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"The Location Scouting Report" (ロケハンレポート) is a series of articles posted on the movie's official website that follow the production team's location scouting trip to the United Arab Emirates.  They took the trip in order to take reference photos and other materials that would later help them shape the look and feel of the main feature The Archdjinn of the Rings, Hoopa.

Location Scouting
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Blog Post Title Date Posted
"Palm Jumeirah and the Valley of Buildings"
July 9th, 2015
"The End of the Location Scouting"
July 16th, 2015

Episode Thirteen "Palm Jumeirah and the Valley of Buildings"

Originally posted on July 9th, 2015

It's the final day of location scouting.  Yesterday we had finished all the location scouting we were scheduled to do so today we split off into teams and went around wherever we wanted.

Director Yuyama really wanted to go to the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.  Some people think of Dubai when they think of the Palm Jumeirah, right?  It's an artificial archipelago that looks like a palm tree from above.

We headed toward the Palm Jumeirah on the Jumeirah Monorail, the first monorail in the Middle East.  This monorail currently runs from Gateway Station, near the so-called "root of the coconut," to Atlantis Aquadventure Station, the "top of the coconut" and the final stop on the monorail.

Since so many people in Dubai drive cars to get around the monorail is hardly ever used.  Our train car was mostly empty and so, since we had the whole monorail almost completely to ourselves, we were able to sit at the front of the front-most car and take lots of great pictures.

The monorail runs along the main portion of Palm Jumeirah and you can enjoy a view from the train car window that you can normally only see through maps or aerial photographs.  As we got closer to the last stop we could see a hotel that looked like a palace called the Atlantis.  The train went around the hotel and headed toward the final stop.

We got off the monorail and took a look around the streets as we made our way to where we could look out over the shore to see the Dubai Marina.  As we looked out at the Marina we could see it surrounded by a number of buildings, each with its own unique style to it.  We were surprised to learn that all of these Tokyo Tower-class bulidings were actually condominiums.

At any rate, the scale of the Palm Jumeirah is huge.  We couldn't get a full grasp of the size of it just by walking around inside so we decided to also look at it from the Marina on the opposite side.

Our tour guide lead us to a restaurant on the 52nd floor of the Marriot Harbor Hotel in the Dubai Marina.  We'll be able to look down at both the Palm Jumeirah and the Marina from up high.  Being in the middle of this buliding was the first time on this trip we've felt like we were in a modern place with man-made skyscrapers.  The background art staff all exclaimed that "This is what we've been wanting to see!"  Maybe the battle between legendary pokemon can unfold in a place like this?

The next thing we wanted to do was look at this scenery from a boat instead so we got on a water taxi and took pictures of the Dubai Marina on the water channel.  The boat passed under a large bridge and through a valley of buildings as the light of the sun reflected off them.

When we arrived at the dock the sun had started to go down and evening was on its way.  And so, our extra day of location scouting came to an end.

We went back to the hotel where the staff all made it back safely after spending a productive day of sightseeing. 

The movie is nine days away from hitting theaters!  The next entry will be the final one.


Episode Fourteen

Originally posted on July 16th, 2015

It's been about a year since our location scouting trip to the large Middle Eastern city of Dubai.  The media likes to depict the Middle East as an unstable region but the places we went were peaceful and not at all like what we've seen on the news.  But it's also a fact that this trip was a bit different from the countries we've visited in the past.

"It's different from what we've heard and what we've seen."

These are the words from Director Yuyama but I think the entire location scouting staff had this in mind as well.  A desert that we had only seen through videos and pictures.  Standing in the middle of it all, the feel of the heat and the air in the city as you imagined it'd be versus what it's like to really be there.  We had seen the phrase "desert oasis" a lot in the past but it wasn't until this trip we really got a firm grasp of what that meant.

And then there's all the rows and rows of skyscrapers.  Seeing this big city glittering in the sun in the middle of the desert feels almost like a mirage.

"The Archdjinn of the Rings, Hoopa" is finally coming out soon.  The story involves Hoopa, Satoshi and Pikachu, and the legendary pokemon all battling it out over the desert city Dessert City.  Will you be able to see the results of our location scouting on the big screen!?

We think those of you who enjoyed this location scouting report will be able to enjoy the movie that much more.

"The Archdjinn of the Rings, Hoopa" will hit theaters Saturday, July 18th!


Location Scouting
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