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Alan (アラン) / Alain

Japanese VA:  Ono Kenshou
Pokemon on Hand:  Lizardon (Mega Lizardon X)

Alan is a Trainer who has set out on a journey In order to "...master the secrets of Mega Evolution and then stand at the top as the strongest."  He was doing research with Platane-Hakase about Mega Evolution when...

His partner pokemon, Lizardon, is able to Mega Evolve into Mega Lizardon X.

Manon (マノン) / Mairin

Japanese VA:  Komatsu Mikako
Pokemon on Hand:  Harimaron, Flabebe

Manon is a novice Trainer who only just started her journey.  Her partner pokemon is a Harimaron who always gets her out of trouble
that she's nicknamed "Hari-san" (ハリさん).  How will she and Alan cross paths?

Zumi (ズミ) / Siebold

Japanese VA:  Yoshino Hiroyuki
Pokemon on Hand:  Kamex (Mega Kamex)

Zumi is one of the members of the Kalos Region's Four Heavenly Emperors.  He is also a chef.  His partner pokemon is a Kamex who's able to Mega Evolve into Mega Kamex.  What kind of amazing battle will unfold between his pokemon and Alan's Mega Lizardon!?

Ayaka (アヤカ) / Astrid

Japanese VA:  Sawai Miyuu
Pokemon on Hand:  Absol (Mega Absol)

Ayaka is someone else who has an exciting battle against Alan.  Her partner pokemon is an Absol who can Mega Evolve into Mega Absol.  It seems like she'll battle Satoshi in this year's movie as well...!?

Rui (ルイ) / Remo

Japanese VA:  Yamadera Kou'ichi
Pokemon on Hand:  Gablias (Mega Gablias)

Rui's battling skills are as intimidating as he is!  He has an intense battle with Alan over a Mega Stone.  His partner pokemon is a Gablias who can Mega Evolve into Mega Gablias.

Platane-Hakase (プラターネ博士) / Professor Sycamore

Japanese VA:  Tsuchida Hiroshi
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A


Platane-Hakase is a pokemon professor who has a laboratory in the Kalos Region.  He gives out pokemon to new Trainers at the start of their journey.




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