit come against all falsehood and doctrines of demons that try to indoctrinate my child with eastern mysticism and occultic practices. There is only one way to God - and He revealed that way in the Bible. It is our absolute fixed point of reference and tells us the Jesus Christ is the only way to God. We have this fixed point of reference - no other religion or philosophy has this! More on the Bible in a moment - read on.

I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ by and through the power of the Holy Spirit will lead you into truth, protect you and your children from the schemes of the enemy, and work in you to will and to do His good pleasure.
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This article was MUCH longer.  It proceeded to give the opinions of various pastors.  Some were talking about the evils of the Rocket-Dan's crossdressing and how the TM's in the game stand for "transcendental meditation" (instead of Technical Machine).



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