Volcanion and the
Tricky Magearna

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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna

Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna

The movie opens with the usual "World of Pokemon" segment. The camera zooms in on a CGI rendering of Earth as images of pokemon ride giant cogs moving around the screen. The narrator explains tells us all about Pocket Monsters, or "Pokemon" for short, and how they they're able to grow and transform through a phenomenon known as "evolution." A further type of evolution, known as "Mega Evolution," occurs when Trainers and their pokemon have a deep bond. We see the beginning of a battle between Alan and Lizardon and the Gym Leader Corni and Lucario. Both Trainers initiate their pokemon's Mega Evolution.

In the skies up above, a large airship cruises above the clouds. The ship is piloted by Doga and Ether, a man and woman who work for the Jarvis, the cabinet minister of the Azoth Kingdom. Before long, Volcanion can be seen flying toward the ship, expelling jets of water from its two arms to propel it into the air. When the mythical pokemon lands it is greeted by Doga and his two pokemon, Onigohri and Houdin. As the fight begins Doga shoots out two rings at the intruder; one attaches itself around Volcanion's front left leg while Volcanion catches the second one under its foot. Doga's traps aren't working so he touches a jewel embedded on a bracelet around his wrist and shouts out the words "Mega Wave!" to cause a dark energy to surround his two pokemon. The pokemon cringe in pain as they are forced to Mega Evolve. Doga orders the Mega Onigohri to use an Ice-type attack to freeze Volcanion, allowing it to then easily shove it off the airship. The incapacitated Volcanion plummets toward the ground like an icy meteor.

Down below, Satoshi, Serena, Citron, and Eureka finish hanging the laundry out to dry. Once they're finished Satoshi and Citron decide to have a sparring match. The movie's opening theme XY&Z -movie ver.- plays as the two friends send out pokemon, one after the other. Satoshi's Onvern manages to defeat Citron's Horubbi but is then beaten by the Gym Leader's Rentora. The final battle between Satoshi's Pikachu and Citron's Rentora is about to reach its climax when Volcanion hits the ground, kicking up a huge cloud of dust. The ring that Volcanion had stepped on earlier manages to attach itself around Satoshi's waist during the collision. The impact also breaks the ice that had prevented Volcanion from moving, allowing it to finally move around freely.

Volcanion sees all the humans around it and scoffs. It takes a few steps away from Satoshi when, much to everyone's surprise, the ring around Satoshi's waist pulls him to the ring around Volcanion's leg like a magnet! It seems like the two of them are stuck together! Citron takes out a special visor and discovers that there's some force that none of them can see that's binding the two of them together! Both Volcanion and Satoshi try to remove the rings but they prove to be too sturdy. Volcanion doesn't have time for any of this so it decides to start heading toward the city. Satoshi is dragged behind, pummeled by trees and rocks as Volcanion pays no attention to the extra cargo it's now carrying. Before long the two of them reach the Azoth Kingdom.

The Azoth Kingdom is a large mechanical city with giant cogs everywhere. Various sections of the city are separated by large walls. In the castle near the center of the city, the prince of the kingdom, Racel, and the cabinet minister, Jarvis, await the arrival of Doga and Ether. The two soon reveal that they are now in possession of Magearna, a one-of-a-kind artificial pokemon created in the Azoth Kingdom 500 years ago by a genius inventor named Éliphas.
Éliphas had originally created Magearna to entertain the queen but both Jarvis and Racel know that the man-made pokemon hides a secret that has the power to change the world.

Elsewhere in the city, Volcanion crash lands in a cafe where Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu are enjoying a snack. Satoshi yells at Volcanion for being so bad at flying but Volcanion shoots back that it's hard to keep its balance now that it's having to carry this extra baggage. As the two head toward Magearna, the Rocket trio wonders what just happened.

Before long, Volcanion and Satoshi arrive at the rooftop where Jarvis and the others have gathered. Jarvis steps forward and uses Mega Wave, the same technique Doga used earlier, to force his Onigohri and shiny Gangar to Mega Evolve. During the ensuing battle, Satoshi's pokemon arrive on the scene - Gekkouga on the back of Onvern, Pikachu on the back of Firarrow, and Luchabull by itself - to lend a hand. Volcanion lets out a large amount of steam that blankets the area in a white smoke, allowing it to grab Magearna and make a run for it.

Volcanion and Satoshi take refuge under a bridge where none of the residents of the kingdom can see them. Satoshi approaches Magearna to see how it's doing but a defensive Volcanion doesn't like this and prepares to blast him with a Hydro Pump...only to come up empty! Satoshi soon discovers that Volcanion is actually able to run out of water and that it must refill its supply every now and then in order to keep using its Water-Type attacks. The legendary pokemon sticks its arms into the river and begins to suck up its water.

Meanwhile, the Rocket trio try to sneak into Jarvis' airship...only to be caught right away. The cabinet minister invites them onboard anyway and listens as they tell him all about the twerp they just encountered.

Back in the city, Citron, Serena, Eureka, and Pikachu have finally arrived inside its walls. As they desperately search for their friend, Citron marvels at the city famous for its mechanical wonders. They eventually catch up with Satoshi and Volcanion ...but who is this doll that's joined them? Volcanion is just as stubborn about humans as ever but Magearna is friendly, presenting Citron with flowers and acting overdramatic when Satoshi implies that it's fat.  Volcanion eventually decides they should take Magearna to the Navel Plateau so it can be returned to its home.

Back in the palace, Racel has a conversation with his older sister, Chymia. Chymia is worried about Racel spending so much time with Jarvis as she suspects that he's not everything he seems but Racel isn't concerned. His goal is to learn everything he can about mystic science and Jarvis just happens to be the best person to help him. As Racel walks away, Chymia looks on, worried.

Our heroes are making their way through the forest just outside the kingdom when they are attacked by the Rocket-Dan! The trio is joined by a Kailios and Heracros and use bracelets similar to the one Doga used earlier to force the pokemon to Mega Evolve! After a brief battle Volcanion decides to use its Steam Burst attack again to cover them as they make a run for it. The plan works but only for a short while as the Rocket-Dan had prepared a pitfall trap around the perimeter! Everything seems hopeless until Chymia appears with her Black Mega Sirnight to help send the trio blasting off. Our heroes are happy to be saved but Volcanion isn't too thrilled at yet another human joining their group.

Everyone except Volcanion and Satoshi climbs onto Chymia's flying aircraft and head the rest of the way to the plateau. Right before they arrive, however, they see an injured Amars being chased by a Pokemon Hunter! The poacher is quickly taken care of but not before Chymia's ship sustains damage. Our heroes nurse Amars back to help as various pokemon from inside the plateau come out from hiding to apprehensively greet our heroes. Volcanion explains that all the pokemon there had been hurt by humans at one point or another and so they no longer trust them. Serena and the others decide to let their pokemon out of their Monster Balls to help ease their distrust as Serena and Chymia make Pofflés for everyone to enjoy.

Citron, meanwhile, works on repairing Chymia's ship. The young inventor is having trouble removing a certain panel when a Gokurin approaches and uses its acid-like spit to melt a hole in the tough steel. That's it! Citron thinks. He runs over to Volcanion and Satoshi and has Gokurin use its spit on the rings binding the two together! Volcanion and Satoshi are now free! Volcanion orders Satoshi to leave its side at once but Satoshi says it can't just turn his back on everyone after everything that's happened.

Suddenly, a black cloud creeps over the plateau. Jarvis has come back on his airship and immediately uses a trap not unlike the rings that bound Volcanion and Satoshi together to capture all the pokemon in the valley! Electrical currents race through the traps, causing the pokemon a considerable amount pain. Magearna is given an ultimatum; come with him peacefully or watch as its friends suffer! Volcanion and Satoshi tell it not to, of course, but they are soon caught in the same trap and made unable to move. Magearna eventually joins Jarvis on his airship while Doga and Ether watch over the group with their army. Onboard, Jarvis has his White Mega Gangar use Mean Look to freeze Magearna, allowing Jarvis to reach into its chest cavity and remove its core. This jewel, the "Soul Heart," has the power to activate the kingdom's flying fortress and use it to change the world! Magearna is rendered useless without its heart so Jarvis throws the "dead" pokemon overboard like the useless rag doll that it is. Racel witnesses Jarvis' intentions and is about to try to stop him but is put to sleep by Gangar's Hypnosis attack. Doga and Ether return to the airship as Jarvis orders his army to all fire Hyper Beam attacks at the pokemon below.

The powerful explosion causes a huge crater and apparently evaporates everything the beams hit. A satisfied Jarvis turns his ship around to head back to the kingdom. Down below, it is revealed that the plateau pokemon used a combination of Dig and Safeguard to protect everyone from the blasts. Volcanion wastes no time running over to Magearna's shell and can't believe that it's really dead. It remembers the first time they met, right there in that meadow, and how Magearna was the only pokemon who could withstand its powerful steam bursts. Citron believes that Magearna may still be able to return to life if its Soul Heart is put back in to it so our heroes hop onto Chymia's aircraft and follow behind.

Jarvis makes it back to the Azoth Kingdom and prepares to revive a flying fortress that's said to be the key to him conquering the kingdom.
Magearna's inventor Éliphas had built the walls that surround the Azoth Kingdom to help protect it but knew that if that wasn't enough then retreating would be the best way to save the kingdom. So he designed a section of the kingdom to be able to break off and transform into a giant flying fortress and had Magearna's Soul Heart be the key to activate this transformation.

The process of reviving the flying fortress begins.  The Rocket trio have managed to make their way back onto the ship and are standing by his side when Nyasu notices that Magearna's heart is crying. The Rocket trio start to have second thoughts about all this so Jarvis sends Musashi and Kojirou flying out of the airship. Nyasu is kept behind and tied up to help translate what Magearna's saying. Meanwhile, cogs around the kingdom begin to move as walls slide in and out as the city lifts up off the ground and finishes its transformation.

Chymia soon catches up to the flying fortress. Jarvis is surprised that they all survived the previous attack but isn't too concerned because now he'll get to have fun testing out all the weapons that have just opened up to him. He prepares to fire the fortress' main cannon at our heroes to shoot them out of the air...but the weapon refuses to fire!? Nyasu determines that Magearna still has at least a little bit control over its heart and is doing everything it can to prevent Jarvis from hurting its friends so the cabinet minister hatches a new plot; it'll head toward the Navel Plateau and force Magearna to destroy its home! If he can get Magearna to do that, he believes, Magearna's pesky consciousness should disappear for good!

Our heroes, meanwhile, board Jarvis' flying fortress. Doga and Ether run out onto the bridge and use their Mega Wave technique to force over a dozen pokemon to Mega Evolve. Satoshi, Serena, and Citron call out all their pokemon and ask them to lend a hand. Satoshi's Gekkouga transforms into Satoshi-Gekkouga while Puni-chan transforms into its 10% form. As the battle rages on, Volcanion blasts a hole into the floor of the bridge and dives in, hoping to find the way to the bridge where Jarvis is holding the Soul Heart.

Before long, Satoshi and Volcanion reach Jarvis' control room. The cabinet minister traps both Satoshi and Volcanion in the same trap he used on the Navel Plateau pokemon earlier and forces them to watch as the airship approaches the Navel Plateau. Jarvis orders his White Mega Gangar to use Mean Look on Magearna's Soul Heart in order to prevent it from interfering with the attack. He then orders the cannon to fire. A massive energy beam heads straight for the plateau but the pokemon who live there all unite together to fire off a counterattack.  A massive beam struggle ensues but it soon becomes apparent that Jarvis' weapon has the upper hand. Back on the airship, Puni-chan notices what's happening below and jumps off the ship. It then calls upon the other Zygarde cells in the area to help it transform into Zygarde Perfect Forme! The legendary pokemon remains out of everyone's sight as it uses its incredible power to repel the fortress' attack. Puni-chan immediately reverts to its Core Zygarde and collapses from exhaustion.

Volcanion has had enough. It focuses all its energy and manages to break itself and Satoshi free from their chains. Satoshi immediately rushes over to Jarvis and wrestle the staff he had been using to control the Mega Wave technique away from him and then jams it into the machine holding the Soul Heart. The staff breaks in the process, forcing all the pokemon who had been transformed by the Mega Wave to revert to their regular state. Jarvis' Gangar sees that the end is near and decides to disappear into the wall; the pokemon that Doga and Ether had been using, meanwhile, use telekinesis to do the same.

Back in the cockpit, Jarvis rushes over to a keyboard and makes a quick course correction before putting on a jetpack and making a run for it. Satoshi-Gekkouga's Water Shuriken attack, however, manages to graze Jarvis' jetpack, sending the cabinet minister sputtering toward the earth below.

As Jarvis falls out of the picture, Chymia figures out that Jarvis set the ship to crash land onto the Navel Plateau! The resulting explosion will kill everything down there and since Chymia has no way of overriding the controls the only thing they can do is blow up the fortress in midair. Volcanion and Satoshi find the engine room and decide that this would be the best place to fire off an attack but wait...if they did that then Volcanion wouldn't have any way of getting out in time. Satoshi vetoes the idea on the grounds that it would be a suicide mission and so they decide to try destroying it from the outside instead. Volcanion helps Satoshi return to the surface where Chymia and the others are waiting to take off on her airship.

As the ship begins to ascend, however, Volcanion pushes it away with one of its Hydro Pump attacks! It then jumps back into the ship and head for the engine room; Volcanion plans to sacrifice itself after all! Chymia just manages to regain control of her vehicle when they see the airship explode in a massive fireball! Did...did Volcanion just blow itself up to save its friends?

Our heroes land on the Navel Plateau and reinstall the Soul Heart in Magearna. Magearna begins to move and seems to have come back to life but our heroes notice that it doesn't really seem to be itself. Magearna can still move around but it doesn't seem to have its soul anymore. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps can be heard approaching them...Volcanion's alive! The weakened pokemon soon collapses in front of our heroes, prompting Magearna to wake up and become itself again. It approaches its friend and presents it with a bouquet of flowers. Volcanion inhales the pollen from the flowers, and...ACHOO! Volcanion is jolted back to life,

Now that everyone is safe and sound, Volcanion declares that our heroes are now honorary pokemon of the Navel Plateau.

- End Credits -

The pokemon of the Navel Plateau dump the debris from Jarvis' fortress into a large hole and then cover it back up with dirt.

Doga and Ether are in jail. Meanwhile, we see that Jarvis has gotten himself tangled up in a tree. Chymia finds the cabinet minister and attaches the same rings that were used to bind Satoshi and Volcanion together. She then takes him away on her flying ship.

Racel, meanwhile, prepares to depart on a pokemon journey of his own.

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