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Kurt (クルト) / ???

Japanese VA:
Tsukamoto Takashi
Pokemon In Hand:  Doumirror


Kurt is a newspaper reporter from Crown City.  Since he grew up there, he knows the city like the back of his hand.  His grandfather, Jou, also lives in Crown City.

Kurt is on a mission to investigate Kohdai, who he suspects is hiding some terrible secret.  When he spots Zorroa outside the city after it had been evacuated, he enlists the help of Satoshi and the others on his mission.  He carries around a video camera at all times.

Fans have noticed that Kurt's hat appears to have the silhouette of Koromori, a bat pokemon that, at the time of the movie's debut, had not been officially announced.

Grings Kohdai (グリングス・コーダイ
) / ???

Japanese VA:  Jin'nai Takanori
Pokemon In Hand:  Mumage, Kagebouzu, Muma (20 years ago)


Grings Kohdai, most commonly referred to as simply "Kohdai," is the president of the Kodai Network.  He occasionally has visions of the future, enabling him to prepare for what lies ahead of him.  It has been said that this ability is to thank for his financial success.

Unknown to the people of Crown City is the terrible cost of Kohdai's ability.  His power comes from "The Ripple of Time," a cluster of energy left behind whenever the legendary pokemon Celebi travels through time.  This energy, when absorbed into Kohdai's body, enables him to see the future at the cost of all the plant life in the area.  The people of Crown City have no idea that Kohdai was behind the death of all the city's plants two decades before.

Kohdai's powers are beginning to fade, so he seeks the Ripple of Time a second time.  He plans to pin the blame on the eventual death of plant life on Zorro'ark, whom he coerced into doing his bidding.

Kodahi's massive wealth gives him access to a number of high tech machinery that help him in his mission.

Rioka (リオカ) / ???

Japanese VA:  Katou Natsuki


Rioka is a cool and intelligent young woman.  Like Kurt, she's a news reporter, and she's infiltrated Kohdai's operation as his secretary in order to learn what he's up to.  As soon as the opportunity presents itself, Rioka reveals her true nature and joins Satoshi and the others in their efforts to stop Kohdai.

Goon (グーん) / ???

Japanese VA:  Yamadera Kou'ichi
Pokemon In Hand:  Hassamu (x2), Tekkanin (multiple)

Goon is Kohdai's bodyguard and right-hand man.  When he's not behind the controls of one of Kohdai's high-tech devices, he's on the field doing Kohdai's dirty work.

Proof (プルーフ) / ???

Japanese VA:
  Nakagawa Shouko


Proof is a supporter of the "Tengan Fighters" (テンガンファイターズ), a team competing in the Pokemon Baccers World Cup.

Human Characters | Pokemon Characters




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