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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna

Special Guest Voice Actors

Every year the crew behind the Pocket Monsters films calls upon a number of famous actors, comedians, singers, and other celebrities to contribute to the film's voice cast.  The special guest stars for 2016's Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna include actors Ichikawa Somegorou, Matsuoka Mayu, Nakagawa Shouko, and Yamadera Kouichi.

Below are comments from the actors posted on the movie's official website about their upcoming roles.

Ichikawa Somegorou
Ichikawa Somegorou (Volcanion)
"When I got offered the role of Volcanion for this year's movie, the people around me were really shocked and said things like "Are you serious!?" and "I can't picture it!" Since this is my first time doing voice-over work in animation there were a lot of parts that I was nervous about but a lot of parts that were fun too..  Pokemon is a series with a rich history and I don't want to disappoint its fans so I've done my best to Mega Evolve myself so you can't tell it's me doing Volcanion's voice."

アニメの声優は初めてのチャレンジなので、楽しみであり、不安でもあり…。これだけの歴史をお持ちの作品なので、ポケモンファンの皆さまの期待を裏切らな いよう、良い意味で化けて、誰の声だかわからないくらいメガシンカできるよう頑張ります。
Matsuoka Mayu
Matsuoka Mayu (Chymia)
"My love for the Pokemon cartoon and games has never changed and I have fond memories of going to the theater to watch the movies when I was little. I'm honored to be given the chance to become a voice actor in a series I've been watching this entire time. I also feel happiness from the bottom of my heart that I get to be in something alongside Yama-chan himself, Yamadera Kou'ichi! This is my first time doing animation voiceover work so I've been nervous about seeing how far I can go, but while I'm being given direction by Yama-chan, who I respect, and the rest of wonderful staff then I do my best to deliver the passion and excitement that only Pokemon can give. My dream has come true!"

ポケモンはアニメもゲームもずっと変わらず大好きで、小さい頃、家族で映画を観に行ったことも大切な思い出になっています。そんなずっと観ていたポケモン の声優を務めさせて頂けることとても光栄です。また、大好きな大先輩、やまちゃんこと山寺宏一さんと共演できることが心から嬉しいです。アニメーションの 声優は初めてなので自分にどこまで出来るのか緊張していますが、敬愛するやまちゃんと素敵なスタッフの方々にご指導賜りながら、ポケモンならではの感動と 興奮を今年もお届けできるよう心して挑みます。夢が叶った!
Nakagawa Shouko
Nakagawa Shouko (Racel)
"I've been allowed to go on this adventure together with Pokemon for ten years now and it's been like a dream! In this year's movie I'm being allowed to play the pure and sensitive boy Racel. I thought that this role was the most difficult hurdle to surpass out of all the roles I've played so far! It's true that I've gotten ten years' worth of experience points and that that's why I was able to play this role and so I'm ready to tackle it using this decade's worth of gratitude. I want to deliver the dreams and hopes of Pokemon to the children with an excellent performance that actually sounds like a little boy to all the children."

10年という長さをポケモンと共に冒険させて頂けるなんて、夢のようです!この度、演じさせて頂くラケルはピュアで繊細な少年です。今まで演じさせて頂い た中でも最難関更新の予感がするほど、難しい役だと思いました。きっと10年という経験値を積んだ今だからこそ演じられる役だと思いますので、その経験値 に10年分の感謝も込めて、体当たりで臨みたいと思います。揺れるお年頃な少年を絶妙に演じ、子供たちにポケモンの夢と希望を届けていきたいです!
Yamadera Kouichi
Yamadera Kou'ichi (Jarvis)
"I may have gradudated from Oha Suta but I haven't graduated from the Pokemon movies yet! (lol)  I'm very happy to be allowed to be in this movie for the 19th time in a row. The role I play every year is different every year and so I still approach each role with a fresh spirit and do my best to challenge it even though this is my 19th time doing so. Since Jarvis holds the key to this movie's story I had a lot of fun playing him."

Translation Note:  Yamadera Kouichi was the main host of Oha Suta!, a children's variety show that airs Monday through Friday, from 1997 until 2016. He "graduated" (quit the show) on April 1st, 2016; this comment from Mr. Yamadera was posted on the official website for Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna eight days later on April 9th.

今年で19作連続出演させて頂けるとのこと、とても嬉しく思います。毎回役が違いますので、19作目であっても気持ちを新たに、チャレンジ精神で頑張りた いと思います。ジャービスは物語の鍵を握るキャラクターだと伺っていますので演じるのが今から楽しみです。

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