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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Movie XY 01

"Director Yuyama's Comments" (湯山監督のコメント) is a series of interviews posted on the movie's official website.  Each of these interviews gives a great look at what was going through everyone's heads as they worked on this film.
What kind of movie is The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie?

For this year's film we're doing a "road trip movie" that we haven't done in a while.  The scenery will keep changing along with Satoshi and his friends' journey as it takes them through a medieval-type city, a modern-day shopping model, and a forbidden forest.  They befriend Diancie and the others during their travels and show them how much fun it is to travel around from place to place.  This is the main theme of the movie and I think we've created a film that shows off, more than any of the others we've done, just how much fun Satoshi has on his journey.

Yuyama Kunihiko

What kind of pokemon is the newly revealed "Diancie"?

The Diamond Ore Kingdom is a place deep underground where a bunch of Meleecie live in peace.  Diancie is the princess of this Diamond Ore Kingdom but doesn't know anything about the outside world.  The first time she steps into this outside world is when she's with Satoshi and his friends.  She goes on this journey and sort of sees everything as this otherworldly wonder and has trouble believing what she's seeing and hearing.  She really is quite pure, just like a diamond! (laughs)  There are lots of comical misunderstandings in this movie and I think audiences will enjoy themselves.


Those who are after Diancie:  The Thieves and the Rocket-Dan

Diance is a pokemon whose known for being able to produce diamonds.  Satoshi and his friends don't really have any interest in this, but there are a lot of people out there who are after a pokemon with this ability.  Riot is a ninja who uses Gekkouga, the final evolved form of Keromatsu.  Marilyn is a female thief who has this adult sexiness about her that's different from what we've seen before.  She uses Mafoxy, the final evolved form of Fokko.  A lot of the villains who have appeared in the Pokemon movies before have had these complicated aims and goals but the villains in this movie merely want to steal diamonds.  I think the part that people will enjoy most is the clever and action-packed way these thieves go about trying to steal the diamonds.


On top of that, the Rocket-Dan hear about these diamonds and of course decide to go after Diancie.  This time, they do the unexpected and actually succeed in capturing it!  Is this the first time in the history of the Rocket trio that one of their plots has actually worked!?, you may ask.  Or how will they eventually mess things up?  I think people will enjoy going to the theater and finding out.

Satoshi, Pikachu, and their new friend

At the heart of it all this is a story of friendship in which Satoshi keeps an eye out on Diancie and helps rescue her from time to time.  I think we've made the friendship between Satoshi and Princess Diancie different from, say, the friendship between him and Keldeo which was one between two boys.

As far as the new characters Serena and Eureka go, they'll get to bond with Diancie over fashion and enjoy having girl talk with each other.  Of course, we know fans will be expecting Citron to use one of his inventions too and think it'll be something else for people to look forward to.

Xerneas and Yveltal

From the Satoshi side of things, the major theme of this movie is the road trip, but something else that serves as the basis of this movie is theme of  "Rebirth and Destruction."  During the course of the movie, you'll see that the thing we refer to as "Mother Nature" is more like the workings of nature.  I think we'll be able to express this using the two legendary pokemon with Xerneas' beauty and Yveltal's strength.  The two pokemon are complete opposites and I think seeing what the two of them will do in the movie theater will be great.

What kind of movie is the short "Pikachu, What is This the Key To?"

This short is an adventure where Pikachu and its friends go to strange worlds.  There won't just be one strange world, either; this short will feature many mysterious worlds.  Cleffey will show up with keys that are shaped like pokemon that allow it to hop from world to world.  I think some people in the audience will be able to look at the various keys and be able to tell which pokemon will appear next based on its shape.  Let's think about "What is This the Key To?" while watching the movie.

Pikachu, What is This the Key To?

Pikachu's friends, including Fokko, Keromatsu, and Harimaron, have only just recently joined the party and so there will be lots of scenes where they turn toward the camera and entertain us with various gestures.  And, of course, Nyasu will be playing a role as well!  I hope you'll enjoy the Pikachu short as well.




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