The Illusionary
Conqueror, Zorro'ark

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Zorro'ark (ゾロアーク) / ???

Japanese VA:


Zorro'ark is the "Illusionary Conqueror" mentioned in the film's title.  It is taken from its home by Kohdai and is given an ultimatum; help him achieve his goals or its friend Zorroa will be harmed.  Zorro'ark angrily agrees to help Kohdai.

The pokemon has the ability to transform itself and uses this power to take the guise of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. 

Zorro'ark is the evolved form of Zorroa.

Zorroa (ゾロア
) / ???

Japanese VA:  Unknown


Zorroa (often written out
erroneously as Zorua) is a small fox pokemon who meets Satoshi and his friends just outside Crown City.  Using telepathy, it tells Satoshi that it's looking for its Maa (マァ), Zorro'ark.  It is never stated whether or not Zorro'ark is actually Zorroa's mother.

Zorroa is a mischievous pokemon, often transforming into humans in order to tease them.  Whenever it does this, its fox tail remains visible; a quick tug of this tail appears to force it back into its pokemon form.  Even though Zorroa likes to play around a lot, it is a reliable companion who doesn't back down whenever faced with danger.

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